Time is money -- whether you've got a job or not. While it may be tempting to chase down every possibility when you're searching for work, don't. Many can lead you down a blind alley -- where you may lose the contents of your wallet.


A focused search using tried and true methods, especially networking, will lead to your next job, not tactics that smack of desperation.


Avoid these five job-hunting "don'ts" that will yield the poorest of results, according to leading workplace advisor Liz Ryan.

根据职场顾问的领尖人物Liz Ryan的建议,要警惕以下5个求职者不能做的事情,来避免最差的求职结果。

1. Spray and pray


Don't blindly send your resumeun solicited, electronically or otherwise, to any company without first making verbal contact. Says Ryan, founder of , "Tossingout un-customized cover letters and undifferentiated resumes in huge volumes and crossing your fingers is a job-search non-starter. That doesn't work, and it hasn't worked in 10 years, or more." Establish aconnection before sending a customized cover letter and, adds Ryan,"You can even customize your resume if a job opening calls for it."


2. Stand in line for a job fair


Admits Ryan, "Sad to say, but most job fairs are a waste of time. Avoid the huge cattle call-type job fairs where zillions of employers have booths, yet no one is taking resumes."There are some job fairs that have value. Ryan, a former human resources executive, points to company-specific open hours and college placement job fairs. Tap your network to learn if anyone can recommend worthwhile fairs. "Ask around before you head off to a job fair or risk having your time wasted and your ego dashed."