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    文中为大家介绍机场安检英语情景对话,让英语表达更流利。 一、机场安检英语情景对话--对话练习 A: What do you have in your bag? B: Just my cameras, my clothes,and some books. A: You're not carrying any food with you, right? B: No. A: Okay. This is just a routine check.Would you mind opening the bag? B: All right. A: You have three cameras. Are you a photographer? B: No, the cameras are new products of our company. A: I see. And what's in this plastic bag? B: Egg tarts. A: You said you didn't have any food with you. B: I thought you meant vegetables and meat. A: I'm sorry. Egg tarts are not okay. We will have to confiscate them. B: That's too bad. 二、机场安检英语情景对话--对话翻译 A:你的包里有什么? B:只是几部照相机、衣服和书籍。 A:你没有携带任何食物吧? B:没有。 A:好的,这只是例行检查,请你把包打开好吗? B:好的。 A:你有三部照相机。你是摄影师吗? B:不是,这些照相机是我们公司的新品。 A:我明白了,那这个塑料袋里装的是什么? B:蛋挞。 A:你说过你没带任何食物。 B:我以为你是指蔬菜和肉之类的食物。 A:对不起,蛋挞不可以,我们必须没收。 B:太糟糕了。 特别提醒:如果您对英语语言学习感兴趣,想要深入学习,可以了解沪江网校精品课程,量身定制高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学。扫一扫定制专属课程 上述是为大家介绍的机场安检英语情景对话内容,希望对大家有一定的帮助。更多英语口语对话相关信息,可以关注沪江网查询。

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    英语的学习一般都是从最简单的日常用语开始的,所以多积累一些日常口语对话是很有必要的。今天我们为大家整理了英语日常口语对话英语口语情景对话,一起来看一下吧。 一、祝愿、祝贺和应答 1.-Well done and congratulations to you. - Thanks very much. 2.-Ihope youll succeed in everything.- So do l. 3.- I wish you success.- Thank you. 4.- We send you our best wishes. - Thank you very much. 5.- Happy

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    英语口语。可以增加自己的外交能力,还可以丰富自己的语言能力。学习英语下得真大不是吗? AYeah. I was in a hurry and I forgot my umbrella today. 是啊。今天我匆匆忙忙忘了带伞。 BI have one. We could share it. Which way are you going? 我有伞我们可以共用。你往哪边走? AOh, that’ s very kind of you. I am going to the Garden Hotel. 噢那太好了。我去花园酒店。 BI am going there, too. We can walk together. 我也去那里。我们可以一起走。 ASure. 当然。 二天

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    英语学习上是有缺点的,那就是不会说,要想提高英语口语想要如何付款? G: Do you take VISA? 能用VISA卡吗? 二.英语口语学习方法 1.模仿。怎样提高自己英语口语的有效方式第一步就是要学会模仿,找一些原版英语录音的材料来进行对单词、短语、句子等的模仿。 也可以找一些英文原版的电影跟着有声有色地模仿,从而尽量要求自己的语音语调,甚至神情语气跟原来的差不多。 2.朗读。第二步是大声朗读。其实朗诵就相当于模仿,需要自己找音频资料去模仿语音语调。在进行朗读模仿时,要学会听自己的发音和资料中的有什么地方不同,反复去练习纠正。 3.复述。复述不是背诵,复述就是用自己的语言描述自己听到的故事或看到的文章,去掉原文和组织结构,用自己的理解和思考来讲述故事的内容,复述是提高英语口语的有效方法之一。 一开始可以先复述文章的中心思想,然后再逐步增加难度。 4.背诵。背诵是提高英语口语的最基础及有效的方法,尽管许多人讨厌背诵。但是,小编觉得背诵已写名篇诗歌短文是很有

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    事儿去。 B:哦.犯想英语是世界通用语言,其主要作用就是为了进行日常的交流,因此,口语是交际非常重要的一个方式。对于初学者来说,口语要是我现在开始学习.应该能应付过去. A:那就好.你不想又是勉强才及格.对吧? B:没错。谢谢你提醒我考试的事。 A:不客气!祝你好运!我会为祈祷的! B:谢谢! 特别提醒:如果您对英语语言学习感兴趣,想要深入学习,可以了解沪江网校精品课程,量身定制高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学。扫一扫定制专属课程 以上是为大家介绍的关于考试的英语口语情景对话,希望对大家的口语练习有一定的帮助。更多英语口语对话相关信息,可以关注沪江网查询。

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    理了双人英语情景对话,欢迎阅读。 一、双人英语情景对话:游泳 M: It's a perfect day for swimming. W: I am going to the beech. How about coming with me? M: Great! I love swimming. Besides, I need a tan for Hill’s party.. W: Don't forget the sun block lotion. You don't want a sunburn, do you? M: No. Thanks for reminding me. 男:今天非常适合去游泳。 女:我要去海滩,和我一起去怎样? 男:太好了,我超爱游泳,此外我要晒出褐色的皮肤为Hill的聚会。 女:不要忘英语基础很差,对于这类朋友,强烈建议去背一些很常用的口语句子,这也是可以快速显著提高口语记了防晒霜,你不想被晒伤,对吧? 男:是的,谢谢你的关心。 二、双人英语情景对话:球类活动 W: Look! This place is so big. M: It has to be. Soccer is the number one sport throughout Europe. In the States we have the Big Three: baseball, football and basketball, but there is only the Big One here in Europe: soccer. W: Can you play soccer, John? M: I never have. I think my high school had a team, but I went out for baseball. Did you join any sports teams in school, Lily? W: In high school, I went out for track for 400 meter and 800 meter runs. M: Wow, those are races. W: Yeah. That's probably why I didn't do very well at them. Were you a good baseball player? M: I was so so. Anyways, let's exercise a little. 三、双人英语情景对话:攀岩登山 W: What's the Mountaineering Club doing this weekend? M: We are going to climb a cliff on the Yangtze River. W: How hard is the climb? M: It is a very difficult climb, because there are not many places to put your hands and feet. W: What did you do last week? M: We rappelled down the side of a 300-foot cliff. It's very exciting. W: Wow. That sounds like a lot of fun. I am sorry I missed it. M: Well, you should come this weekend. I think you could do the climb. W: Yeah, I will. See you then! M: Ok, see you. 四、双人英语情景对话:蹦极跳 W: Hi, John! How was your vacation? M: We went to Malaysia and Thailand. W: That must have been wonderful. Do anything interesting? M: Well. We went bungee jumping when we were in Malaysia. W: Wow, isn't that dangerous? M: A little, but the rush was worth it. W: Tell me about it. M: We jumped off a bridge and fell 500 feet before the bungee cord caught us. W: 500 feet! I would never be able to do that. M: Yeah, It was scary but exhilarating. 特别提醒:如果大家想要了解更多英语方面知识,或者想要深入学习英语的,可以扫以下二维码,定制沪江网校精品课程,高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学 。 通过英语口语对话能够在潜移默化中提高英语口语,同时也可以增加英语词汇量。以上是小编为大家整理的双人英语情景对话,希望对大家有帮助。