What Are Some Fruit Or Vegetable Skins That Are Edible But Most People Don't Eat?


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Not sure if this is strange, but for many years I ate mangos like apples: biting into them, peel and all. I told myself all the nutrients were in the skin. (Maybe all the pesticides too, though, I now realize.)


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Potatoes, whether baked or mashed. I prefer to leave the peels on.

I think it improves mashed potatoes immensely, adding a bit of earthiness to an otherwise bland food, as well as a bit of texture.


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In Central Borneo, Indonesia, we eat Cempedak or Jackfruit skin.

What we do with this skin? Frist thing first, peal the outter skin cause its rough, then soak it in brine for a day.

And then… deep fry it until turns brown and crispy. We dip it to sambal (spicy sauce/ chili paste) and eat it with warm rice, but well this is also a little bit oily.


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I know it sounds strange but I eat the skin on kiwi fruit. Furry, but delicious.