内衣连锁品牌Sparkling Strawberry的研究调查显示,女性在选择内衣的时候会有十个常见的错误。你看看自己中了哪几个?

1) The Baggy Bra
1) 内衣过于宽大

50% of women have complaints about how their brassiere fits. This is often because bra cups are too baggy, leaving you vulnerable to a cheeky nip-slip.

Solutions: Measure Up! To avoid any bra-ma drama, know your true bra size. Get measured in a shop or thoroughly study online size guides.

2) Quad Boob
2) 四分之一的胸部

The opposite problem to the baggy bra, is the quad boob. This occurs when bra cups are too tight.

Solutions: Loosen Up – Try hooking your bra on a looser clasp and adjusting the straps.

3) Boring Undies
3) 无趣的内衣

We’re all guilty of dismissing the adventurous and luxurious lingerie in favour of plain cotton pants.

Less than 20% of women feel brave enough for thongs.

Solution: Don’t Neglect Negligees – Be more confident with your curves and go for the lingerie you wouldn’t usually buy.

4) Owning Too Few Bras
4) 内衣太少

It’s important to have an array of bras to help with various outfits. Here are our top four bra must-haves to complement any outfit.

The essentials kit: T-shirt bra, Plunge bra, Sports bra, Multi-way bra

Also, breasts change size due to weight gain or loss and periods. The average woman will wear six different bra sizes throughout her life.

Solution: Go Shopping – Treat yourself to a few good quality bras in various styles and sizes.

5) Hoarding Bras
5) 囤积内衣

Another common mistake is that women are clinging to old bras for too long.

Solution: Let It Go – After 8 months, your bra will be stretched and worn down.

6) The VPL
6) 可见的内裤痕迹

The age-old problem of the Visible Panty Line is feared throughout the land. Watch out for the VPL, especially when stepping out in a skin-tight dress.

Solutions: Go Commando – Apparently 1 in 10 women admit to going out while bare down there.Thong It – If you’re not one of these fearless females, the simple solution is to try a thong.

7) The Muffin Top
7) 小肚腩

The dreaded muffin top is again a result of the skin-tight dress.

Solution: Tuck Your Tummy – This problem is often due to too small knickers. To fix it, a trusty pair of body-sculpting or high waisted knickers will give you a slim silhouette.

8) The Tightest Clasp
8) 扣子扣到最紧

It’s bad for bras if you hook on the tightest clasp immediately after buying. The tighter clasps are there to help when your bra eventually loses elasticity.

Solutions: Cut it Some Slack – Try hooking your bra on a looser clasp and adjusting the straps. Take It Slow – Only start using the tighter clasps after at least 1 month.

9) Not Washing Bras Often
9) 不常清洗内衣

As much as we’d hate to admit it, on average the majority of women wash their bras only 6 times a year!

Solutions: Wash Often – It’s recommended to wash your bras every 2-3 wears.

Hand Wash – When washing, it’s best to hand wash your bras.

Keep It Cool – If you must use a washing machine, keep it to 30 degrees.

10) Staying Away From the Seasonal
10) 不买有节日气息的内衣裤

While year-round underwear is a safe investment, there’s nothing like Christmas themed knickers or a special set on Valentine’s Day to get you in the spirit!

Solution: Stock up on Stockings – Treat yourself to seasonal lingerie for Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas.