There have been various ranks in military services of the world.


1. In Russia and Britain they still have the ranks of Marshal.


2. In the United States, there has never been Marshal Rank at all, but they have General of the Army, General of the Air Force and Fleet Admiral.


Different services use different words to show their ranks.


1. In China, General refers to General of the Army or the Air Force.


2. Chinese 海军上将is required to be translated into Admiral according to usual practice.

按照惯例中国的海军上将要翻译成 Admiral 这个英语单词。

3. Colonel is called 上校 in all the countries.

所有国家都把 Colonel 称为上校。

4. But the naval Colonel must use Captain to show the exact rank.

但是,海军中的上校必须用 Captain 才能示明确切军衔。

5. However, in all the armies and air forces Captain must be replaced by Major.

然而,在世界各国陆军和空军中,少校必须用 Major 取代 Captain。

6. The word of captain in the armies and the air forces is called 上尉 in Chinese.

各国的陆军和空军的 captain 这个词用汉语说是上尉。

As far as soldiers are concerned, they have their own ranks, such as Private, Specialist Sergeant, Master Sergeant.


1. The French Military Ranks are divided into 5 grades and 20 ranks.


2. In the U.S., there are 6 grades and 25 ranks for the officers and soldiers.


3. There are 7 grades and 20 ranks in the Russian Armed Forces.


4. The British Armed Forces have 8 grades and 19 ranks.