"Never stop BELIEVING because MIRACLES happen everyday!"

Around six months after our son Todd's death, our younger son Brandon (then almost three) began stuttering. Brandon and I went for a walk each night, and about this time we saw a dead, decaying bird lying on the side of the road. Brandon referred to the bird as being "dead, just like Todd." He spoke of Todd often, and many people suggested that he needed professional help to deal with Todd's death.

As I prayed about Brandon's problem, it seemed that the Lord was telling me to bury the bird. But I argued against this. I did not even want to touch this one!

Finally, I gave in. We scooped up the bird in a bucket and brought it home. I told Brandon to shake the bird and call it; I did the same. I then told him that only Jesus could wake the little bird. I quoted the Bible and told him that one day Jesus would come back and call with a loud voice, and all who loved Him would come alive again. I said we would see Todd the minute Jesus woke him.

The next morning when Brandon woke up, he did not stutter, and he has not stuttered since that date. A miracle? Yes, I believe it was, and even though the idea to bury the bird seemed ridicules to me it had been the answer to my prayers.

Never stop believing because miracles happen everyday!