课文详注 Further notes on the text

1.Children who play truant from school are unimaginative.

(1)play truant from school表示“逃学”,上下文清楚时也可以省略 from school,直接说 play truant。truant也可以单用,表示“逃学者”。

As a boy, Tom used to play truant (from school).

The three boys who are fishing over there are truants and ought to be sent back to school.

Painters should be imaginative.

He is an imaginative painter.

2.A quiet day's fishing, or eight hours in a cinema seeing the same film over and over again, is usually as far as they get.
他们通常能够做到的, 至多也就是安静地钓上一天鱼,或在电影院里坐上8个小时,一遍遍地看同一部电影。

(1)这句话的主语是is前面的两个并列短语。第1个短语的主要成分是动名词fishing,第2个短语的主要成分可以看做是eight hours(作为一个时间总量,它后面要跟动词单数形式)。它实际上是省略了动名词 sitting for (eight hours),seeing引导的为分词短语,表示伴随动作。

(2)over and over again为固定短语,表示“一再地”、“反复许多次地”:
As my grandmother can't hear very well, I had to say it over and over again.

(3)as far as在这里表示“到……程度”、“就……而言”,是连词,与距离没有关系:
As for as I know, his operation is successful.

3.put…to shame

What he has done put his parents to shame.

He saved the child at the risk of his own life and put all those who looked on to shame.

4.in the meantime

I feel tired and would like to take a nap. In the meantime, you may do some reading.

5.The next car the boy stopped did not take him into the centre of Paris as he hoped it would, but to Perpignan on the French-Spanish border.

这个句子的主语是 The next car,谓语动词是take,into和but to引导的是两个并列状语。the boy stopped为 car的关系从句,前面省略了作宾语的关系代词 which/that; as he hoped it would则为方式状语从句。

6.There he was picked up by a policeman…

Pick up的含义之一是“逮捕”、“拘捕”:
After the accident, he was picked up by the police.

词汇学习 Word study

1. creep vi.

A snake crept into the garden while she was writing a letter.

The old car crept along the country road.

We crept upstairs so as not to wake Grandpa.

He noticed that age had crept on him.

2.evade vt.

They ran after the thief quickly, but the thief managed to evade them.

She evaded a blow from the man and then called out for help.

He always tries to evade paying taxes.

Many children dream of evading school.

练习答案 Key to written exercises


1 The climbers not only reached the top of the mountain, but (they) spent the night there as well.

2 When a fire broke out in a cinema, several hundred people tried to leave the building and a number of them were injured.

3 James Sullivan, whose book on the Antarctic was published recently, will give a lecture at the local library next week.

4 Although the police searched everywhere, neither the missing boy nor his dog could be found.

5 In spite of the fact that fares have increased, the railway company is still losing money because the employees have demanded higher wages.

6 He gave me such a fright that I knocked the teapot over.

7 After making sure that the alarm clock worked, I set it so that it would ring at six o'clock.

8 I hid the Christmas presents under the desk quickly so that my young daughter would not see them when she entered the room.

9 Refusing the offer, I explained that I had already been offered a job by another company.

10 He fought the wolves off for three hours before help arrived.

1c 2a      3d 4a         5c 6d
7a 8d     9a 10a     11d 12b