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    总有人问,要花多长时间才能学好英语。这问题不好回答,因为没有衡量学好英文的标准,并且学习英语的速度也因人而异,下面小编就给大家分享的英语口语考试对话范文,有时间的来多学习哦! 一、怎样解决烦恼 B:Hey jun hao,as we all know,we always meet a numbers of troubles in our life.And in many times we don’t know how to deal with this problem.If we can’t handle them properly,it will cause more troubles.So what do you do to relax when you’re feeling stressed or angry? A:When I feel stressed,I will try to distract my own concentration,by listening to some music or watching some interesting videoes,if not,I will chat with others to relax myself.What about you? B:Well,if I am feeling stressed,I think I will go to the playground to play the basketball with my friends,or jog by mysely.I will appreciate the scenery when I am jogging,and it can remit my pressure. A:Yes,I think your method is very great.But,all of us really don’t want to feeling stressed or angry.So I regard that we should keep positive mentality,it is necessary. B:Oh,I can’t agreed more with your point of view.As you know,to keep optimistic mentality can let our body more healthy.Otherwise,we should be joyful and smile frequently.It can reduce our pressure. A:Haha,I know you really get my point.I believe we can dispose the stress and angry in the correct way.I am very enjoy chat with you,see you next time.(point,减压,blah) B:See you. 二、晚上遇到贼 B:Hey,jun hao,nice to see you.I have some questions to ask you.You know,the society is more unsafety.So what would you do when you wake in the night and realize there is a burglar in the room? A:Well,there is no doubt that I am afraid if I meet this situation.But I know I can’t take some action quickly because it is dangerous for me.I should think some effective mearsures.Usually,I will pretent to asleep,and I regard it is the most safty action,do you think so? B:Um,your idea is great.By the way,for me,I will observe his build,if he is thin,I will go out from the bad quickly and use the quilt to cover him and hit him.Although this method is not good,I want to give him the lesson. A:I know you are angry to meet the burglar when you sleep,but I think your action is insecurity.To sum,all of us don’t want to meet this situation.So we must do a Good job in security work,for example,before we go to the bed,we should lock the doors and windows,do you think so? B:Yeah,I can’t agreed more with your point of view.By the way,if we can,we should prepare lots of weapons to put under our bed.When we meet the burglar,we can use them to revolt him. 特别提醒:如果大家想要了解更多英语方面知识,或者想要深入学习英语的,可以扫以下二维码,定制沪江网校精品课程,高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学 。 通过英语口语对话能够在潜移默化中提高英语口语,同时也可以增加英语词汇量。以上是小编为大家整理的英语口语考试对话范文,希望对大家有帮助。

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    英语口语吗?下文中特整理了购物英语口语要把包寄存在寄存处吗? B:No, you do not have to. The handbag can be taken with you. There is the cart at the entrance. 不,不用。手提包可以随身携带。入口有手推车。 A:Thank you. I'd tike to buy some milk powder for my baby. Is there anything that you can recommend for me? 谢谢。我想给宝宝买点奶粉,能给我推荐一下吗? B:Well, how old is your baby? 嗯,您的宝宝多大? A:No more than three. 不到3岁。 B

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    到你,欢迎来到台湾!   A:Thanks, good to meet you, too.   谢谢,我也很高兴见到你。   B:You had a long flight, you must be tired.   坐了这么久的飞机,你一定累口语还是必须要精通一两句,才能让你和别人交流时没有障碍。下面是有关机场接人英语口语了吧!   A:Yes, and the food was horrible!   嗯,而且食物相当难吃!   B:Oh, sorry to hear that. But, don worry! Taiwan has plenty of great things to eat. First, lets get you to the hotel.   喔……难为你了。不过别担心!台湾有很多好东西可以吃。先让我送你到饭店去吧!   A:Great! How will we be getting there?   太好了!我们要怎么去呢?   B:My car is in the parking lot, lets go this way. Let me help you with your bags.   我的车在停车场,我们往这边走。我帮你提行李。   特别提醒:如果您对英语语言学习感兴趣,想要深入学习,可以了解沪江网校精品课程,量身定制高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学。扫一扫定制专属课程   以上是为大家介绍的有关机场接人英语口语对话的相关信息,希望可以切实帮助到大家。更多英语学习技巧,可以关注沪江网查询。

