3. Special difficulties 难点练习



课文的第8-9行有这样一句话,“In this way, he has begun his own private ‘telephone’ service.”以下是与way这个词组成的短语。

In the way: Please move this chair. It is in the way. 请挪一下这把椅子,它把路挡住了。

Do your work in the way I have shown you. 按我给你示范的方法来做你的工作。

On the way: On the way to the station, I bought some chocolate. 在去车站的路上我买了些巧克力。

In this way: He saves old envelopes. In this way, he has collected a great many stamps. 他搜集旧信封,用这种办法他收集了大量的邮票。

By the way: By the way, have you seen Harry recently? 顺便问一句,你最近见过哈里吗?

In a way: In a way, it is an important book. 在某种意义上,这是一本重要的书。

Exercises 练习


1. ______ from Athens to London, the plane stopped at Rome.

2. I cooked this ______ you showed me.

3. _______ , where is my coat?

4. Yes. _______ he has been very successful.

5. Children get _______ during the holidays.

解答:1. On the way; 2. in the way; 3. By the way; 4. in this/a way; 5. in the way


         in the way 挡住路;(喻)妨碍;以……方法

         on the way 在途中;in this way 用这种办法/方法

         by the way 顺便提一下;in a way 从某种意义来说


B    形容词spare和动词to spare的区别


I cannot spare the time. 我花不起时间。

I have no time to spare. 我没有时间。

I cannot buy spare parts for this car. 我买不起这辆车的备件。

There is a spare room in this house. 在这栋房子里有一间空房。

Caligula spared the Slave’s life. 卡里格勒饶了那个奴隶的命。



1. There is an extra wheel in the back of the car.

  There is a spare wheel in the back of the car.

2. I always go on excursions in my free time.

  I always go on excursions in my spare time.

3. ‘Have you any old clothes that you do not want?’ he asked.

  ‘Have you any old clothes to spare?’ he asked.

4. The guest slept in the room we do not use.

  The guest slept in our spare room.

5. ‘Do not kill me!’ begged the prisoner.

  Spare me!’ begged the prisoner.



spare adj. 多余的,空闲的,备用的(与extra意思相近)

spare v. 赦免,饶恕,免于