• 口译达人”:中国成语英译19

    ,铁杵磨针[/cn][en]Little strokes fell great [w=oak]oaks[/w].[/en] [cn]毛遂自荐[/cn][en]to recommend one's own person [/en] 小Car笔记: vanity:虚无,浮云 [w]illiterate[/w]:文盲,目不识丁  【常用词组】①functional illiterate:职业上的文盲  ②illiterate population 未受教育的人口 recommend:推荐 【常用词组】recommend [w=substitute]substitutes[/w]:推荐代用器 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译21

    ]甘之如饴[/cn][en]gladly endure hardship[/en] [cn]世外桃源[/cn][en][w]Switzerland[/w] is like [w]Utopia[/w], which I always dream of visiting.  [/en] 小Car笔记: hit the jackpot:赢得大笔钱(获得最大功) get along with:与...和睦相处,仍继续使用,应付...,在...方面进展 lay up:储备,暂停使用,使卧床不起 a melting mood:感伤的心情 play second fiddle:居次要职位,做第二把手,充当副手,甘拜下风 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译16

    hand and (in) glove with each other. (be finger and glove with)  [/en] 小Car笔记: shred:碎片 【常用短】①in shreds:支离破碎  ②tear to shreds:撕碎(驳得体无完肤) rip:撕,剥,扯  【常用短】①rip off:收取不合理的高价,宰客  ②rip up:撕碎 plume oneself on:因...而自鸣得意, 以...而沾沾自喜 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译05

    [/cn][en]Opinion rules the world:Always remember what I say to you. Opinion rules the world. [/en] [cn]十年风水轮流转[/cn][en]Every dog has its day.[/en] [cn]十全十美[/cn][en]leave nothing to be desired:The show just leaves nothing to be desired.[/en] [cn]十拿九稳[/cn] [en]We have winning the game in the bag.  [/en] 小Car笔记: believe it or not:信不信由你 find out the truth:查明真相 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译10

    [cn]口蜜腹剑[/cn][en]A honey tongue, a heart of [w]gall[/w]. ( be nasty-nice; Bees that have honey in their mouths have stings in their tails. )[/en] [cn]久别情疏[/cn][en]Out of sight, out of mind. (Far from eye, far from heart. Long absent, soon forgotten. Seldom seen, soon forgotten.)[/en] [cn]不告而别[/cn][en]French leave [/en] [cn]不要不自量力[/cn][en]Don't put a quarter into a pint pot.[/en] [cn]不要厚此薄彼[/cn][en]Don't make fish of one and flesh of another.[/en] [cn]不畏艰难[/cn][en]Take the bull by the horns.[/en] [cn]不战而屈人之兵[/cn][en]The [w]supreme[/w] art of war is to [w]subdue[/w] the enemy without fighting.[/en] [cn]不入虎穴焉得虎子[/cn][en]How can one obtain tiger-cubs without entering the tiger's[w] lair[/w].[/en] [cn]不经一事,不长一智[/cn][en]Experience is the mother of wisdom.[/en] [cn]不胜其烦[/cn][en]a pain in the neck:Your little brother is a pain in the neck.  [/en] 小Car笔记: nasty-nice:笑里藏刀的 French leave:悄悄离去,不辞而别。这个用法来自于18世纪法国风俗,不通知主人而自己离开。 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译07

    not in seven years.)[/en] [cn]千变万化[/cn] [en]The unexpected always happens.[/en] [cn]大刀阔斧[/cn][en]It's said that the new[w] executive[/w] will go the whole [w]hog[/w] (reform in a big way.)  [/en] 小Car笔记: at me:找我茬 ask for:要,要求,找 chance:偶然发生,碰巧,冒 ... (的险)【常用短】①chance on 碰巧遇见, 偶然发现 ②a fat chance n. <俚>微小的机会 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译17

    about it. Don't strain at gnat. He needs money lately. (look at both sides of a penny; skin a flint)[/en] [cn]以身作则 [/cn][en]You got to practice what one practices. ( set a good example for others) [/en]  小Car笔记: look into:调查,看看,浏览 at the bottom of:在…… 的底部 weather the storm:克服困难(渡过难关) bear a charmed life:有护身符(天庇神佑,吉人天相) strain at:用力,不肯接受 skin a flint:极吝啬,斤斤计较 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译14

    [cn]心正不怕雷打[/cn][en]A good [w]conscience[/w] is a soft pillow.[/en] [cn]心甘情愿[/cn][en]He did all this of his own accord.[/en] [cn]心不在焉[/cn][en]You look absent-minded; what's wrong?[/en] [cn]心满意足[/cn][en]The little boy sat there smiling, as happy as a clam.[/en] [cn]心力交瘁[/cn][en]I don't know what to do. I just burned the candle at both ends.[/en] [cn]心灰意冷[/cn][en]He was in black despair when he failed in the joint examination.(down in the [w=bush]bushes[/w]/in the [w]dumps[/w]/lose heart) [/en] [cn]心有余悸[/cn][en]A burned child dreads the fires. (Once bitten, twice shy.)[/en] [cn]心安理得[/cn][en]No matter what he said, I have the peace of mind. (have an easy conscience)[/en] [cn]心血来潮[/cn][en]He did it just on the impulse of the moment.[/en] [cn]心花怒放[/cn][en]My heart sings with joy because I receive over 300 letters a week from people around the world.  [/en] 小Car笔记: dread:惧怕,恐惧 【常用词组】① in dread of someone:害怕某人 ② in dread of one's life:害怕有生命危险 impulse:冲动,心血来潮 【常用词组】① impulse buying:即兴购买,未经考虑仅凭一时冲动的购物行为  ② electrical impulse:电脉冲 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译04

    [cn]一视同仁[/cn][en]He treats everyone across the board.[/en] [cn]一模一样[/cn][en]These twins look as like as two peas.[/en] [cn]一时兴起[/cn][en]He does everything on the spur of the moment.[/en] [cn]九死一生[/cn][en]to have a hair-breadth escape[/en] [cn]九牛一毛[/cn][en]Compared with mine, his was simply a drop in the bucket.[/en] [cn]人生如梦[/cn][en]Life is but a dream.[/en] [cn]人生自古谁无死[/cn][en]Death comes to all men.[/en] [cn]人生百岁古来稀[/cn][en]It is [w]seldom[/w] that a man lives to be a hundred years old.[/en] [cn]人定胜天[/cn][en]Man can conquer nature.[/en] [cn]人不可貌相[/cn][en]Appearances are often [w]deceptive[/w]./ Never judge a book by its cover.  [/en] 小Car笔记: across the board:包括一切地, 全面地 on the spur of the moment:一时冲动地, 立刻 a drop in the bucket:沧海一粟 conquer:征服,占领,战胜,得胜。 【常用短语】①divide and conquer:分步解决,分治                  ②stoop to conquer: 降低自己的身分去... 中国成语英译系列>>

  • 口译达人”:中国成语英译09

    [/cn][en]He often speaks with his tongue in his cheek. (play a double game; say one thing and mean another )  [/en] 小Car笔记: in time:及时 unto:作介词,表示直到,到……为止。【常用短】①a law unto oneself 独断独行②sick unto death 病得厉害  rattle on:喋喋不休的讲话 中国成语英译系列>>