Step 1 单词都在文中标出了,大家发挥一下想象和推理能力,猜猜那些生词都是什么意思吧。阅读中非常需要这种猜测推理能力的哦。    


Lesson 4  The double life of Alfred Bloggs

These days, people who do manual work often receive far more money than people who work in offices. People who work in offices are frequently referred to as ‘white-collar workers' for the simple reason that they usually wear a collar and tie to go to work. Such is human nature, that a great many people are often willing to sacrifice higher pay for the privilege of becoming white-collar workers. This can give rise to curious situations, as it did in the case of Alfred Bloggs who worked as a dustman for the Ellesmere Corporation.

        When he got married, Alf was too embarrassed to say anything to his wife about his job. He simply told her that he worked for the Corporation. Every morning, he left home dressed in a smart black suit. He then changed into overalls and spent the next eight hours as a dustman. Before returning home at night, he took a shower and changed back into his suit. Alf did this for over two years and his fellow dustmen kept his secret. AlF's wife has never discovered that she married a dustman and she never will, for Alf has just found another job. He will soon be working in an office. He will be earning only half as much as he used to, but he feels that his rise in status is well worth the loss of money. From now on, he will wear a suit all day and others will call him 'Mr. Bloggs', not 'Alf'.

Step 2词汇的意思都在这里了哦。看看你都猜对了么?

      manual          adj. 体力的

      collar            n. 衣领

      sacrifice        v. 牺牲,献出

      privilege        n. 好处

      dustman        n. 清洁工

      corporation   n. 公司

      overalls         n. 工作服

      shower          n. 淋浴

      secret            n. 秘密

      status            n. 地位

Step 3  特别的单词总是要特别的待遇,下面的单词最好记住,有空多练习。:)

1.manual   adj. 体力的 ;n.手册

英释 using the hands

短语  manual work:体力工作

         mental work: 脑力工作

         a teacher's  manual 教师手册

2.collar n. 衣领

white-collar:白领  do mental work

blue-collar:  蓝领 do manual work

固定短语 be/get hot under the collar: 怒气冲天,易于动怒的

特别说明 用某人/物所具有的某种特征指代某人/物是生活、写作中常见的一种隐喻方法。如crown (王冠)指代"国王",fur and feather 指代禽兽 。eg. The pen is mightier than the sword.  Pen指代"文学的力量",sword指代"武力"。

3.sacrifice v. 牺牲,献出  n. 牺牲

英释  to give up for good purpose

短语 sacrifice  sth. to /for  sb./sth.

         sacrifice  sth  to do sth

例句 He  sacrifice his life for the country.

         She sacrificed her career to marry him.

         Do you approve of sacrificing comfort to appearance? 你赞同为了表面好看而不考虑其舒适吗?

4.   privilege  n. 好处

英释 special advantage;special right

短语 sacrifice one's advantage / privilege  牺牲掉自己的好处

         give sb. the pivilege of doing sth. 特许某人做某事

例句 It was a privilege to hear her sing/hearing her sing.

比较  I flet /was pleased to be able to help.                           语气较privilege平淡

         I feel highly honored by your trust。              语气较privilege更礼貌

         We are very privileged (荣幸的)to be together with professor Smith this evening.

5. secret  n. 秘密

短语  keep secret  保密 eg.[口]It's between you and me. I will keep it to myself.

                                    confidential  机密的,比 secret 程度更深

         let sb. into the secret  让某人知道某个秘密

         make no secret of  不隐瞒

         in secret = secretly, in private, privately  私下里

         in the secret: 知道内情

例句 I was told about it in secret.

         He was in the secret from the beginning.

6. status  n. 地位

英释 social position

形近词 statue  雕像,塑像

短语 employment status 就业状况

         marital status 婚姻状况

例句 No one will question his status as a scholar.

比较 status表示社会地位时,与position通用,但status更正式。status还有"身份,状况"的意思

         position 还表示"位置,姿态,见解,立场"等

7. corporation

短语 group 集团

         joint-venture enterprise 合资企业

         state-owned enterprise国有企业

         township enterprise 乡镇企业

         multinational corporation 跨国公司

8.overall n.工作服

英释  a grament made in one piece to cover the whole body,worn especially by workers over other clothes

 Step 4 学英语就必须勤学苦练,学而不练,事倍功半,下面就做几个练习吧。


1. It is bad to be ______of one's family.

A.shy     B. embarrassed   C. ashamed

2.  The man felt _______ when he spilled his wine on my dress.

A.shy     B. embarrassed   C. ashamed

3. ______ the soldier,no evidence has been found to show that he is guilty.

  A. In case    B.In the case of  C. In case of

4. They have _______ a lot of money on their children's education.

  A.sacrificed    B.given out      C. spent

5. Manual workers often receive much higher _____ than people who work in offices.(ll.1-2)

A. gains    B. fees    C. payments    D. wages

6. His rise in status more than _______ the loss of money. (l.14-15)

A. pays back    B. rewards    C. compensates for    D. values

7. He wanted to be ______ ‘Mr. Bloggs' , not ‘Alf.' . (ll.15-16)

A. addressed as    B. named    C. cried out    D. shouted