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    生产的干蟋蟀比牛肉、鸡肉和猪肉含有更多的蛋白质以及铁和钙等矿物质。 Unlike the production of meat, bugs do not use up large amounts of land, water or feed. 与肉类的生产不同,昆虫不会消耗大量的土地、水或者饲料。 And insect farming also produces far fewer greenhouse gases. 昆虫养殖产生的温室气体也要少2020年7月英语四六级得多。 However, despite 2 billion people worldwide already supplementing their diet with insects, consumer disgust remains a large barrier in many western countries. 然而,尽管全球已有20亿人在食用昆虫,但消费者对昆虫的厌恶仍是许多西方国家的无法突破的一道门槛。 I'm not sure bugs will become a popular snack anytime soon, but they're definitely food for fort. 我不确定虫子是否会在不久后成为一种广受欢迎的小吃,但它绝对是高档食物。 12. What do we learn from the passage about the food company Eat Grub? 从文章中我们可以了解到食品公司“吃虫(Eat Grub)”的什么信息? 13. What does the speaker say about his first bite a roasted crickets? 关于对烤蟋蟀的第一口尝试,叙述者是如何描述的? 14. What does Eat Grub say about his dried crickets? “吃虫公司(Eat Grub)”是如何描述其公司的干蟋蟀食品的? 15. What does the passage say about insect farming? 该文章就昆虫养殖说了什么? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    而他只有26岁。 And Sanchez constantly attempts to improve everything from seeding techniques out in the field to the promotion and sale of his produce online. 从田间播种技术到网上推销产品,桑切斯一直在试图改善这一切。 This is evidence of an experimental approach. 这是一种实验方法的证明, It's an approach not dictated by the confines of conventional large scale agriculture lead by international corporations. 这种方法不受以国际公司主导的传统的大规模农业的限制。 While farming is often difficult for both the body and mind, 桑切斯说,虽然耕作经常会对身心造成负担, Sanchez says he and many of his fellow young farmers are motivated by desire to set a new standard for agriculture. 但是他和他的许多年轻农民同伴们都渴望能够建立一套新的农业标准。 Many of them are employing a multitude of technologies, some new and some not so new. 他们中很多人在使用大量的技术,有些是新技术,有些是不那么新的技术。 Recently, Sanchez bought a hand operated tool which pulls out weeds and loosen soil. 最近,桑切斯买了一个既可以除草又可以松土的手动工具, It actually dates back to at least 1701. 实际上,这种工具至少可以追溯到1701年。 It stands in sharp contrast to Sanchez's other gadget, a gas powered flame rekiller, invented in 1997. 它和桑切斯使用的另外一种工具形成了鲜明的对比,即1997年发明的一种以气体为动力的灭火器。 He simply doesn't discriminate when it comes to the newness of tools. If it works, it works. 他不会因工具的新旧而对其区别对待,一切以其实用性为主。 Farmers have a long history of invention and is no different today. 农民们有着悠久的发明史,至今仍是如此。 Young farmers are guided by their love for agriculture and aided by their knowledge of technology to find inexpensive and appropriately sized tools. 年轻的农民热爱农业,加之在技术上的知识,驱使着他们去寻找成本低廉且大小合适的工具。 They collaborate and innovate. Sometimes the old stuff just works better or more efficiently. 他们合作、创新,有时旧物件儿用起来反而更顺手或者效率更高。 9. What do we learn about Leo Sanchez's farm? 关于里奥·桑切斯的农场我们知道什么? 10. What has motivated Leo Sanchez and his fellow young farmers to engage in farming? 利奥·桑切斯以及他那些年轻的农民同伴们从事农业的动力是什么? 11. Why did Leo Sanchez buy a hand operated weeding tool? 里奥·桑切斯买2020年7月英语四六级手动除草工具的原因是什么? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    成了四项特2020年7月英语四六级别的“使用任务”,每项任务要求他们尽可能多地列出日常用品的用法。 After the first pair of tasks was completed, one group of participants was assigned an undemanding activity intended to cause their minds to wander. 在第一组任务完成之后,一组参与者被分配了一项简单的活动,目的是让他们走神。 When all the participants proceeded to the second pair of tasks, the daydreamers performed 40% better than the others. 当所有参与者继续进行第二组任务时,“白日梦者”的表现比其他人要优秀40%。 12. What does the passage say about people's mind? 12. 关于人们的思维,该文章讲了什么? 13. For what purpose did the researchers develop the new app? 13. 研究人员开发新的应用的目的是什么? 14: How does daydreaming benefit people according to some researchers? 14. 根据一些研究人员的说法,白日梦对人们有什么好处? 15. What was the finding of the experiment with 145 undergraduates? 15. 对145名大学生进行的实验有什么发现? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    距离2023年12月英语六级考试越来越近啦,大家在考前不要放弃,认真备考哦。今天为大家整理了2023年12月英语六级作文范文:信心,希望对你有所帮助。 2023年12月英语六级作文范文:信心 Directions:  For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay based on the picture below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the picture and then comment on confidence.

