From now on you do not need to feel guilty just because you love beer. On the contrary, the benefits of drinking beer are obvious. The secret is in how much beer you consume.

1. Beer reduces risk of heart disease

You can easily reduce the risk of heart disease by 30% or more if you are one of the individuals who drink a pint of beer per day. The result is totally opposite if you drink too much beer. Be careful with your portions.

2. Beer lowers risk of diabetes

Beer prevents diabetes due to the alcohol content which increases insulin sensitivity. Also, beer is rich in soluble fiber that is so needed if the individual suffers from diabetes.

3. Beer minimizes risk of cancer

Xanthohumol is an antioxidant found in beer. It’s very important since it has anti-cancer properties. Drinking beer in moderation stimulates chemical reactions that fend off the risk of prostate cancer in males. Women should also drink beer – the beverage contains components that decrease the risk of breast cancer.

4. Beer manages blood pressure

According to the recent studies carried out by Harvard researchers, middle-aged women who drink beer in moderation were much less prone to development of high blood pressure. Other alcoholic beverages do not have the same properties.

5. Beer treats dandruff

Beer is much healthier than all the shampoos and conditioners that you see on the shelves. The high content of vitamin B and yeast will make your hair smooth and silky. You’ll finally get rid of dandruff.