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  • 《唐顿庄园》第四季:取代三小姐的保姆来了

    会在热播英剧《唐顿庄园》中出演一个重要角色,这个角色是Tom Branson请的保姆。[/cn] [en]But be warned, fans of Lady Sybill: Lewis may end up taking care of more than just Tom's baby... if you know what we mean![/en][cn]喜欢Sybill小姐的亲们注意:这个保姆照顾的可唐顿庄园不止Tom的宝宝而已...你们应该懂这是什么意思吧![/cn] [en]"Her romance with Tom will be one of the main storylines of the series," a source tells the newspaper. "He will begin to develop feelings for her and they start a secret [w]affair[/w]... Tom will have an even bigger role in the new series after becoming the estate manager of Downton."[/en][cn]“她和Tom的爱情将会是剧集的重要故事线,”知情人士表示。“他会对她有爱意,然后开始一段地下恋...在成为唐顿的管理人之后,Tom这个角色在新季中将会变得更加重要。[/cn]

  • 《唐顿庄园》第三季2012年9月首播! 第三季是最后一季?

    沪江小编:英剧《唐顿庄园》第三季第一集播出时间确定为2012年9月,该剧将会在2012年春季开拍,而美国PBS引进《唐顿庄园》第三季播出时间则是2013年一月。也就是说,我们中国观众可以看到这部大热英剧第三季的时间是2012年9月。 《唐顿庄园》开播以来收视喜人,不唐顿庄园仅在英国广受好评,在美国PBS电视台引进之后,该剧的第二季结局也成为近年来美国PBS电视剧收视率最高的一集。剧中讲究的布景、服饰让这部英剧成为最贵英剧。 当记者们问《唐顿庄园》第三季会不会是该剧的最后一季时,该剧制片人用沉默回答了这个问题。这也让大家更加担心,这会是《唐顿庄园》的最后一季。 Downton Abbey Season

  • 《梅林传奇》男演员很有可能出演《唐顿庄园》Mary新情人


  • 《唐顿庄园》第三季预告:这个家庭彻底没钱了!

    [en]"Downton Abbey" Season 3 is just a month away from premiering in the United Kingdom and ITV, the broadcasting company in Britain behind the runaway hit drama, has released a short teaser clip of what we think is the Season 3 premiere, as the Granthams discuss the imminent arrival of Lady Cora's mother Martha Levinson, played by Shirley MacLaine.[/en][cn]距离《唐顿庄园》第三季在英国ITV电视台上演只有一个多月的时间了,最近官方就放

  • 《唐顿庄园》第四季剧透:大小姐要有新恋情了!

    [en]As previously reported, Dan Stevens has left the British [w]sensation[/w], bowing out after the Christmas special that recently aired in England and which left viewers stunned over the death of Matthew Crawley.[/en][cn]根据此前的报道,《唐顿庄园》男星丹·史蒂文斯已经宣布退出这部热门英剧,他饰演的角色马修·克劳利在圣诞特辑中死亡,让该剧的粉丝们都非常震惊。[/cn] [en]But Mary will only be mourning the loss of her husband for so long, TV Line reports, as the series is seeking a good-looking thirty-something actor to come on board as Lord Anthony Gillingham, a character who will [w]debut[/w] on Downton Abbey Season 4 and court the new mother.[/en][cn]但根据TV Line的报道,根据剧情安排,大小姐用来哀悼丈夫离世的时间可能不会太长,据悉该剧正在寻找一位英俊的30多岁的男演员加入,出演Lord Anthony Gillingham一角,这个人物将在第四季首次登场,追求刚成为人母的大小姐Lady Mary.[/cn] [en]Moreover, producers are already considering Gillingham to play a role on Season 5. Sounds like things will be getting serious![/en][cn]更有消息称,制作人已经在考虑让Gillingham继续在第五季出演,听起来这个角色说不定有重要戏份。[/cn] [en]Abbey EP Gareth Neame told TVLine in a recent interview that Steven’s exit created a “dramatic opportunity” for Michelle Dockery’s alter ego, adding, “In any relationship drama, the will-they-or-won’t-they is always more interesting than married couples. So actually what we’ve been able to do is [w]reset[/w] [Lady Mary]. She has to start again, and that will be much more interesting.”[/en][cn]《唐顿庄园》的制片人盖瑞斯·尼姆之前在接受TV Line的采访中表示,丹·史蒂文斯的离开,为饰演Lady Mary的英国演员米歇尔·道克瑞提供了一个“非常好的机会”挑战自我。他还说道:“在任何涉及到情感关系的剧集中,分分合合的纠结总是比已婚夫妻的剧情更唐顿庄园有趣。所以我们会为Lady Mary重新设定,她需要重新开始,这也会更有趣得多。” [/cn]