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    距离2023年12月英语六级考试越来越近啦,大家准备的如何?为了帮助大家更好地备考六级考试,@沪江英语四六级微信公众号整理了2023年12月英语六级作文范文:保持健康,一起来看看吧。 2023年12月英语六级作文范文:保持健康 Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should 1) describe the drawing briefly, 2) explain its intended meaning, and 3) give your

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    重要的是要保持运动、伸展和学习。 Ships last a lot longer when they go to sea than when they stay in the harbor. The same is true for the airplanes. 船在海上航行的时间比在港口停留的时间要长得多,飞机也是如此。 You don't preserve an airplane by keeping it on the ground, you preserve it by keeping it in service. 保养一架飞机并不是让它一直停在地面上,而是要一直使用它。 We also get to live a long healthy life by staying in service. 如果我们一直处于工作状态,那么我们也能够健康长寿。 Longevity statistics reveal that the average person doesn't last very long after retirement. The more we'll hear is don't retire. 寿命统计数据显示,正常人在退休后寿命不会很长,我们听到的更多的是不愿退休。 If a fellow says "I'm 94 years old and I worked all my life", we need to realize, that is how he got to be 94, by staying involved. 如果一个人说:“我94岁了,我工作了一辈子”,那么我们需要清楚的是他是如何通过参与的方式而活到94岁的。 George Bernard Shaw won a Nobel Prize when he was nearly 70. 萧伯纳在将近70岁的时候获得了诺贝尔奖。 Benjamin Franklin produced some of his best writings at the age of 84, and Pablo Picasso put brush to canvas right through his eighties. 本杰明·富兰克林在84岁时出世了他的一些最优秀的作品,而巴勃罗·毕加索在自己80多岁时才开始在画布上作画。 Isn't the issue how old we think we are? 问题不在于“我们认为自己多大了”? A bonus with the 'keep-moving principle' is that while we keep moving, we don't have a chance to worry. “永不止步法则”的好处是,我们在一直前进的时候是没有机会去担心的。 Hence we avoid the dreaded paralyses by analysis. 因此,我们通过去分析避免了可怕的瘫痪。 9. What does the speaker say about players of contact sports? 9. 关于从事接触性运动的运动员,叙述者讲了什么? 10. What do longevity statistics reveal about the average person? 10. 长寿统计数据揭示了有关正常人的什么? 11. What bonus does the keep moving principle bring us according to the speaker? 11. 根据叙述者所说,“永不止步法则”给我们带2020年7月英语四六级来了什么好处? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    2023年12月英语六级考试将在12月16日下午举行,同学们准备好了吗?今天@沪江英语四六级微信公众号为大家带来2023年12月英语六级作文范文:幸福是有能力解决问题,希望对你有所帮助。 2023年12月英语六级作文范文:幸福是有能力解决问题 Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on happiness by referring to the saying “Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal