How do the people in other countries view China and Chinese?


来自英国人 @Michael Cole 的回答:

My nationality is British, I have lived in many different countries from an early age (including China), am an architect, environmentalist and traditional acupuncturist

I am at present living in Auckland, New Zealand with my Chinese wife.

Whilst my mandarin is almost no-existant, but I have many friends in China and have some of my architectural projects completed there.

I enjoy some Chinese people as I do friends from other countries, but some I would not get along with either.

Travelling around is not difficult, except at rush hour and holidays. Tourist places are mostly full of people whatever time one visits, except wilderness areas. 

The air is sometimes clear, but generally polluted around cities. 

Living there is quite easy, most things are efficient and fast…….

These are some observations that I have gathered … but then they might change.


来自越南人 @Hung Vu 的回答:

My dad has a very negative view of China and Chinese. 

The only sources of information concerning China and the Chinese he has access to are online news paper, online forum, TV, and daily newspaper. 

Sadly, most of the information from those sources represent China and the Chinese in a very negative light and consequently, my dad’s attitude toward China and the Chinese is extremely negative. 

My mom and sister don’t have much to say about China and the Chinese. They just don’t care.

As for me, having studied and worked in the US for 9 years, I was brought into contact with several people of Chinese ancestry from both mainland China and Chinese Americans. 

The experience of interacting with these people and of studying history created in my mind a balanced perception of China and the Chinese people.

As regards the Chinese people, there are more than 1.3 billions Chinese in mainland China and millions more in the US. 

My observation is that on the average, Chinese Americans tend to be much more well-mannered than Chinese from mainland China. 

But just like other races, the Chinese people run the gamut from the most polite, well-mannered to the rudest. 

My Chinese friends in the US are all very well-educated and polite people and I really like them. I had also met some very rude Chinese persons working in China town in Chicago.

The one thing about Chinese people that I admire is their dedication to education. 

On the average, Chinese people are more hard working, more driven to achieve academic success than other ethnic groups I have known. 

I know a lot of Chinese people who attend elite universities in the US and that is a reflection of their perseverance in learning which I find to be very admirable.


来自巴基斯坦人 @Akbar Imran 的回答:

I think chinese people are genuinely hardworking intelligent honest and respectable people.

They have taken the world by surprise by their resolve to become the emerging superpower and god willing soon they will become one.

Apparently a lot of nations have a hard time digesting this fact and this is why people ask these curious stupid questions about china and Chinese people on qoura.


来自日本人 @Naoya Yamaguchi 的回答:

To my mother, they are noisy people. 

To my father, they are the people manufacturing cheap products found in many a 100-yen shop.

To me they are friendly people.

Girls flood my smartphone with messages written or recorded in English and French. Young men are hard-working, adaptive, well-mannered and often very ambitious.

And I often think to myself that we were once much like them, hard-working and ambitious.