Why is English so hard for a Chinese person?


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I teach English as a Second Language in Taiwan, so I see native Mandarin speakers struggle with English every day. Below are some of the things my students do that make learning English more difficult:

Not having a clear idea of why they are learning English, or how to make a study plan to help them reach a realistic goal.

When I ask them their goal, every single reply is the same: I want to be fluent in English.

It sounds awesome, but it probably won’t happen.

If you imagined yourself in a meeting with foreign colleagues; expressing your thoughts well, impressing others with your ideas; then, that's where you start.

Start reading industry websites and blogs, watch videos or listen to podcasts to see and hear how people communicate.

Learn and know the vocabulary about your job, then join discussion groups and practice expressing yourself.

If you picture yourself traveling the world, making new friends, then do the same with travel shows, videos, blogs, etc.

You probably won't, or don't need to be fluent, so relax and focus on your specific goal. Figure out why you want or need to study English and go from there.

Learning a language is a journey- not a destination.

If you are like my students, you have probably studied English for years, but still don't feel confident using English.

How can this be?

The more we do something, the better we will be, right?

If you study by memorizing words and grammar patterns; English will be hard and boring.

Change your thinking and change your study method. Make English a fun part of your daily life and you will learn and enjoy the process.

When something becomes a habit, we no longer think about- we just do it.

Daily: Start with 10 minutes a day. Making daily contact with English depends on your personality and schedule.

Schedule: Can you wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and read English aloud? Do you have 10 minutes on your way to/from work or school to listen to English, write in a journal, or use a learning app? Find your 10 mins each day.

Personality: If you're not very motivated, start with an app that will remind you to study. Challenge a friend or classmate to study for 10 mins a day and do it together. The point is: if you don't have an English environment, you can make your own. If it interests you, you'll stick with it!

Good luck!