It's not just the most physically demanding jobs that can lead to serious injuries. Working with a seemingly harmless mouse and keyboard can cause chronic injuries just as easily as hauling a load of cement. In fact, repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel affect hundreds of thousands of American workers a year, and lead to tens of billions of dollars annually in workers comp claims, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)。


Nelson Liu, a certified acupuncturist in Los Angeles, sees many of these disorders in his patients. "People who sit at desks and work on computers come to me with chronic pain in the shoulders, wrist, neck, and eyes, and they often result from the small, repetitive motions they do on the job every day," Liu tells Yahoo! HotJobs。

Nelson Liu是洛杉矶的一位针灸师,他经常能在自己的病人中见到类似的问题。他说,"坐在桌子前从事电脑相关工作的人通常会在肩部、手腕、脖子和眼睛产生一些慢性病痛,通常都归咎于他们日常工作中经常重复的小动作。"

Common Injury Causes


The top culprits of what experts call repetitive strain disorders include:


Sitting in an unnatural posture for a long time。


Not allowing recovery time。


Shallow breathing。


Repetitive motions, such as using the phone, typing with bent wrists and using a mouse。


Using force or pressure, such as pinching pens, gripping the mouse too hard, or pounding the keyboard.


Even emotional stress can lead to strain and pain. "People are particularly stressed out right now, and often emotional stress turns to physical stress, which turns to worse posture, which turns to pain, which turns to more stress," says Wendy Young, a certified ergonomist in Houston and author of the e-book,

甚至心理压力也能导致压迫和疼痛。Wendy Young是一位工作学学者,他说,"现在的人们压力太大了,心理压力经常转化为生理上的压力,这会导致人们采用更糟糕的工作姿势,进而引起疼痛,又转化为更大的压力。"