• 【疑犯追踪】S01E06(25)不喜欢我不明白的东西

    Hints: Ms. Morgan 语气词不用听写。人物对话无需换行。 Looks like our Ms. Morgan has decided to be found after all. This time, when you find her, try not to lose her. So you are tracking my cell phone. I know how all the pieces of the city fit together. I know all the players. I know all the angles. And then there's you. You know I don't understand you. And I don't like things that I don't understand. Then why did you want me to come here? Because I don't have to like you to get some news out of you. 看来摩根女士还是决定出现了。这次找到她后,可别再跟丢了。你的确在追踪我的手机信号。我了解这座城市的每个角落。三教九流,所有门道我都知道。可现在你出现了,我不明白你。我不喜欢我不明白的东西。那你干嘛还叫我过来?因为我不用非得喜欢你才能从你身上套消息。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E08(10)绝版硬币兑换店

    Hints: Ulrich Kohl West Village apartment 4-A Finch Steiller Wernick Hauffe 18s处"--" 音频初被截部分:But I found a rare-coin exchange… 语气词不用听写。人物对话无需换行。 But I found a rare-coin exchange in the city where a whole set of marks was sold this morning. Let me guess, the seller was Ulrich Kohl. Correct. He used the store's phone, waited for an answer, hung up. I traced the call to that address in the West Village -- apartment 4-A. Finch, we're too late. Kohl called to make sure he was home. He was interrogated. I'm going through more of these records. Kohl was part of a four man team. He shared trigger duties with a team leader named Steiller. They were backed by a document forger named Wernick... And they reported to a case officer named Hauffe for orders. So who's this dead guy? 1990年就停止流通了。但我在城里发现了一家绝版硬币兑换店,今早刚兑换了一整套马克币。让我猜猜,卖家就是乌里希•科尔,没错。他用店里的电话,有人接后就挂掉了。我追踪了那通电话,查到一个在西城的地址,公寓。芬奇,我们晚了一步。科尔打电话是为了确定他在家,他被审问过。我翻阅了这些记录。科尔曾是四人小组的一员,他负责杀人。同职责的还有组长史戴勒,他们的支援是文件伪造者沃尼克。他们向情报官豪夫汇报工作,接受命令。死的那个是谁? 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E08(21)他聪明又致命

    我们说说那位老年凶犯?两起罪案,高度危险。你们就派一个人来阻止他吗?那我们警察不帮忙就太说不过去了。他名叫科尔,是名囚犯,24年前由贵我双方政府联手抓获。他老了,没用了,他们这么以为。于是命令把他转送到低级警戒的监狱。那他是越狱了。他聪明又致命。他多年来杀了很多德国人。最重要的事情莫过于把他抓回去。为什么不通报美国当局?他未经审判就入牢了。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E07(44)救错了一个人

    Hints: John Veni, vidi, vici. 语气词不用听写。人物对话无需换行。 John, we have limited information. We knew when we began this that we might make mistakes. But we have to go now. We have more people to help, more numbers. And how many of those numbers will come up because we saved one man's life? Boss... It's done. No, it's just beginning. Veni, vidi, vici. 约翰,我们的信息受限。我们一开始就知道我们可能会犯错,但我们仍得继续。还有更多人要我们帮助,更多号码…又会有多少会号码跳出来,就因为我们救错了一个人?老大。完事了。不,这只是个开始。我来,我见,我征服。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 《疑犯追踪》S01E15插曲:If I Had A Heart 我若有心

    有声就会歌唱[/cn] [en]After the night when I wake up[/en] [cn]沉沉黑夜我将苏醒[/cn] [en]I'll see what tomorrow brings[/en] [cn]敢问明日将奈我何[/cn] [en]If I had a voice I would sing[/en] [cn]我若疑犯追踪有声就会歌唱[/cn] [en]Dangling feet from window frame[/en] [cn]在窗台垂下双足[/cn] [en]Will I ever ever reach the floor?[/en] [cn]是否触碰于地[/cn] [en]More, give me more, give me more[/en] [cn]请赐予我更多更多[/cn] [en]Crushed and filled with all I found[/en] [cn]摧毁所寻觅的一切[/cn] [en]Underneath and inside, just to come around[/en] [cn]彻彻底底里里外外仅是为了苏醒过来[/cn] [en]More, give me more, give me more[/en] [cn]请赐予我更多更多[/cn] [en]If I had a voice I would sing[/en] [cn]我若有声就会歌唱[/cn] 

