Under Armour stock is sweating hard.
Under Armour股价遭受重创。

Shares of the company known for its innovative sports apparel are plummeting, as investors are nervous about the federal investigation into how it does its accounting.

The stock closed at $15.52, down $3.39 or 17.93%.

The Wall Street Journal first broke the news of the probe on Sunday.

“We have been fully cooperating with these inquiries for nearly two and a half years,” Under Armour CFO David Bergman said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call today. “We firmly believe that our accounting practices and disclosures were appropriate.”
今天Under Armour首席财务官David Bergman在公司第三季度财报电话会议中说:“近两年半以来,我们一直在全力配合这些调查。我们坚信我们的会计核算和信息披露都符合规定。”

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice are looking into whether the Baltimore-based business played with its sales numbers.

Last week, Under Armour announced that founder Kevin Plank was stepping down as CEO to be replaced by COO Patrik Frisk on January 1.
上周Under Armour宣布其创始人Kevin Plank要卸任首席执行官,1月1日开始由首席运营官Patrik Frisk接任。

The initial idea for the workout wear started in 1995 when Plank, who played football at the University of Maryland, tried to find a way to keep the T-shirt he wore under his uniform light and dry. The sweat-wicking fabric Under Armour created is now worn by world-class athletes as well as the general public.
这个运动品牌的创意始于1995年,当时在马里兰大学踢足球的Plank想要研究出让队服下面穿的T恤保持轻盈干燥的方法。现在世界一流运动员和普通大众都穿Under Armour创造的吸汗面料。