Focusing on a typical day in the life of a Leo, this VideoJug film shows you all you need to expect when spending the day with those born between July 23rd and August 22nd.

Step 1: At home 在家时
The queen of the jungle will need plenty of reassurance from her mate, as loving Leo is only happy when she's being given undivided attention and the regal treatment she feels she deserves. But worshipping at the altar of Leo will bring plenty of rich rewards.

After lots of activity, the queen will need feeding. Breakfast should be as exotic and showy as possible. Leo is strictly style over substance so presentation is important. She won't want to make breakfast herself or do anything for herself at all if she's allowed to get her own way. But loyal, generous Leo will always be able to think of a way to return the favour.

Step 2: At work 工作时
At work, Leo will be happiest looking down from on high at her subjects, sorry I mean colleagues. Her surroundings will reflect this superior status and need for glamour and opulence. There may be extravagant touches to welcome others into her den but competitive Leo may throw a tantrum if someone else manages to outshine her.

The lion will want to lead all meetings and may try and take charge if she has been inexplicably overlooked.
The good news is that Leo leaders bring a positive, creative energy to even the dullest of board meetings. The bad news is they may be manipulative and competitive.
They will, they have to; they simply MUST be the best.

Step 3: Socialising 社交时
Playful, sociable Leo has plenty of friends who she's always ready to shower with affection. But those friends will have to be loyal, as Leo will try and be the centre of attention AT ALL TIMES. She will want to socialise in style, so subtlety may well be lost on this sign. Sometimes, just occasionally, they may go that little bit too far.