An Instagram account is using pictures of adorable chubby Asian babies to rack up 55,000 ovaries. Uh, followers.
Called Tiny Gentle Asians, the page has posted more than 500 pictures of East Asian newborns and toddlers smiling, crying, playing with animals, and doing otherwise cute things for the camera.
'Rolls and LOLs are definitely the two vital ingredients, founder Mel Kenny told Mashable about her recipe for a cute account.
这个账号名为温柔的亚洲小宝贝(Tiny Gentle Asians),其主页上发布了超过500张亚洲新生宝宝的和婴儿的照片。照片里宝宝们有的微笑、有的大哭、有的和小动物玩耍等等,在镜头前萌力爆棚。创建者Mel Kenny接受互联网新闻博客Mashable采访时说到,翻滚和大笑的照片是这个账号的两大秘密武器。
Mel, a Thai Australian who works as an editor and social media consultant, started the account with cell phone pictures of babies she saw while out and about, but has graduated to reposting pictures taken by parents.
And she pointed out that not all the pictures on her account are traditionally attractive baby pictures.
That is, the tots aren't always posed angelically with smiles on soft rugs. Sometimes they are making ridiculous faces, pouting, or crying — something she said Japanese and Korean mothers like to take pictures of.