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  • BEC高级写作常用例句分享

    Permit us to remind you that (of)   14. May we ask your attention to   15. We feel it our duty to inform you that (of)   为(目的)奉告某某事项   1. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that (of)   2. The purport of this line is to advise you that (of)   3. The object of the present is to report you



  • 2019年6月英语四级作文预测:宠物

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试越来越近啦,大家准备好了嘛?小编建议各位亲在考前多进行模考练习。今天小编分享的是四级写作预测:宠物。希望对你有所帮助!    【cet4写作预测题目】   Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Pet Raising . You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below in Chinese:   1. 有些人喜欢养动物作为宠物。   2. 有些人反对圈养动物作为宠物。   3. 你的观点。   【写作范文】   Pet Raising   Nowadays, with the improvement of the people’s living standard, some people form a habit of raising small or domestic animals as pets. Some raise small dogs or cats as their pets while others raise various birds or fishes as their pets.   However, some people object to the idea of raising animals as pets. To them, animals have their own right to live a natural life like human beings. On the other hand, the way people raise animals as pets have a negative influence on the surroundings ,for example, dogs’ chasing people on the street and so on. What’s more, some animals will transmit some diseases.   In my opinion, I do not like the idea to raise animals as pets. We should not deprive them of their natural right. In this way, we will live in a peaceful world in harmony with the other living creatures. 以上就是今天的学习内容啦,希望大家能利用好考前的复习时间,认真备考。小编祝各位同学考出理想的成绩~  

  • 有声双语热点:优衣库试衣间惊现针孔摄像头

    前有多少人被偷拍了。她还说,优衣库应该就这次事件给她一个合理的解释。[/cn] [en]The case has been reported to the police and is still under investigation. [/en][cn]这次事件已报告警方,仍在调查中。[/cn]   今日语言点   1)pinhole n.针眼;小孔 pin+hole构成,其中pin,n.别针,针 pinhole camera,即“针孔摄像头”。尽管它不完全等同于“用来做坏事”。但是能否对这类摄像头的用途进行引导及规范呢。   2)alert v. 向…报警 adj. 警觉的 A passerby alerted the police. 一个过路人报了警。 常见用法:to alert sb. to sth. 使某人注意到某

  • 初中英语写作常用的38个句型分享

    该受处罚。   十七、There is no one but ~~~ (没有人不……)   例句:There is no one but longs to go to college。   没有人不渴望上大学。   十八、be + forced/compelled/obliged + to + V (不得不……)   例句:Since the examination is around the corner, I am compelled to   give up doing sports。   由于考试迫在眉睫,我不得不放弃做运动。   十九、It is conceivable that + 句子 (可想而知的)   It is obvious that + 句子 (明显的)   It is apparent that + 句子 (显然的)   例句:It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our   life。   可想而知,知识在我们的一生中扮演一个重要的角色。   二十、That is the reason why ~~~ (那就是……的原因)   例句:Summer is hot.That is the reason why I don''t like it。   夏天很炎热。那就是我不喜欢它的原因。   二十一、For the past + 时间,S + 现在完成式。(过去……年来,……一直……)   例句:For the past two years, I have been busy preparing for the   examination。   过去两年来,我一直忙着准备考试。   二十二、Since + S + 过去式,S + 现在完成式   例句:Since he went to senior high school, he has worked very hard。   自从他上



  • 英语口译中需要强记的必背词组

    own story tell its own tale went without saying   不遗余力spare no effort spare no pains   不以为然not approve object to   不义之财filthy lucre filthy pelf the mammon of unrighteousness   不亦乐乎extremely   不远千里go to the trouble of travelling a long distance   不约而同happen to coincide   不择手段by any kind of means



