Section One: Listening Comprehension                

1.(A) She'll type the man's paper for him.
  (B)The computer won't be available immediately.
  (C) The man should be more patient.
  (D) She doesn't want the man to use her computer.

2.(A) Read the woman's letter.
  (B) Visit Jeff in Alaska.
  (C) Write to Jeff.
  (D) Mail a letter for the woman.

3.(A) He went to the library twice to look for the book.
  (B) He already returned the book to a library out of town.
  (C) He called the library to say the book would be overdue.
  (D) He couldn't return the library book because he was away.

4.(A) Where the midterm exam was held.
  (B) Where she can see the results of the midterm exam.
  (C) Where she can buy a copy of the chemistry textbook,
  (D) Where the chemistry study group meets.
5.(A) He'll ask the driver for help with the luggage.
  (B) He doesn't mind driving by himself.
  (C) He doesn't have much luggage.
  (D) He'd like the woman to drive him.

6.(A) The suit is out of style.
  (B) The suit is more appropriate for the occasion.
  (C) The woman looks better in blue than in black.
  (D) The suit doesn't fit the woman well.

7.(A) Writing her thesis was easier than she thought it would be.
  (B) She intends to work on her thesis during her vacation.
  (C) She intentionally chose an easy topic to write about.
  (D) She plans to spend some time relaxing.

8.(A) He hasn't had a chance to meet Kathy yet
  (B) Kathy had already told him the news
  (C) He didn't know that Kathy was being moved.
  (D) His new office will be located in New York.

9.(A) She'd like the man to visit her.
  (B) She can help the man clean up.
  (C) She left her room on time this morning.
  (D) She hasn't cleaned her room either.

10.(A) He doesn't know what's wrong with the computer,
   (B) The woman misunderstood what he said.
   (C) The problem is different from what he thought it was
   (D) The computer cannot be repaired

11.(A) She didn't see it
   (B) It had nothing to do with politics.
   (C) Some people wouldn't find it interesting.
   (D) The man ought to watch it again

12.(A) He doesn't feel well enough to exercise
   (B) He prefers to exercise in the morning.
   (C) He accepts the woman's invitation.
   (D) He doesn't like to exercise in cold weather.

13.(A) Change the topic of her research project.
   (B) Sign up for a different political science course.
   (C) Ask Mary to help her choose a topic.
   (D) Take a class together with Mary.

14.(A) Send the man to a store that sells cassettes.
   (B) Borrow a blank cassette from her friends.
   (C) Sell the man one of her cassettes
   (D) Purchase some extra cassettes

15.(A) The books were sent out late.
   (B) The books were sent to the wrong place.
   (C) He didn't mind helping the woman move.
   (D) He doesn't know the woman's new address.

16.(A) Let him borrow her heavy jacket.
   (B) Stay in her car if the weather is too cold.
   (C) Leave campus in a couple of hours.
   (D) Be prepared for the possibility of cooler weather.

17.(A) The man was absent when she gave them to the glass.
   (B) She'll give some of them to the class on Wednesday.
   (C) She has no more of them to give to the man.
   (D) The man must do many more of them to pass the test.

18.(A) She has never had a class with Professor Smith.
   (B) She's surprised the man is taking a history class.
   (C) The assignment must be finished by 3 o'clock.
   (O) Professor Smith's classes are very demanding.

19.(A) She'll return the questionnaire soon.
   (B) The first question is optional.
   (C) The man doesn't need to answer all the questions.
   (D) The man doesn't need to submit a questionnaire.

20.(A) She doesn't like the painting.
   (B) She hasn't seen the man's office.
   (C) She'll hang the painting on the wall.
   (D)She doesn't know where to put the painting.

21.(A) He doesn't like to cook spaghetti sauce.
   (B) He isn't careful when he's preparing food.
   (C) He makes very good desserts.
   (D) He cooks for the Spanish club quite often.

22.(A) She doesn't plan to continue studying next year.
   (B) She recently visited a different university.
   (C) She already told the man about her plans.
   (D) She isn't planning to transfer to a different university.

23.(A) Start cleaning sooner.
   (B) Hire a cleaning service.
   (C) Wait a while before giving another party.
   (D) Have his party at a different

24.(A) She prefers to remain indoors.
   (B) She has the same allergies that the man has.
   (C) She doesn't think the man is sincere.
   (D) She doesn't understand what the man said.

25.(A) He has invited many people to
   (B) He intentionally cooked a lot of soup.
   (C) He doesn't like leftovers either.
   (D) He used leftovers in the soup.

