How Do Foreigners Feel About Chinese Food?


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I can’t go more than 5 weeks without it, and the cravings start after a week.

When we travel we try to eat local. That’s fine in Asia, but elsewhere I start dreaming of stir frys and dim sum and noodles and whole fish.

The city of Mexicali, Mexico, has a significant Chinese community and pretty good Chinese food - the only edible Chinese food I’ve ever found in Mexico.

Panama and I think other Central American countries often serve “chaufa” as a local dish - it’s fried rice, ie, chow fan.
巴拿马和另一个中美洲国家经常提供一道叫“chaufa”的特色菜-其实就是炒饭,chao fan(拼音)。


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I could eat it 3 times a day, and twice more for snacks.

I love Chinese food so much that I own a wok and have learned to cook a wide variety of dishes. I send my husband to get me hot & sour soup when I’m not feeling well. I’ve never seen a Chinese dish I didn’t like.

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Speaking as a person with food allergies, American-Chinese food is a godsend. 

Allergens are very easy to avoid when ordering Chinese food: dairy is not used at all, wheat is very rare and tree nuts are always called out explicitly.

Also, there is such a lovely variety that one could eat Chinese-American food all day every day and never get bored with it.

The Asian foods are the healthiest take-out foods in the US, too, at least from the places that do not use MSG: low fat, low salt, carbs optional, lots of vegetables.

So I would say I feel good about Chinese food.