Justin Bieber and wife Hailey have just added an adorable new furry friend to their family.


The singer took to his Instagram Story on Sunday to introduce the world to his brand new kitten, Sushi, who he and Hailey adopted on Saturday.

这位歌手周日在他的Instagram Story账号上向大家介绍了他和海莉周六新领养的猫咪Sushi。

The family's new feline, who appears to be a Savannah, playfully leaped and frolicked on Justin's bed as he reclined under his blanket and watched TV in one of the two videos he posted to social media.


He also shared an adorable clip of Sushi running around their living room, which gave his 117 million followers the best look at the precious new pet.


Bieber took to Instagram to tease the adoption, sharing a cartoon of the cute kitty he would soon be welcoming.


"I'm getting a cat tomorrow and The name will be sushi," the singer wrote gleefully in the caption. "Thanks guys! I can call her sooosh Magooosh and I'm very happy about it. I can also in a baby voice call her TOOSHIEEE BUM BUM or . Shooshi wowl .. read it outloud how it's spelt . Also sushi Poo.. or just TUNA."

这位歌手兴高采烈地写道:“我明天要养猫了,名叫sushi。谢谢大家!我可以叫它sooosh Magooosh,对此我很开心。我还可以用婴儿的声音叫它TOOSHIEEE BUM BUM或者Shooshi wowl,大声读一读是怎么拼的,也可以叫它sushi Poo..,或者就叫它TUNA。”

While the pair seem super overjoyed by their adorable new pet, it seems that Bieber has interest in being more than a pet parent in the future.


Back in July, the singer hinted at wanting to start a family in a sweet Instagram post.


"Love dates with you baby," Justin captioned a shot of him and Hailey at Disneyland. "One day I'll be doing daddy daughter dates….. not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush. I just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while!"