26.(A) She can't help the man make his decision
   (B) A bicycle isn't a safe method of transportation.
   (C) The man doesn't need a new bicycle,
   (D) She doesn't know how to fix a bicycle,

27.(A) Ed is happy with his job.
   (B) Ed isn't as good a worker as the boss thinks.
   (C) The boss plans to give Ed a raise in salary.
   (D) The boss hasn't treated

28.(A) She left work after the man.
   (B) She was unable to follow the man's directions.
   (C) It only rained in a small area.
   (D) She doesn't mind driving in

29.(A) It isn't necessary to attend the lecture.
   (B) There isn't enough time to eat dessert
   (C) Eating in the lecture hall is prohibited.
   (D) The lecture probably won't start on time.

30.(A) She doesn't think that Oakville is very far.
   (B) She thinks the man misunderstood what he
   (C) She didn't know that Matthew planned to move to Oakville.
   (D) She wants to buy a car from Matthew.

31.(A) They've lost their suitcases.
   (B) They can't find their dormitory.
   (C) Their dorm rooms have been given to other students.
   (D) They've missed the bus to their dormitory.

32.(A) It has no bus service
   (B) It is small
   (C) It is located outside of town.
   (D) It is very hilly.
33.(A) It's far from the academic buildings.
   (B) No buses go to it.
   (C) There are few first-year students living there.
   (D) It's older than the other dormitories.

34.(A) They bring too many things with them.
   (B) They waste their time.
   (C) They don't familiarize themselves with the campus
   (D) They don't make realistic career plans.

35.(A) Judging people's behavior.
   (B) Common causes of anger.
   (C) Changing people's attitudes.
   (D) The effects of negative behavior.

36.(A) When they're unable to control the person's behavior.
   (B) When the causes of the behavior are obvious.
   (C) When the consequences of the behavior are unpleasant.
   (D) When the behavior is expected.

37.(A) It's not always clear why people behave in certain ways.
   (B) People usually blame others for their mistakes.
   (C) Certain conditions cause drivers to behave strangely.
   (D) The reason for some behavior is obvious.

38.(A) They usually accept responsibility.
   (B) They blame factors beyond their control
   (C) They complain about their personal problems.
   (D) They compare their behavior to the behavior of others.

39. (A) Settlement patterns in desert.
    (B) Causes of desertification.
    (C) Plant adaptation to desert conditions.
    (D) Regions most affected by desertification.

40. (A) It receives more nutrients than it can absorb.
    (B) It becomes oversaturated with water.
    (C) It loses the ability to support insect life.
    (D) It loses nutrients that aren't replaced.

41. (A) Too many animals eating the plants in one small area.
    (B) Planting too much vegetation in one small area.
    (C) Too many people building houses in one small area.
    (D) Bringing together the wrong kinds of animals and plants.

42. (A) The animals overfertilize the soil.
    (B) Dead plant roots can't hold the soil together.
    (C) The wrong types of plants are left standing.
    (D) There is a buildup of plant and animal matter.

43. (A) It can cause flooding in an
    (B) It can carry diseases that affect animals.
    (C) It can introduce too much salt into the soil.
    (D) It can divert water from important crops.

44. (A) A possible explanation for why green turtles nest in certain locations.
    (B) Physical differences among various groups of green turtles.
    (C) Several examples of mating behavior in green turtles.
    (D) The impact of continental drift on the diet of green turtles.

45. (A) Teach their young how to swim.
    (B) Mate and lay eggs.
    (C) Hide from predators.
    (D) Eat different kinds of fish.
46. (A) Its geography is similar to Brazil's.
    (B) Their instinct leads them to the place they were hatched.
    (C) There are other species of turtles located there.
    (D) Its climate is milder than Brazil's.

47. (A) To discover how long their ancestors lived.
    (B) To analyze how their appearance has evolved.
    (C) To find out how a disease has spread
    (D) To determine how closely groups of turtles are related.

48.(A) To demonstrate George Washington's survival skills.
   (B) To show that some stories about famous people may be historically inaccurate.
   (C) To describe a historical event that was portrayed in a painting.
   (D) To tell a story that George Washington told about himself.

49.(A) She led her tribe to victory against the colonists
   (B) She was considered to be extremelybeautiful.
   (C) She created popular American Indian art.
   (D) She helped establish peace between her tribe and the colonists

50.(A) They have only recently been discovered.
   (B) They were painted by the colonists who knew her.
   (C) Most of them portray her as a child.
   (D) They might not reflect her true appearance.

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