What are the simplest things one can do to make oneself happier?


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Get more sleep. Seriously. Just go to bed and get some sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. It may take a few nights, but you'll be happier than when you started.


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What leads to true happiness? One best way to start living a happier life is by practicing gratitude and appreciation. And here is how we can start to appreciate more in our life.

1) Keep a gratitude journal

Start taking note each day. State down 3 persons you like to thank and why. No one you like to thank today? What about 3 events that you should appreciate? Appreciate life challenges instead, rather than feeling pissed about them. Enjoy the slow process of achieving great things in life because what matters the most is the journey.

2) Ask the right question every morning

Beware about the question you ask yourself in your head, because that’s how thoughts and self-judgment formed. In order to practice appreciation and live a happier life, ask yourself the right questions every morning. Why morning? Because that’s when our mind is clear and our willpower is high, provided you wake up with a good amount of sleep.

So, ask yourself these:

What am I feeling proud of right now? You can be proud of yourself. You can be proud of people around you.

What am I feeling grateful about right now? Recall the moment of someone did something kind for you or any event that makes you feel lucky.

3) Use “Get to” Instead of “Have to”

By changing your vocabulary, you’re changing how you feel.

To make yourself appreciate people, thing and event in life, replace “have to” with “get to”. Rather than complaining or feeling bad about things you “have to” do or challenges you “have to” go through, think a little differently. You “get to” experience and do them.

For example:

I have to work every day for 10 hours → I get to work every day for 10 hours.

I have to take care of my parents → I get to take care of my parents