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Nintendo’s hardware plans have been mildly perplexing recently, as they’ve just unveiled the new handheld-only Switch Lite, while the long-rumored Switch Pro is nowhere to be found. And now Nintendo has announced something…else?
任天堂的硬件计划最近有点令人迷惑,他们刚公布了新款仅支手持式的Switch Lite,并没有之前谣传的Switch Pro。现在任天堂又公布了其他的东西?

This morning, Nintendo has revealed a new model of the Nintendo Switch that hasdramatically increased battery life over the original. 


Most of the early information is coming in Japanese, but the gist of it appears to be that this is not the Pro, but rather a kind of "enhanced" hardware refresh for the original system which expands the battery.


This new Switch is supposed to take the current battery life from the range of 2.5-6.5 hours in handheld mode to 4.5-9 hours, more than a 50% increase in most circumstances, which is pretty huge. 


Nintendo gives the example of Breath of the Wild going from 3 hours of playability in handheld mode to 5.5 hours, nearly double. That’s…quite significant.


Again, this does not appear to be the rumored Pro model which many fans expect to arrive with increased horsepower capacity and the potential to run more demanding games. 


This is a replacement for the current model where the main focus is on the battery alone. 


That may be disappointing to some, but given how significant this battery life increase is supposed to be, it may be an attractive option for many players regardless. 


It's not clear if this means there actually is *not* a Pro model coming, as this may just be the rumored upgrade, but that remains to be seen.





adv. 巨大地


The climate was changing dramatically. 


Employment possibilities have increased dramatically in the past nine years.