What are some lifestyle changes that save money?


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1. Cut back on hanging out with lavish friends who do lavish things you don't really enjoy.
1. 你要是不喜欢生活奢靡花钱大手大脚的朋友们,就减少和他们一起出去玩的次数。

If you love skiing, go. But you don't have to go to Aspen during Christmas week and stay at the St. Regis. Go off-peak, go for fewer days, and stay someplace cheaper - maybe with Starwood points.

Stay at a cheap motel.

2. Shop ethnic supermarkets.
2. 在民族特色超市购物。

Often much cheaper and you get to try exotic fruits and veggies, spices, etc.

3. Make cooking and eating at home a joy. Spend more here so you eat out less.
3. 享受在家烹饪在家吃饭,在家多待,出去吃就少了。

Eating at home is much cheaper than eating out. So do what you need to do to eat at home more often. Buy nicer silverware and plates. Buy marinated or precooked stuff to save time/hassle. Eat on paper plates or hire a housekeeper to do the dishes if you don't like clean up.

4. Eat out less often and at cheaper, tastier places.
4. 少去下馆子,要去就去便宜好吃的店里吃。

Go for food, not ambience or service. Start with ethnic restaurants and diners.

5. Live in a much smaller and cheaper place.
5. 住在小点、便宜点的地方。

Not just because it's cheaper. But because you'll be with your loved one(s) more and you'll accumulate less stuff. Don't accumulate a bunch of stuff.