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    理了有关日常购物英语口语对话,方便大家的学习。 一、常用购物英语口语对话示例: 店员:May I help you? 我能为你效劳吗? 顾客:Yes, I would like to return these slacks. 是的,我想退回这些长裤。 店员:Alright. Do you have your receipt?slacks 好的,你有收据吗? 顾客:Yes. Here it is. I bought them last week. 有的,在这儿。上星期才买的。 店员:And why are you returning them? 为什么要退呢? 顾客:I bought them to go with a blouse of mine. But they don't really match. 我本想买来配一件衬衫的,但是它们配起来不好看。 店员:I'm sorry, but we usually don't do it. It is our policy. 对不起,我们通常不接受的,这是规定。 顾客:Can you make an exception this time? 这次可以例外吗? 店员:Well. Let me talk to the manager for a moment. 那么,让我和经理说说看。 Please show me your receipt again. 再让我看一看你的收据好吗? We appreciate your business, Ma'am. 谢谢惠顾,太太。 二、常用购物英语口语对话句型: 1. charge or debit?(credit or debit?) 使用信用卡或是电子钱包? 2. cash back?是否要找回现金? 3. May I help you? 我有什么可以帮到您的? 4. Can I try it on? 我可以试一下吗? 5. Have you any bigger sizes? 你有没有大一点的? 6. Any particular color? 有什么特英语口语的使用越来越广泛,在商店购物的时候也会用到英语口语。为了帮助到大家的学习,下文中特整理了有关日常购物英语口语别的颜色吗? 7. Do you like this design? 你喜欢这个款式吗? 8. What's the price for it? 这个卖多少钱? 9. I'll take it. 我买下了。 以上是为大家介绍的有关日常购物英语口语对话,大家可以进行参考练习,进一步提升英语口语对话的学习。更多英语口语常用句型,可以关注沪江网查询。

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    英语口语电脑交朋友?我不确定耶,这不适合我。 电脑与网络的英语口语对话三 Sue: So why don't you 1) take full advantage of the Internet? 苏: 那你为何不充分利用网路呢? Rose: What do you mean? 柔丝: 你的意思是? Sue: All you think about is your students and music! 苏: 你满脑子想的都是学生和音乐! Rose: That's my job. I love my job! 柔丝: 那是我的工作。我热爱我的工作。 Sue: But 2) there's

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    想要的信息,而不需要在图书管理辛苦的去查找。 B:oh,it sounds so convenient. 哦,那样听起来很方便。 A:Yeah,it is convenient to communicate with others by using the Internet. 是的,用互联网来和别人传递信息是很方便的。 B: However, many people think that there are many disadvantages of the Internet, because there is also some information that is not good for the students. 但是,不少人认为互联网也有很多缺点,因为这里也有许多对学生来说不健康的信息。 A: That’s also true.Well, it will not only have a bad effect on study but also do harm to our health if we spend too much time to play games on line. 那倒英语口语考试的今天,大家都在烦恼如何应对口语考试。今天我们为大家整理了英语口语考试情景对话也是,而且如果花费太多的时间在网络游戏上不仅会对我们的造成不良的影响,而且也不利于我们的健康。 B: What do you think we should do? 那你认为我们该怎么做? A: We should make proper use of the Internet. It is of great importance for us to separate good plants from wild weeds. 我们应该合理使用网络,学会分辨好与坏的能力对我们来说是很重要的。 以上就是为大家整理的英语口语考试情景对话分享,希望能够对大家有所帮助。英语口语考试其实就是情景对话,只有积累到一定的程度,考试的时候才可以应对自如。

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    语言是人类沟通的桥梁,在当今国际形势下,英语是一门必不可少的语言科目,而现在普遍存在的问题是如何提高学生的`英语口语能力,如何很好地将英语运语言是人类沟通的桥梁,在当今国际形势下,英语是一门必不可少的语言科目,而现在普遍存在的问题是如何提高学生的`英语口语用到生活中。下面为广大学员整理了常用的英语口语对话,供大家学习。 一、 祝愿、祝贺和应答 (Good wishes, congratulations and responses) 1.- Well done and congratulations to you. - Thanks very much. 2. - I hope you‘ll succeed in everything. - So do I. 3.- I wish you success.

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    想要提升自己的英语口语水平,建议大家可以从对话场景中锻炼,效果会好一点。为了进一步帮助到大家,下英语口语水平,建议大家可以从对话文中为大家整理了英语口语对话场景,供大家参考学习。 英语情景对话大全篇1:介绍和开场白 1.A: Mary, this is Joe's brother David. B; I'm very glad to meet you. C: It's a pleasure to meet you. B: How do you like Texas so far? C: It's really different from what I expected. B: Don't worry. You'll

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    购物是现代喜欢的休闲与娱乐的`活动之一,也是大家常谈论的话题。下文中为大家整理了购物话题英语口语对话的内容,大家可以作为参考。 Cashier: Hello. I'll ring these up for you in a minute. I just need to do a quick price check on the Pepperidge crackers. Bella: It's a buy-one-get-one free sale but I don't remember the exact price. Cashier: We'll know soon. Ah! Here