I'm pleased to congratulate China on the opening of the Shanghai Expo, a major event of the world this year and one that will allow Americans and Chinese to continue to get to know each other on the deeper and broader bases.


America has hosted and participated in many World Expos since 19th century and we're excited to see this tradition carry on at the Shanghai Expo. Our participation demonstrates America's commitment to a forward-looking, positive relationship with China.


I invite you to visit American pavilion to learn about America's approach to creating "a better city and a better life". We have prepared a special theatre presentation that we hope will entertain visitors of all ages and inspire them to be part of efforts to improve their own communities.


The USA pavilion will also feature an array of American cultural performers -- from Blue Grass to Hiphop, to Jazz to classical music. One of the Grammy Award winning artists scheduled to perform is American Jazz legend Herbie Hancock.


I'm also particularly proud of our "Student Ambassador" program. Visitors to American pavilion will be greeted by American college students from schools across America. They have many different life experiences they will share with you. And all 160 student ambassadors speak Chinese, which demonstrates the importance American younger generation is placing on learning about China.


While the Expo is an opportunity to present some of the best of America to visitors, it is also an opportunity to learn from China and many of countries will be exhibiting about how they are working to improve their communities. I personally look forward to visiting other national pavilions to see the many exciting things they will have to offer.


I congratulate China on what I'm sure will be a spectacular world's fair. Come and see at the US pavilion.