Section One: Listening Comprehension

1. (A)She needs to find a different roommate.
   (B)She thinks the man should get a haircut
   (C)She didn't recognize the man because of his haircut
   (D)Few people have noticed her roommate's haircut

2. (A)Call for the latest weather report
   (B)Ask the woman for direction to the library
   (C)Go to the library to do research for the field trip
   (D)Call his professor about the field trip

3. (A)She can't find her car
   (B)Her car isn't insured
   (C)She'll inspect her car for damage
   (D)She's trying to find out about the insurance

4. (A)He agrees with the woman
   (B)He hasn't been to a game recently
   (C)He doesn't think the team has been playing well
   (D)He doesn't know much about baseball

5. (A)He has never been to the auditorium
   (B)He wants to stop and ask for directions
   (C)The woman won't be late
   (D)The program in the auditorium has already begun

6. (A)Arrive at class on time
   (B)Finish his assignments more promptly
   (C)Get his watch fixed
   (D)Get notes about the class from a friend

7. (A)He plans to sing a song at the audition
   (B)He thinks the woman should be in the play
   (C)He thinks the woman should invite someone else to the play
   (D)He's not interested in performing with the drama club

8. (A)She's too sick to have visitors
   (B)She picked up her brother last night
   (C)Her brother's flight was canceled
   (D)Her brother has changed his plans

9. (A)He has a very high phone bill this month,too
   (B)The woman should contact the phone company
   (C)The woman should make fewer long-distance calls
   (D)He'll help the woman pay her phone bill

10. (A)Help Laura with her paper next week
    (B)Ask Laura to clean the apartment by herself
    (C)Ask someone else to clean the apartment with Larua
    (D)Ask Laura to wait until next weekend to do the cleaning

11. (A)He hasn't read the committee's report yet
    (B)He'll encourage the committee to finish the report soon.
    (C)The committee took longer to finish the report than expected
    (D)The committee's report contains mistakes

12. (A)She's afraid of getting hurt
    (B)She won't be free this weekend
    (C)She'd rather go to Mount Hope
    (D)She prefers to go skiing by herself

13. (A)She realizes the equipment is easily damaged
    (B)She won't forget to put away the equipment
    (C)She always performs experiments carefully
    (D)She's worried about the results of her experiment

14. (A)He doesn't want the woman to give him money
    (B)He doesn't remember bow much the groceries cost
    (C)The concert tickets were inexpensive
    (D)He had forgotten about the concert

15. (A)Turn on the television
    (B)Change the channel immediately for the woman
    (C)Continue watching the nature program
    (D)Check to see when the nature program is on

16. (A)She also would like to work for the school newspaper
    (B)The man has too many books to carry
    (C)The man has a very busy schedule
    (D)The man took more than five classes last semester

17. (A)Tell her more about the exhibit
    (B)Invite someone else to the museum
    (C)Take a course in art history
    (D)Ask Mary when the exhibit will begin

18. (A)His housemate doesn't want the windows closed
    (B)His housemate is responsible for paying the electric bill
    (C)The windows are hard to close
    (D)He's anxious for the weather to warm up

19. (A)The play will be performed at another location
    (B)The woman didn't intend to attend the play
    (C)It isn't possible to cancel the play
    (D)The play was going to be performed outside

20. (A)She'd prefer to go to a different restaurant
    (B)She'll join the man for dinner
    (C)She has been to the restaurant before
    (D)The man should order spaghetti at the restaurant

21. (A)She thought the furniture would be more expensive
    (B)She doesn't remember how much the furniture cost
    (C)She still tired from carrying the furniture into the house
    (D)The furniture is too big for the house

22. (A)She'd like to watch television with the man
    (B)The man shouldn't waste his time watching television
    (C)The man should watch a different program
    (D)The television program doesn't start until later in the evening

23. (A)Help the woman repair her car
    (B)Help the woman find a job
    (C)Cancel the woman's appointment for her
    (D)Take the woman to her doctor's office

24. (A)Try to switch hours with someone else
    (B)Ask his boss to raise his pay
    (C)Look of a more suitable job
    (D)Do the extra work without complaining

25. (A)She knows why Bob is angry
    (B)Bob isn't really angry with the man
    (C)Bob will probably remain angry until the man apologizes
    (D)The man should ask Bob to apologize

