1.'Desperate Housewives'

From Lynette's pot smoking antics to Susan's many embarrassing incidents, the ladies on Wisteria Lane have kept us highly entertained for years. We love that each season brings us a brand new mystery that plays out over the entire season and keeps us coming back for more as the suspense builds to new heights each week.

2. 'Glee'

Who knew that viewers would embrace a series that featured singing, dancing, corny one-liners and projectile slushies? Fox broughtGleeonto the scene at just the right time -- we were ready for something completely different. Glee has become such a sensation that even celebrities such as Madonna have become huge fans of the show.If nothing else, just tune in to watch the amazing song and dance numbers performed by bonafide theater stars.

3. 'Chuck'

When a brilliant underachiever unwittingly downloads all of the CIA's secrets and is forced to become a spy, it creates a recipe for an incredibly entertaining action/adventure/romantic/dramedy we just can't get enough of each week. As Chuck continues to train to become a skilled spy, the stakes have become higher than ever -- especially now that everyone he loves is finally in on his little secret. Can Chuck keep them safe from the bad guys? Will they all be forced to become spies? Stay tuned... the best is yet to come!

4.'Nurse Jackie'

Would you want to be treated by a pill-popping/snorting nurse who cheats on her husband with the hospital pharmacist? Don't be fooled by the narcotic addiction, Jackie knows more about medicine than many of the doctors she works with (especially those afflicted with sexual tourettes). Now that her husband and best friend have uncovered Jackie's addiction, watch for the drama to hit new heights next season as she deals with the repercussions.

5. 'Psych'

One is a fake psychic and the other his sidekick, but what started out as a joke has turned into a full time job for Shawn and Gus. These guys have a knack for getting themselves into sticky situations, but Shawn's keen intuition and powerful observation skills somehow get the bad guy in the end -- and in the most entertaining way possible.