  • 俄罗斯的火箭,刚发射就被雷劈了

    [en]The first launch this year of a Roscosmos Soyuz 2-1b rocket from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia went off without a hitch. Yes, even despite \a bolt of lightning that struck the booster as it made its ascent.[/en][cn]今年俄罗斯联盟2-1b运载火箭从俄罗斯普列谢茨克航天发射基地的首次发射非常顺利。的确非常顺利,尽管它在升空过程中被一道闪电击中了助推器。[/cn] [en]At 06:23 UTC on Monday 27 May, the rocket lifted off to deliver a Glonass-M navigation satellite into orbit.[/en][cn]5月27日周一国际标准时间6时23分,该火箭升空将格洛纳斯-M导航卫星送入轨道。[/cn] [en]Just a few seconds later, lightning struck - as seen in a video posted to T-witter by Roscosmos director Dmitry Rogozin.[/en][cn]仅几秒后,火箭就被闪电击中,俄罗斯联邦航天局局长Dmitry Rogozin在推特上发布了这一事故的视频。[/cn] [en]"Lightning is not an obstacle to you," he said as he congratulated the flight team.[/en][cn]他对航天团队表示祝贺时说:“闪电并不能阻碍你们。”[/cn] [en]But it didn't even slow the rocket down. It continued on its 3.5-hour journey to low-Earth orbit, where it delivered its payload on schedule. The satellite, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, was absolutely fine.[/en][cn]闪电甚至都没有使火箭减速,火箭继续飞往近地轨道的3.5小时行程,将按照预定时间与卫星分离。据俄罗斯国防部消息,卫星情况良好。[/cn] [en]"A stable telemetric connection is established and maintained with the spacecraft," an update from the Ministry's communications department said. "The on-board systems of the Glonass-M spacecraft are functioning normally."[/en][cn]国防部通讯部最新消息称:“已与航天器建立并保持稳定的遥测连接,格洛纳斯-M航天器上的控制系统一切正常。”[/cn] [en]As we have learnt from decades of air travel, a big metal object in the sky is not immune to lightning. Lightning strikes are relatively rare during rocket launches, as these events are usually scheduled for clear skies, but they're certainly not unheard of.[/en][cn]数十年的航空经验告诉我们,空中的大型金属物体不可避免地会遭受闪电袭击。火箭发射过程中被闪电击中相对少见,因为发射时间通常会选在天气晴朗时,但此前也不是没有过类似情况。[/cn] [en]The launch of the Apollo 12 mission aboard a Saturn V rocket on 14 November 1969 is a well-known example. The weather was cloudy, but not stormy; but, as the crewed mission launched, lightning unexpectedly struck the rocket not once, but twice.[/en][cn]于1969年11月14日发射的搭载阿波罗12号的土星5号火箭就是一个著名案例。当时多云,并没有风暴,但当载人航天器发射时闪电意外击中了火箭,而且不止一次,是两次。[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

  • 英语干货:商务写作技巧

    面的写法就显得不妥:   Ken Green   Vice President of UnicomChina   正确应为:   Ken Green   Vice President, UnicomChina   5.老外的名字有



  • 2019年6月英语六级模拟试题及参考答案(2)

    , it is possible to consider the importance of religion in human life without making claims about what it really is or ought to be. Religion is not an object with a single, fixed meaning, or even a zone with clear boundaries. It is an aspect of human experience that may intersect, incorporate, or transcend



  • 专四作文四大万能模板

    不同的论证方法) However, other people may examine / explore this issue from another angle. For one thing, …For another thing, ... Furthermore, ... Conclusion In conclusion, although it’s very difficult / hard to draw / come to / reach / arrive at an absolute conclusion to this issue, I would not hesitate to assent to the former / latter viewpoint because I’m fully convinced that ... 模版三:利弊文体 It is undeniable that the specific issue of sth./ 或接whether 从句 has become controversial. However, in spite of those who believe that sth. have more negative/positive effects, I hold opposite attitude. The drawbacks of sth. are obvious. Some people are really concerned about … They hold that …(请解释)。 Others feel upset about …(另外一个弊端), which will damage …/endanger … It is often the case that …(此处总结上段提出的两个弊端)。But when it comes to …, …, and …,(此处先总结写你认同的几个好处),an increasing number of people including me are convinced that …...For one thing, …. The evidence recently presented in research journals available to the public confirms that … 写调查结果,通过数字来证明自己所

  • 当你想征求别人同意的时候,可以这么说......

    何用英语授予许可[/cn] [en]If you would like to say "yes" to someone who asks permission, you can give permission using these phrases. The first three are more informal, while the fourth is formal.[/en][cn]如果你想对请求许可的人说“是”,你可以用这些短语给予许可。前三个比较不正式,而第四个比较正式。[/cn] [en]Sure.[/en][cn]当然。[/cn] [en]No problem.[/en][cn]没问题。[/cn] [en]Go right ahead.[/en][cn]开始吧。[/cn] [en]Please feel free + infinitive[/en][cn]Please feel free + 不定式[/cn] [en]Please feel free to eat something.[/en][cn]请随意吃点儿什么吧。[/cn] [en]How to Politely Refuse a Favor/Deny Permission[/en][cn]如何礼貌地拒绝帮助/拒绝许可[/cn] [en]Saying 'no', is never fun, but sometimes it's necessary. See the conversations below for some examples.[/en][cn]说“不”从来都不好玩,但有时这是必要的。有关一些示例,请参阅下