What is your personal method for waking up early?

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Alright, in order to help people I decided to edit my answer to be more clear.

I wake up at 5am every morning, consistently, for 6 months now and I'm so used to it that I'm able to get out of bed even before the alarm starts ringing. Here's my 2 simple steps on how I managed to do it:

1) I decided I would be a morning person: You may want to be, but you have to decide to be a morning person. And for that, you must plan how to do it. By "decide" I mean having the desire to become a morning person.

Stop dreaming about it, start taking action.

2) I have a well planned routine (that works fine for me): Again, that's a routine I designed that works really fine for me. You're free to try it yourself and I hope you can find new ways to improve it and reach your goal. However, my routine is like this:

●5am the alarm rings (it's out of my reach): before I turn it off, I turn on the lights so I'm not inclined to snooze it (which I never do).

●I get a 1-3 minute cold shower: the cold shower helps me to wake up and put dizziness and sleepiness away.

●I get dressed for workout.

●I make a nice breakfast for me and for my family.

●I meditate for 10 to 15 minutes using Calm app.

●I pack everything I need for my day (clothes, food, etc.).

●I choose 3 things each day to be thankful for.

●I go to the gym and start working out at 6:30am until 7:30am.

●I get a another 1-3 minute cold shower after working out: yes, again. You have to be clean to work, and cold shower increases testosterone, helps muscle recovery and to strengthen resilience.

●I get to work at 8am.

I understand that we're in different places/countries/cities. But I live near the gym where I work out and the gym is ~ 15 minutes from work. Because I spend so little time commuting, I have more time to accomplish other tasks.

To become a morning person, you have to have things to do. Otherwise it won't work. Don't start your day without a plan, without a challenge. It's boring and won't push you over your limits.

Good luck!