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  • 四六级写作高级替换词

    :   1. think认为→deem, reckon, maintain   2. solve解决→cope with, dispose of   3. causey引起→give rise to   4. support支持→advocate, argue for, in favor of   5. object反对→argue against, be opposed to, frown on   6. stick坚持→adhere, cling   7. neglect忽视→ignore   8. top顶点→peak, summit   9. competitor竞争者,对手→rival



  • 外媒:不要指责D&G广告模特了

    these lies firmly in the hands of creative teams – most likely dominated by white employees – who have been free to dream up these nods to racism unchallenged for years, either because there's no one there to object or because the few people who would do not feel supported enough to challenge the status

  • 2019年1月26日 雅思考试预测【口语】

    respectively.   重点词汇及表达: ① estimate: 动词;估计 Eg: Try to estimate how many steps it will take to get to a close object.   ② unpredictable: 形容词;不可预测的 Eg: Weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable.     黄函老师 沪江网校首席雅思口语名师; 英国谢菲尔德大学毕业;英文专业8级;5年以上英文教学经验。   王君楠老师 沪江网校留学院全职雅思老师,格拉斯哥大学硕士,TESOL专业(Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages), 主攻雅思托福等留学考试。曾参与雅思八分必胜课程,关于雅思你必须知道的那些事,托福100等课程制作。

  • 2019年1月17日+19日 雅思考试预测【阅读】

    century is now irrelevant. What counts is the surviving object and our response to it. The tests are simple: does it interest the eye, excite the brain, move the mind to reflection and involve the heart. It may, to use the old dichotomy, be beautiful but it is rarely true to any significant depth.

  • 2019年1月12日雅思考试预测【听力】

    equipment. C a selection of films on DVD. Bed-time is strictly enforced because A it's a way to reduce bad behaviour. B tiredness can lead to accidents. C it makes it easy to check everyone's in.   Questions 16-20 What rules apply to taking different objects to the Centre? Match each object

  • 不会时间管理?这些方法来帮你

    手机闹钟来唤醒你?你也可以使用日历功能在任务到期时提醒你。添加日期和一个有趣的提醒只需要几秒钟的时间。 5.  Bedside Note Pad  床边笔记本 [en] You can keep a note pad beside your bed to write down any items or tasks you have to remember for the next day. As you settle in for the night, take a few moments to thing about the things you need to do tomorrow. Then write them down and tear off the sheet in the morning. Remember to pack it in your school bag![/en] [cn]你可以在床旁边的记事本写下任何第二天你要记住的项目或任务。在你睡前花几分钟对你明天需

  • 常见的10个句子错误

    ][cn]代词一致[/cn] [en]Pronoun agreement mistakes take place when using a pronoun to replace a proper noun. Often this mistake is a mistake of use of a singular form rather than a plural or vice versa. However, pronoun agreement mistakes can occur in object or possessive pronouns, as well as in subject

  • 为什么中国人说英语,会让老外觉得特别没礼貌?

    completely and focusing on the object (the computer) and the action. The effect here is to de-emphasize personal responsibility for the action. Let’s have a look at a few more examples of diplomatic sentences using the passive voice:[/en][cn]在这里,我们将从句子中完全去掉主语(你),把注意力放在对象(计算机)和动作上。这里的效果是不再强调个人对行为的责任。让我们再看几个用

  • 把语言学习融入日常生活,只需这6招

    西都填上便利贴之后,便利贴也可以成为你的学习伙伴。小提示:不要只是给东西贴标签哦,要联想有用的相关词汇。例如,不是只写“电灯开关”,还要写上“开”,“关”,“明亮”和“昏暗”。经常读读这些有联系的词汇,这可以增强他们在你脑海中的印象。在一天中,你可以试着用这些词汇造几句话,自言自语也可以很有用哦。[/cn] [en]4. Less is more – when you do it regularly[/en][cn]如果你可以坚持的话,那么“少即是多”[/cn] [en]Make it a habit to learn as much as you can every day – and can is the operative word here. You’ve got half an hour? Great. Only 15 minutes today? No problem. It’s still better than cramming for a weekend and then doing nothing for a couple of weeks. What’s important is that you learn regularly, and that you find time for it in your daily routine. If you’re able to integrate language learning into your day instead of trying to set aside “extra” time for it, the chances of it becoming a habit are much better.[/en][cn]养成每天尽可能多学习的习惯。你有半个小时可以学习?很棒。今天只有十五分钟?没问题。即使是每天学习十五分钟,这也比学习一整个周末,然后几个星期不做任何事情要好得多。关键的是,你能够经常学习,并且坚持在日常生活中挤出时间学习。如果你想要将语言学习融入到你的日常生活当中,而不是留出“额外”的时间来学习,那么将语言学习转变成为一种习惯将对学习非常有帮助。[/cn] [en]5. Use those little spare minutes[/en][cn]利用碎片化时间学习[/cn] [en]When you’re waiting for the bus, whip out your notepad. While you’re walking the dog, listen to that foreign language podcast. Waiting at a cafe? Scan the headlines on China Daily, of course, the English version.[/en][cn]当你等公共汽车的时候,可以拿出你的记事本。当你遛狗的时候,可以听个外语播客。在咖啡厅等着?可以看看头条新闻,当然要看英文版啦。[/cn] [en]6.Find someone to talk to, even if it's you[/en][cn]找个语言小伙伴[/cn] [en]Finding a native speaker to talk to is an absolute must if you want to learn a language. Get someone else who’s learning the language, a classmate or colleague. And don’t be afraid to chat in the language you’re learning: everybody who’s ever learned a language has done this at one stage or another. It’s perfect for building your confidence, or trying out new words, so it becomes second nature.[/en][cn]如果你想学习一门语言,找一个母语者聊天绝对是必要的。或者找到正在学习相同语言的人,可以是你的同学,也可以是同事。不要害怕用你正在学习的语言来和人聊天,每个学过语言的人都会在某个阶段经历这件事。经常用你正在学习的语言来聊天,这对于建立你的自信,或者尝试新词的都是非常有效的方法。[/cn]

  • 重磅!六级口语试题及答案全揭秘!

    include limiting added sugar, sugary drinks, and saturated and transfats.   如何看待素食主义 Vegetarianism may be adopted for variousreasons. Many people object to eating meat out of respect for sentient life.Such ethical motivations have been codified under various religious beliefs, aswell as animal