• 2020年7月英语六级阅读理解模拟真题:体育休闲

    由于疫情影响,四六级考试官宣推迟。各位小伙伴记得抓紧时间备考四六级考试哦,小编建议各位同学考前多做模考,熟悉考试流程,同时在考场上不会太紧张。今小编为大家带来英语六级阅读模拟题。一起来练习吧! 2020年7月英语六级阅读理解模拟真题:体育休闲   Depending on which player you ask, the "Fevernova" ball that sports equipment maker Adidas says provides the ultimate soccer experience is Uncontrollable, too big or just



  • 2020年7月英语六级阅读理解模拟真题:休闲艺术

    由于疫情影响,四六级考试官宣推迟。各位小伙伴记得抓紧时间备考四六级考试哦,小编建议各位同学考前多做模考,熟悉考试流程,同时在考场上不会太紧张。今天小编为大家带来英语六级阅读模拟题。一起来练习吧! 2020年7月英语六级阅读理解模拟真题:休闲艺术   Office workers who would normally step into a pub or gym to cope with the stress of a working day are being invited instead to sit in front of a painting.   Manchester Art Gallery has recruited two of the country's leading experts in stress management to choose pictures that are guaranteed to leave even the most frantic feeling at ease wich the world.They have created the "tranquility tour" which allows city-centre workers to spend their lunch hour taking a soothing tourof what are described as "some of the most relaxing and inspiring paintings ever committed to canvas”. The free tour takes the visitor through several centuries of painting, from the Victorian aesthetic movement.through the PreRaphaelite school, to modern abstract an.   Kim Gowland, a gallery executive. said: "Looking at art is a stress-relieving activity. What we are tryingto do is encourage people who work in the city to spend half an hour of their lunchbreak in the gallery. to chill out rather than rush around the shops."   The five works chosen by Andrew Loukes. the gallery's manager, are: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope’s The Waters of Lethe (1880), Turner's Thomson’s Aeolian Harp (1809), Sir John Everett Millais’s Autumn Leaves (1856), James Durden’s Summer in Cumberland (1925) and Bridget Riley’s Zephyr (1976).   Mr. Loukes said: "We chose five pictures that suggest restfulness. We also wamed to display the breadth of the collection. We arc particularly strong in early-19th and early-20th-century British art."   Their therapeutic powers have been endorsed by Olga Gregson and Terry Looker from the Department of Biological Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dr. Gregson said that "research shows that stress levels have reduced and moods changed for the better” when subjects looked at paintings.   "Although art appreciation is very much a matter of personal choice, it is true that some works of art appeal to almost everyone, and that some paintings have qualities that can induce relaxation in most people."Dr. Gregson said. "Great painters such as Leonardo da Vinci were masters of techniques that could evoke particular responses in the viewer."   Dr. Gregson said the gallery represented an "oasis of calm". "You have got this wonderful opportunity to evoke a different kind of psychophysiological response."   1. What is done by the Manchester Art Gallery is intended to____________.   A) find out the relation between paintings and stress-easing   B) promote its magnificent collection of British art   C) reduce working people's stress levels by art appreciation   D) provide an alternative of pastime for consumers   2. The tour is named “tranquility tour" because__________.   A) it is expected to play a soothing role   B) it displays paintings through centuries   C) it comprises paintings of various styles   D) it only takes a half hour around lunch time   3. What does Kim Gowland points out about city-center workers?   A) They are pressed by family burden as well as their careers.   B) They like going shopping during their short lunchbreak.   C) They shouldn't rush around the gallery while looking at art.   D) Looking at art is much better than going to pubs or gyms.   4. According io the author, the painting's impact on relieving stress is__________.   A) based on personal experiences   B) vaned from people to people   C) in need of further study   D) scientifically proven   5. It is indicated by Dr. Gregson that da Vinci's paintings can____________.   A) suggest restfulness   B) arouse diverse feelings   C) capture almost everyone   D) ease stress in most people   参考答案及解析   1. 曼彻斯特美术馆所做的事情是旨在___________________.   A) 找到画作和舒缓压力之间的关系   B) 推广其重要的英国艺术藏品   C) 通过艺术欣赏来帮



  • 意大利冷知识:休闲是个正经事

    休闲是个正经事 意大利人非常注重享受生活,推崇慢节奏过日子。 他们在晚餐前会出去散步,这是一种重要的休闲活动和社交方式。 [en]The pre-dinner passeggiata (evening stroll) is one of Italy’s most enduring leisure activities where Italians stroll about the streets to see and be seen.[/en][cn]晚餐前的晚间漫步是意大利最经久不衰的休闲活动之一,意大利人在街上漫步以相互打量。[/cn] 在米兰,每晚上还有热闹的开胃餐活动。 人们会聚

  • 拥有最籁的声音,2020最出圈的“宝藏男孩”周深终于火了!