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E06(8)为内幕消息不择手段

    牌照。H-O-S-5-6-1。摩根女士。我查到了。登记在萨缪尔·道格拉斯名下,维尔塔宁制药公司危机管理部部长。认识安东尼·塔伯特吗?我该认识他吗?他靠投资博客为生。没有道德没有下限,为了内幕消息不择手段,包括侵犯我们员工的个人隐私。你特地把我找来,不会只是为了你的一个员工的隐私吧?他有你老板的什么把柄?车里的那位就是道格拉斯的老板,马克·劳森。他声称他有段录音记录了我们老板和一位年轻女一段可能会引起误会的谈话。风流韵事吗?谁在乎? 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E07(43)不是你一个人的错

    Hints: Lionel Charlie Finch 语气词不用听写。人物对话无需换行。 You believe me now? I'm sorry, Detective. Nice to see you, Lionel. Your suspect is tied to the railing. Tell him "You're welcome." Couldn't have known about Charlie. The machine found a man who was targeted for death. We just didn't know that he was also a killer. It's my fault he's out there, Finch. It's not yours alone. 你现在相信我了。抱歉,警探。见到你真好,莱奈尔。你的嫌犯绑在栏杆上。跟他说声"不用谢"。事先不可能了解查理,机器发现这人受到死亡威胁。我们只是不知道,他同时还是杀人犯。他能全身而退是我的错,芬奇。不是你一个人的错。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E06(39)你该更信任别人

    Hints: Potassium chloride Finch Keller Lawson Zoe Mr. Reese 语气词不用听写。人物对话无需换行。 Potassium chloride? Government uses it for lethal injections. Stops a heart in minutes. Quite humanely, really. Lucky you. Lucky me? I'm on my way, now. The naval yard. Jail rules. No more phone calls. Clever girl. Finch. Been trying to get you for two hours. Keller's involved. He and Lawson worked it together, up to, and including Dana's murder. I know. Keller blindsided us, and so did Zoe. She's about to hand over the copy of that trial data to Lawson. You should be more trusting, Mr. Reese. Zoe just sent me her destination. Naval yard. Sound familiar? 氯化钾。政府用作死刑注射剂,几分钟后心脏就停跳,很人道哈。你真走运。我走运?我这就来。在海军造船厂。在监狱里不准用手机。真聪明。芬奇。你失踪了两小时啊。凯勒也牵涉其中,他和劳森是一伙的,也包括谋杀戴娜。我知道,凯勒阴了我们,佐伊也是。她要把测试数据的报告交给劳森。你该更信任别人,里瑟先生。佐伊刚发给我她的目的地。海军造船厂,耳熟吧。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【疑犯追踪】S01E06(18)把谋杀假造成自然死亡

    Hints: Lawson Finch Virtanen Empire Robert Keller Ms. Morgan Douglas 语气词不用听写。人物对话无需换行。 She was 27, and as you know, the machine doesn't see accidents. So she wanted to go public with the affair, and Lawson had her killed for it. Why not pay her off, Finch? Lawson is heir to the entire Virtanen Empire. If Robert Keller ever found out, Lawson would lose everything. It wouldn't be hard for someone working at a pharmaceutical company to make murder look like natural causes. I never thought I'd know the truth about what happened to her. Now I also know the men responsible. We can stop them from ever giving us another number. Get out there, and find Ms. Morgan. Every moment we don't have her is a moment that Douglas can get to her. Well, what are you going to do? I have an important business meeting. Recent investment of mine. 她才27岁。而且你知道,机器不会报警意外事故。这么说她是想把他俩的私情事公之于众,所以劳森找人杀了她。为什么不花钱收买她,芬奇?劳森是维尔塔宁帝国的继承人,要是被罗伯特•凯勒发现他的私情,劳森将一无所有。既然是在制药企业工作,把谋杀假造成自然死亡绝非难事。我没想到还能查清她的事情,而现在我还知道幕后黑手是谁。我们可以阻止他们对下个目标动手。行动吧,去找摩根女士。只要我们还不清楚她的行踪,都会被道格拉斯有机可趁。那你又干嘛去?我有个重要的商务会谈,是我近期的一个投资。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>