When you graduate, taking your first steps out of College or University into the big, bad world is, how to put it...a little bit messed up.

In the post-graduation transition, it's easy to feel lost and confused.

So here's how to remain confident and trust yourself, even in the middle of all the uncertainty and change that this brave new world brings.

1. Stop feeling like you should have all the answers

Uncertainty is the way things are, and trying to fight is like trying to fight an angry bear with a wet fish. It’ll just leave you exhausted, scared and broken. So relax a little. Understand that uncertainty is natural, and know that doing your best is plenty good enough as a response.

2. Prioritise play over success

Extrinsic success is easy, cheap even. So it's through play—through engaging with the things that make you feel joy or connected and experience more success than fitting in with expectations will ever give you.
外在的成功来得容易、甚至可以说来得廉价。所以说,是通过游戏竞争、去参与你觉得开心和能带动你的事情, 去体验更多的成功,而不是去迎合外界带给你的期冀。

3. Stop comparing

Today, every time you compare yourself to someone else, you threaten to undermine your self and your efficacy, or inflate your ego. Comparison is irrelevant. The only thing that's relevant is your ability to approach a decision.