Google is flexing its optical character recognition muscle with the ability to search for text in Google Photos.

谷歌要将光学字符识别技术(OCR)用于搜索Google Photos中的文本。

The company confirmed the feature on Twitter after users discovered it on their own, but it's still rolling out to everyone.


With the Google Photos mobile app, you can go a step further and copy text from images. Just hit the lens button (the square shape with the circle inside) while viewing any photo, then tap on any section of text to highlight it for copying or searching.

你用Google Photos移动应用程序就可以进一步从图片中复制文本,浏览照片时只需点击lens按钮(里面有个圈的方形按钮), 然后轻按文本任意区域选中进行复制或搜索。

If you're in the habit of taking screenshots on your phone, you can search for “Screenshots” and find plenty of photos on which to try this out.



Google Photos recently sailed past the billion-user mark, so it's got plenty of data on which to train its computer vision models for features like text recognition.

Google Photos最近用户超过10亿,获取了大量数据,并利用这些数据训练计算机视觉模型来实现文字识别等功能。

That said, diehard Evernote users may point out that the note-taking app was offering a similar feature years ago.