What Are The Lessons People Most Often Learn Too Late In Life?

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Date: 13 July 2016

Just because you think its a good idea, doesn't mean it is a good idea... Chris Herd
只是因为你认为这是一个好主意,并不意味着这是一个好主意。——Chris Herd

Be Careful What You Get Good At …Christian Bonilla
对你擅长的事要小心。——Christian Bonilla

Sacrificing your health to pursue wealth isn't worth it …Nelson Wang
牺牲你的健康追求财富是不值得的。——Nelson Wang

Don't take your body for granted …Gilad James
不要把你的身体当成理所当然。——Gilad James

Right and Wrong are subjective truths …Pradeeta Mishra
正确和错误都是主观的。——Pradeeta Mishra

None of the best experiences of your life will happen staring a computer screen, a phone screen or a TV …Evan Asano
光是盯着电脑屏幕、手机屏幕或者电视是不可能体验生活的美好的。——Evan Asano

Keep yourself strong because forever is a lie …Anis Farheen
保持坚强,因为并没有所谓的“永远”。—— Anis Farheen

All you need is enough energy to see tomorrow …Mike Leary
你唯一需要的是活到明天所需的能量。——Mike Leary

Over-promise sets you apart from the people who under-promise. 
Over-deliver sets you apart from people who just delivered …James Altucher
过度承诺使你从那些不能承诺的人中脱颖而出。给出比预期更好的结果则让你从那些仅仅完成任务的人中脱颖而出。——James Altucher

The secret of Happiness is to find out what you love and then directing all your energy towards doing it …Rohan Sinha
幸福的秘诀是找出你所爱的事,然后动用你所有的能量来做这件事。—— Rohan Sinha

Keep trying until you get it right …Nikola Gjakovski
继续尝试,直到你做对为止——Nikola Gjakovski

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them …Akhil Ramachandran
如果我们有勇气去追求,那我们所有的梦想都可以成真。——Akhil Ramachandran

The only place where our dreams become IMPOSSIBLE is your thinking

Make sure to wake up smarter tomorrow … Adam Bielecki
每天都要比昨天更聪明一点。—— Adam Bielecki

Don’t let words of mouth control you, take control of your life by yourself. Michael Gbenga 
不要让别人的闲言碎语控制你,自己控制自己的人生。——Michael Gbenga