A Guide to front crawl for beginners - Learn a few techniques from our expert swimming teacher, to build up your confidence in the water and your knowledge of the front crawl swimming stroke itself.


Step 1: Body
Try to keep your body flat and as near to the surface as possible. This helps keep you streamlined and makes you glide through the water smoothly.[/em]

[en]Step 2: Legs
Your kicks should alternate and start at the hip with a slight knee bend. Make the kicks long and fast but with very little splash. You should get into the habit of doing six kicks in every arm cycle. That is three kicks per arm movement.


Step 3: Arms
Your arms also move alternately. One hand should follow the other into the water above your head. Make spear motions with your arm. Your thumb should enter the water first, the palm turned facing out. The elbows are first to exit the water, nice and high. Keep your arm controlled when it comes out of the water.


Step 4: Breathing
The breathing in front crawl is the hardest to get right. Try breathing after every two arms pulls. If you can't do this then just breathe regularly by smoothly turning your head to the side when you can.


Try to practise these techniques regularly. They will help to build up your confidence in the water and help you to get the best out of the front crawl.



to build up one's confidence: 树立信心

to get the best out of:  发挥……的积极作用;最有效地使用;发挥……最大功效