  • 《米兰达》男主角确定不会出演《唐顿庄园》


  • 《唐顿庄园》第四季:大表哥死了,大管家退休了

    [en]And there will be plenty of changes afoot: Matthew is dead. So is Sybill. And Siobhan Finneran has exited the series as Miss O'Brien.[/en][cn]《唐顿庄园》第四季将会迎来很多变化:Matthew死了,Sybill也死了。连在剧中饰演O'brien的Siobhan Finneran都退出剧组了。[/cn] [en]Look for Gary Carr to recur as the show's first African-American character, while rumors [w]abound[/w] that Carson may retire... Thomas may get a boyfriend... and Anna and Bates may have a baby.[/en][cn]Gary Carr将唐顿庄园会在《唐顿庄园》第四季中出演剧中第一位美国黑人,另外有传言说大管家Carson将会退休,Thomas会有男朋友...Anna和Bates会有孩子。[/cn]

  • 唐顿庄园植入Kindle广告 粉丝指责破坏气氛

    坏了时代剧的氛围”。广告中,演员们在片场休息时穿着20世纪20年代的戏服用Kindle阅读。在周日晚上观看这部剧的观众在Twitter上抱怨这种促销广告破坏了整部剧的氛围,使它的“魔力”都消失了。[/cn] [en]The Kindle deal came in for the most criticism when the abbey went up in flames after Lady Edith threw her book into the fire – with viewers questioning whether they were witnessing some sort of [w]subtle[/w] product [w]placement[/w]. Another Twitter user Barbara said: 'You know Downton is sponsored by a Kindle when a paperback sets fire to the house.'[/en][cn]Kindle最受争议的地方在于当庄园起火,伊迪斯把书扔进火里的镜头。人们认为这是某种植入广告。另一位Twitter用户芭芭拉说,“当书籍着火烧了整幢房子时,你就知道《唐顿庄园》是由Kindle赞助的了。”[/cn] [en]Fans also pointed out that the sponsorship deal did not fit with the plotline, which saw members of the household unable to deal with changes in modern technology. An ITV spokesman said: 'We work closely with sponsors in an attempt to ensure that their idents and creative concepts are complementary to the shows that they appear in. We apologise to any viewers who felt this was not achieved in last night's Downton Abbey.'[/en][cn]粉丝们同时指出,Kindle的赞助和故事主线不符。在剧中,主演们无法随着时间发展适应现代的科技。一位ITV的发言人对此回应道,“我们和赞助商紧密合作,保证他们的广告和我们的节目能配合地天衣无缝。我们对就此感到不满的观众表示真挚的抱歉。”[/cn] [en]An average of 8.1million viewers tuned in to watch the start of the fifth series – one million fewer than last year's premiere. When the series launched in 2010, 7.7million watched the first episode.  In comparison, series two and three attracted around 9million for their openers. The figures will [w]fuel[/w] rumours that Downton creator Julian Fellowes will decide to end the show sooner than previously hinted.[/en][cn]约有810万观众观看了《唐顿庄园》第五季的首集,比起去年来减少了100万。在2010年该剧首次播出时,约有770万人次观看了首播集。相比之下,第二季和第三季开官集数都吸引了约900万观众。这些数据无疑使唐顿庄园创作者将提前结束该剧的谣言灰飞烟灭。[/cn]