26. (A)He'll move into his new apartment in a couple of months
    (B)He'd like the woman to help him move into the apartment
    (C)He hopes Pete will move into the apartment soon
    (D)The apartment might be too expensive for him

27. (A)Look for a bigger mirror on sale
    (B)Take the mirror back to the store next week
    (C)Leave without buying the mirror
    (D)Hang a picture next to the mirror

28. (A)She's worried that the man will miss next week's deadline
    (B)She doesn't know when the deadline for tuition payment is
    (C)The man should have paid his tuition a week ago
    (D)The man has all week to pay his tuition

29. (A)It's too late to join the soccer team
    (B)The mans grades have begun to improve recently
    (C)The man might not have enough time to play soccer
    (D)The man should continue to improve his soccer skills

30. (A)He finds Dr.Langston's lectures boring
    (B)He pays close attention to Dr.Langston's lectures
    (C)Dr.Langston's lectures are short but challenging
    (D)He doesn't usually sit through an entire lecture

31. (A)A study group
    (B)Studio Art 101
    (C)The man's painting
    (D)A professional artist

32. (A)Making a gift for the woman
    (B)Working on a class assignment
    (C)Discussing his career
    (D)Preparing to teach an art class

33. (A)Study paintings by other artists
    (B)Go to her father's art exhibit
    (C)Show the instructor his sketches
    (D)Change the color of the sky in his painting

34. (A)By listening to her father
    (B)By working for an artist
    (C)By talking to the studio art instructor
    (D)By taking several art courses

35. (A)Take a history exam
    (B)Go to an art exhibit
    (C)Meet some classmates
    (D)Help the man with his painting

36. (A)The difficulty of raising animals on farms in colonial America
    (B)Traffic problems in colonial American cities
    (C)Population growth in colonial American cities
    (D)Economic conditions in colonial America

37. (A)By widening the streets
    (B)By using coaches to provide free public transportation
    (C)By preventing carts from entering town
    (D)By making laws to keep farm animals off the street

38. (A)Carts scared the pigs away
    (B)Carts injured a large number of people
    (C)Carts often moved too slowly
    (D)Carts broke down too easily

39. (A)They used carts for collecting garbage
    (B)They used pigs to get rid of garbage
    (C)They burnt the garbage
    (D)They set up trash cans

40. (A)The advantages of traditional surveying methods
    (B)Using satellites to communicate with mountain climbers
    (C)Obtaining new information about a mountain
    (D)Controlling satellites from the top of a mountain

41. (A)To indicate how climbers communicated
    (B)To show that climbers enjoyed many comforts
    (C)To show that modern telephones work at high altitudes
    (D)To emphasize how small some equipment had become

42. (A)Detailed maps from previous studies
    (B)Recent advances in technology
    (C)Plenty of funding for the study
    (D)Experience carrying heavy loads up mountains

43. (A)To carry information that would help determine elevation
    (B)To provide accurate weather reports
    (C)To relay information from scientists around the world
    (D)To indicate which route the mountain climbers should take

44. (A)The adaptations of the African grass mouse to its environment
    (B)The sleeping habits of the African grass mouse
    (C)The effect of intense sunlight on the diet of the African grass mouse
    (D)The habitat of the African grass mouse

45. (A)It has a flattened shape
    (B)It has an extra layer of pigmented tissue
    (C)It has a furry covering
    (D)It has a large cranial cavity

46. (A)They are active during daylight hours
    (B)Their heads are exposed to sunlight while they sleep
    (C)They have only partially adapted to their tropical environment
    (D)Their wings are easily damaged by ultraviolet radiation

47. (A)The increase in the number of congressional representatives
    (B)The process of hiring congressional staff members
    (C)The role of congressional representatives' aides
    (D)The structure of congressional elections

48. (A)Research foreign policy issues
    (B)Communicate with the aides of other congressional representatives
    (C)Help citizens solve problems
    (D)Oversee local elections

49. (A)To compare the duties of politicians in different countries
    (B)To point out that too many laws are proposed
    (C)To emphasize the importance of Congress
    (D)To explain why a congressional representative needs a large staff

50.(A)Negotiating deals with other congressional aides
   (B)Suggesting laws that will be popular with local voters
   (C)Managing a representative's financial interests
   (D)Creating new ways to campaign for their bosses

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