• 基础设施英文怎么说

    基础设施的英文: base station base installation infrastructure construction参考例句: Infrastructure facilities 基础设施 Capital infrastructure 资本基础设施 Good infrastructure 良好的基础设施 Urban infrastructure 城市基础设施

  • 基础设施建设的英文怎么说

    基础设施建设的英文: construction of infrastructural facilities参考例句: Accelerate the construction of basic infrastructure 加快基础设施建设 Information Infrastructure 信息基础设施建设 Strengthen basic infrastructure construction to improve investment environment 加强基础设施

  • 光网络宽带基础设施英文怎么说

    光网络宽带基础设施的英文: optical networking broadband infrastructure参考例句: Optical networking broadband infrastructure 光网络宽带基础设施optical是什么意思: adj. 眼睛的,视觉的;光学的 Optical brightener(Optical brightness agent): Synonymous with Optical bleaching agent. 光学增光剂:即光学漂白剂。 Optical depth and optical path are often confused in the literature. 文献中光学厚度和光程时常混淆。 A computer that is made of optical fiber and various optical elements 一种利用传递光信号的光纤与各种光学元件相结合而制成的计算机。networking是什么意思: n. 网络化;人际网 Networks for which these matrices are symmetric are called reciprocal networks 如果一个网络,它的这些矩阵都是对称的,则把它称为可逆网络。 A Steering Committee of network partners is guiding development of the network. 网络伙伴的指导委员会正在指导网络的发展。 Excellent interpersonal and networking skills. 出色的与人交往能力。broadband是什么意思: n. 宽带,宽频传输 Broadband filter: A filter that transmits a range of light waves. 阔波段滤片:能让一个范围的光波透过的滤片。 Broadband digital communications connection that operates over standard copper telephone wires. 宽频数字通讯线路,在标准的电话铜线上运作。 Mobile broadband wireless access technologies(MBWA) is one of the fastest communication feild. 移动宽带无线接入是当前发展最快的通信领域之一。 到沪江小D查看光网络宽带基础设施的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 光秃秃的英文怎么说>> 光基础设施的英文: optical networking broadband infrastructure参考例句: Optical networking broadband infrastructure 光网络宽带基础设施通讯的英语怎么说>> 光天化日之下的英文怎么说>> 光天化日的英文>> 光是的英文怎么说>>

  • 设施英文怎么说

    设施英文: facilities installation参考例句: A scholastic institution 教育设施,学校 A rational distribution of public amenities 公益设施的合理布局 aviation was lamentably weak and primitive 航空设施极其薄弱简陋。 Transportation / Amenities 大众交通运输工具与邻近设施 There are few recreational facilities in our school. 我们学校里几乎没有什么娱乐设施

  • 【CCTV News】泰国洪水严重影响基础设施(视频)

    (文本为视频大致内容,可能与视频并非完全一致,欢迎大家贡献听写稿^^) In Bangkok, the floods lasting months have caused great damage to the country and the lives of the people. The [w]infrastructure[/w] of Thailand has been deeply affected. The daily struggle to move around in Bangkok. Residents wait for the [w]shuttle[/w] services that are their lifeline into the parts of the capital that are now submerged. It is a constant struggle living like this. A taxi service is being operated by huge army trucks…people rush to get aboard. This is an essential for those who would otherwise be [w]stranded[/w]. But public transport is still operating too. Bangkok’s fleet of aged buses, struggling on through the water. Many of the modern buses are too low to be able to do this. And the elevated railway, the skytrain, operating too. This station, Mochit, the only one in the flood zone for now. And miraculously the underground railway has yet to be affected. Designed to[w] withstand[/w] floods of 2 meters, all stations are still open. Beyond this point however, the only way to get around is by boat or truck. Our destination, the ministry of energy has become the center of the governments relief operation. Compared to the waterworld outside, it is an island of tranquility. Inside, different government bureaus struggle to find the best ways to combat the floods….but they are confident central Bangkok can still be saved. The success of that plan will depend on this, Bang Sue canal…currently the last line of defense. Residents watch anxiously at the rising and rapid waters. If the water breaks these banks, there is little to stop it flowing to the heart of the city. 声明:音视频均来自互联网链接,仅供学习使用。本网站自身不存储、控制、修改被链接的内容。"沪江英语"高度重视知识产权保护。当如发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将依法采取措移除相关内容或屏蔽相关链接。

  • 硬件设施英文怎么说

    硬件设施的英文: hardware facilities hardware是什么意思: n. 硬件;工具,设备,机器,车辆 We deal in hardware but not software. 我们只经营硬件而不设施的英文经营软件。 Earthenware,silverware;hardware,software. 泥器皿,银器皿;硬件,软件 Special instrumetation and test hardware are required. 需要专门的测量仪器和试验设备。 Make a hardware reset to the emulated program. 设定一个为硬件复位的仿真程序。 The components are readily available in hardware shops. 这些零件很容易在五金商店买到。facilities是什么意思: n. 设施,设备;能力 reception/function facilities 接待/宴会设施 The facile answer is a multimethod approach. 最方便的答案是多种方法的普查。 social service facility 社会服务场所 That's becoming a key facility. 那正在变成主要设备。 Separate educational facilities are unequal. 种族隔离教育是不平等的。 到沪江小D查看硬件设施的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 硬件工程师的英文>> 硬件电路的英文怎么说>> 硬件的英文怎么说>> 硬化处理的英文怎么说>> 硬化用英文怎么说>>

  • 文化设施英文怎么说

    文化设施英文: cultural establishments参考例句: Some smaller cities now emulate the major capitals in their cultural offerings. 某些小城市在提供文化设施方面如今比得上大都市。cultural是什么意思: adj. 文化的;教养的 This culture may interfuse with other foreign cultures. 这种文化可能与其他外来文化相吻合。 Advancing culture is bound to triumph over declining

  • 排水设施英文怎么说

    排水设施的英文: drainage facilitydrainage是什么意思: n. 排水;放水;排水系统;污水 This is a drainage area. 这里是排水区。 Keep the drainage channel clear. 保持下水道畅通。 The defect in the drainage must be remedied. 这排水系统的缺陷该设法补救。 drainage usually has to be undertaken as a first operation 第一步通常采取排水措。 Pancreatic abscess obviously

  • 医疗设施英文怎么说

    医疗设施的英文: medical facilities参考例句: During the SARS outbreak, the lack of hygiene in poor countries had devastating consequences to all people of the world. 在SARS爆发期间,贫困国家医疗设施