    加了北京卫视的春晚,并为支持北京申办冬奥会演唱了多语版的《Let it go》。他还参

  • 《13个原因》最终季确定回归时间,就在6月

    3起了人们对效仿自杀的担忧,很多人问网飞为什么不在这一集的开头加上一些观看建议的警告。(这一季开播以后就加上了。)[/cn] [en]Two years after the show was first released, Yorkey and Netflix ultimately decided to edit the episode and remove the graphic death scene altogether.[/en][cn]这部剧开播两年后,约克和网飞最终决定对这一集进行编辑,彻底删掉了死亡的场景。[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

  • 雅思30备考计划

    错误就反复的听,找到错的地方。听是很费时间的,所以练习的时候一定要注意时间的把控。   阅读   阅读部分比较重要的是提高词汇量。积累的单词越多,阅读速度就越快,准确率也就越高。对于阅读部分的复习,比较好的复习材料是剑桥雅思考试真题,如果你有时间,可以刷两次。   口语   口语训练的方法可以根据每个季节出现的新话题进行练习,也可以下载一些英语app在手机上进行录制练习。   你可以从口语的前面部分开始,因为前面部分基本上是一些基本的个人信息。坚持练习并记录每个问题,直到你觉得流利为止,然后继续下一个话题。要在保证语速的前提下,不出现卡顿情况。如果在这个过程中有不会的表达的单词或者用法,查字典,然后继续练习。   后面部分的主要内容是一个presentation。考生可以参考该部分的题库,自己分类,也可以在网上搜索。可以进行串联的话题进行练习,把内容转换成你自己的东西,用流利的语音、语调以及自然的方式表达出来

  • Quora精选:牛大学的学霸是怎么学习的?

    重要的是总要确保自己记住了所学内容。[/cn] [en]That always comes first.[/en][cn]这才是你首先要考虑的。[/cn] [en]In order to improve your [w]retention[/w] and absorb more information, you need to break your studying up into manageable blocks (not studying new information for hours on end) and reviewing what you’ve previously learned in each new block.[/en][cn]为了改善记忆力记住更多知识,你需要把所学内容分成易掌握的模块(不要连续几小时学习新知识),并且在学习新模块时复习一下之前所学的内容。[/cn]   (翻译:菲菲)

  • 《破产姐妹》口语养成之“伤心欲绝”

    想做的工作。[/cn] 【场景】Caroline和Max从学校做完演讲回来后,一进餐厅门Caroline便开始说起了自己去后的感想。 【讲解】 straight out of college 大学毕业。straight out of...的形式。 straight adj./adv.直的(地),笔直的(地)。a straight line直线。 【例句】 [en]I came straight out of school, and I came home here.[/en] [cn]我离开了学校,回到家。[/cn] [en]Can't you see it? - it's straight ahead (of you)![/en] [cn]难道你看不见吗?——就在(你)正前面![/cn] [en]Time is short so I'll get straight to the point (= explain the matter immediately).[/en] [cn]时间不多,所以我就开门见山了。[/cn] 声明:本文系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文翻译仅代表作者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 雅马哈究竟有多“不务正业”?网友:没有它干不了活儿

    消了始于1959年的射箭产品业务。五届奥运会的六名射箭运动员使用他们的产品赢得了金牌。它在2005年1月从 Pinnacle 系统公司收购了德国音频软件制造商 Steinberg。[/cn] [en]In July, 2007, Yamaha bought out the minority shareholding of the Kemble family in Yamaha-Kemble Music (UK) Ltd, Yamaha's UK import and musical instrument and professional audio equipment sales arm, the company being renamed Yamaha Music U.K. Ltd in autumn 2007. Kemble & Co. Ltd, the UK piano sales & manufacturing arm was unaffected.[/en][cn]2007年7月,雅马哈收购了肯鲍家族在雅马哈—肯鲍音乐(英国)有限公司、雅马哈英国进口乐器及专业音响设备销售部门的少数股权,并于2007年秋更

  • 梅根和哈利买了价安保服务