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    要有剩饭剩菜,否则你一回来就没了。这套餐具零售价为39.99美元。[/cn] [en]The official description can be found below.[/en][cn]下面是官方描述。[/cn] [en]- SHARE A MEAL WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Joey doesn't share food but that doesn't mean you can't. This dinnerware set comes straight from Central Perk, the iconic coffeehouse in Friends. Share your favorite meals with your friends over these Central Perk themed dishes![/en][cn]——和朋友一起吃顿饭:乔伊不和别人一起吃饭,但不代表你不能和别人一起吃。这套餐具就是《老友记》中那个标志性的咖啡厅Central Perk咖啡厅的。和朋友一起用这套Central Perk咖啡厅主题的餐具吃你们最喜爱的美食吧![/cn] [en]- REMINISCE ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TV COFFEEHOUSE: In nearly every episode of Friends, the group is seen gathered around their large reserved couch seated in the middle of the Central Perk coffee shop. It's only fitting that these dishes serve as a reminder of each hilarious moment.[/en][cn]——回忆你在这部剧中最喜欢的咖啡厅:几乎在《老友记》每一集中,这几个好友都会坐在他们预订的位于Central Perk咖啡厅中间的大沙发上。用这些餐具来回忆每个搞笑时刻再合适不过了。[/cn] [en]- ROLLOUT YOUR LOVE FOR FRIENDS AT EACH MEAL: For fans of the series who simply can't get enough Friends, this dinnerware set allows you to enjoy your favorite TV show on a daily basis. Each dish also fits well into any collection of Friends themed collectibles.[/en][cn]——每顿饭都能展示你对《老友记》的爱:对于看《老友记》几遍都不厌的粉丝来说,这套餐具能让你每天都能看到自己喜欢的电视剧。每个餐具和所有《老友记》主题的收藏品放一起都很搭。[/cn] [en]- INCLUDES A FULL DINNER SET: This 3-piece dining collection includes one large dinner plate, one dinner bowl, and one drinking mug. Crafted from durable ceramic, these dishes are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a Friends themed meal or host a Friends dinner party.[/en][cn]——包括一整套餐具:这三件餐具收藏套装包含一个大的餐盘、一个碗和一个水杯。对于任何想要吃一顿《老友记》主题大餐的人或者想办《老友记》主题聚餐的人来说,这套耐用的陶瓷餐具都是理想之选。[/cn] [en]- OFFICIAL FRIEND DINNERWARE COLLECTION: For the ultimate Friends fan, this collection of Central Perk dinnerware is a memorable collectible or gift. Enjoy this officially licensed collection in your own home or gift the set to the Friends fan in your life.[/en][cn]——官方发布的《老友记》餐具收藏品:对于《老友记》终极粉丝来说,这套Central Perk咖啡厅餐具收藏套装是令人难忘的收藏品或礼物。你可以在家里摆上这套官方授权的收藏品,或者把它当成礼物送给你身边的《老友记》粉丝。[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

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    付了1亿美元来保留这部情景喜剧。[/cn] [en]According to The New York Times, this new fee “reflects the thirst for content in the streaming age”.[/en][cn]据《纽约时报》报道,新老友记收费“反映了流媒体时代对内容的渴望”。[/cn] [en]The report also states that Netflix pre-empted user outcry and began negotiations to keep the sitcom – which ran from 1994-2004 – months ago.[/en][cn]报道也指出,奈飞先发制人抵制用户的强烈抗议,在几个月前就开始协商,希望保留这部从1994到2004年播出的情景喜剧。[/cn] (翻译:小半)

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    老友记的英文: Friends(美国经典喜剧)参考例句: Jennifer Aniston was a member of the cast of "Friends". 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿是美剧老友记的班底成员。 Among the later shows: The Cosby Show, Cheers, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Frazier, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle. 年代稍晚的剧作包括:《科斯比秀》、干杯》(译作《欢乐酒店》、《欢乐单身派对》、《为你疯狂》、《弗雷泽》、老友记》、左右做人难》)。 friends是什么

  • 《老友记》Matthew Perry有新美剧

    ," the new show will focus on the same characters, messy Oscar -- played by Perry -- and his neat roommate, Felix.[/en][cn]Deadline报道,这位《老友记》著名男演员将会合作编剧并执行制片一部CBS新喜剧《The Odd Couple》。这部美剧将会根据Neil Simon的电影版《The Odd Couple》改编,主角还是原电影中的那两个:Perry扮演的Oscar和他的室友Felix。[/cn] [en]"The Odd Couple" reboot

