queer one's pitch

【英文解释】put difficulties in one's way


【短语来源】As a verb,queer is old slang for spoil or ruin. Pitch was a costermonger's or entertainer's word for ( a place of) sale or performance, from the idea of pitching a tent. The whole expression would have been heard in market or fairfround disputes between stallholders.

spoil     vt. 破坏, 宠坏
pitch      n.  投, 颠簸, 搭帐篷, 定调, 推销
costermonger     n. 叫卖鱼、水果等的小贩
entertainer       n. 表演娱乐节目的人,  演艺人员
fairground       n. 游乐场
stallholder       n. 摊贩

queer作为动词,是个俚语,表示破坏。而pitch是由短语pitch a tent(即搭帐篷的意思)演化而来的,它主要用于小贩的买卖或演艺人员的表演中。queer one's pitch整个短语连起来意思就是打乱,给某人找麻烦,它在集市或游乐场的摊贩间发生冲突时常听到。就是摊贩或表演者之间因抢生意发生争执时常用。

【有例有句】Don't queer my pitch anymore!