  • 《老友记》钱德勒演新剧 盘点“老友们”事业现状

    [en]Matthew Perry begins his third starring role in a TV series since the end of "Friends" Wednesday (Aug. 8) when his new NBC comedy, "Go On," gets a commercial-free preview following the Olympics broadcast.[/en] [cn]Mathew Perry将会出演美剧《老友记》结局之后自己的第三个角色——8月8日接档奥运会播出的NBC喜剧《Go On》。[/cn] [en]He's probably hoping it goes better than the other two: Both "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and "Mr. Sunshine" were canceled after just one season. Perry has done [w=acclaim]acclaimed[/w] guest work in dramas -- he was nominated for a guest-acting Emmy on "The West Wing" in the final season of "Friends," and he had a well-received turn on "The Good Wife" last season -- but his post-"Friends" lead roles haven't [w=pan out]panned out[/w].[/en][cn]他肯定会希望这部剧的下场能比之前两部要好点儿:之前他出演的两部美剧《日落大道60号演播室》和《阳光先生》都是在第一季就被砍了。反而Perry的不少客串却广受好评的——他在《白宫风云》中最后一季中的客串还让他得以提名艾美奖的最佳客串,在《傲骨贤妻》上一季的客串也大受欢迎——但是他始终无法摆脱前《老友记》演员的影子。[/cn] [en]In that regard, he's not unlike his fellow "Friends" stars, all of whom have had some serious ups and downs since their career-defining roles on the NBC sitcom.[/en][cn]在这方面,他《老友记》其他演员不太一样。在这个NBC经典喜剧结束之后其他《老友记》演员事业各有千秋。[/cn] [en]Jennifer Aniston has easily had the highest profile of the six stars, but her movie career since 2004 has had at least as many flops as hits. Courteney Cox followed up the short-lived "Dirt" with the more successful "Cougar Town," and Lisa Kudrow has done work both in front of ("The Comeback," "Web Therapy") and behind ("Who Do You Think You Are?") the camera.[/en][cn]Jennifer Aniston无疑是成功最早、混的最好的一个,但是自2004年之后她的演艺事业难抑下滑。Couteney Cox出演了《熟女镇》获得了不小成功,而Lisa Kudrow前面两者涉及的领域都有试水。[/cn] [en]The other male "Friends" have had their ups and downs too: Matt LeBlanc's turn in Showtime's "Episodes" is helping people forget "Joey." David Schwimmer is part of a very successful animated movie franchise (he voices Melman the giraffe in the "Madagascar" movies), and has concentrated as much on directing and producing as he has acting in the past eight years.[/en][cn]其他《老友记》男演员也各有浮沉:Matt LeBlanc在Showtime电视网美剧《Episodes》中的出演帮大家忘记了“Joey”这个角色。而David Schwimmer在电影动物配音上取得了很大成功(他给《马达加斯加》中的长颈鹿配音),并且在过去的8年历浅尝导演和影片制作的滋味。[/cn]


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  • 珍贵老友记被删片段:曾因9.11未播

    这一段视频是经典美剧《老友记》原本计划在第八季第三集播出的。但却因计划播出时间正在9.11事件后两周,而片中有钱德勒与机场保安调笑的情节所以未能播出。多年以后,制片方终于能让观众看到这“遗失”的一段。 The following scenes were deleted from the episode "The one where Rachel tells Ross" and are being presented here for the first time. The story involved Chandler joking with security at an airport

  • 《老友记》重聚?菲比都被骗了

    近在《柯南秀》上老友记》的“老友说到自己从网上看到《老友记》的老友们要重聚时说。“这则消息看起来真的不像是假消息。当时那则消息里写着‘NBC电视台已经确认《老友记》中5个主演已经确定加入’,我当时就想,‘天哪!他们怎么没问我!’”[/cn] [en]Kudrow realized her mistake before calling her co-stars to ask why she was [w]snubbed[/w]. But Kudrow also said she felt bad for recently saying the Friends reunion would never happen.[/en][cn]Kudrow在准备问问其他演员为什么独独漏了自己之前发现,这个消息是假消息。Kudrow还说,自己对最近有消息说《老友记》老友永远不会重聚的说法觉得很不爽。[/cn]

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