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    英语口语的提升不仅需要扎实的基础知识,还要多加练习和运用,这样才能够真正的学好口语。今天我们为大家整理了英语口语考试话题优选20例,一起来看一下吧。 英语口语考试话题 优选20例 1 天气Weather: 1、What’s the weather like here in winter? 2、What sports do you usually do in summer? 3、Do you like spring?Why? 4、How many seasons are there in a year? 5、What’s the weather like here in spring? 6

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    在英语口语考试的时候,很多人都不知道如何备考,其实考试多是以话题的形式为多,多总结一些好的话题,根据话题进行提升,是不错的选择。今天我们为大家整英语口语考试的时候,很多人都不知道如何备考,其实考试多是以话题的形式为多,多总结一些好的话题,根据话题理了英语口语考试话题素材,希望可以帮助帮助到大家。 The classification for the commodities: food 速冻食品 products 牛产品 e d foods 包装食品 ng supplies 清洁用品 al-care supplies 个人护理用品 玩具 -care products 汽车护理用品 -care products 庭院护理用品 Different stores: 1.Convienience store 便利店 2.Grocery store 小卖部 3.Supermarket 超市 4.Drug store/pharmacy 药店 5.Department store商场 6.Discount store 打折店 7.Factory outlets厂家直销点 8.Specialty shop 专卖店 9.Shopping mall/shopping center 购物中心 Household and Hardware department: dish 碟子 silverware 银器 cooking utensil s 厨具 pots 壶 pans 锅 tool工具 paint涂料 light-fixture 灯饰 plumbing supplies home improvement products 家庭装修用品 经典话题 1. What kind of differences in the cultures are you expecting between China and the UK? 2. What effect do you think your studies will have on your career when you get back to China? 3. What do you intend to do after you graduate? 4. What will be some of your challenges you foresee when you come back to China? 5. Do you think you'll have any problems adjusting back to life in China? 6. What kind of changes will you have to make when you come back to China? 7. Do you think there might be a gap between what you learned from your studies and the level of knowledge you will encounter on arrival? 8. Are there any special places you want to see in Canada? What are they? 9. What kind of things do you particularly want to do in Canada that you can't do here? 10. How do you like your life in X X X University? 11. What do you think of the training you got in the university? 12. What aspect of English do you find the most difficult? 13. Can you compare American English with British English? 14. What sports are played in your country? 15. Could you describe the traditional architecture of your country? 以上就是为大家整理的英语口语考试话题素材,希望能够帮助到大家。口语考试就是由各种各样的话题组成的,大家只要多总结一些口语话题素材,并进行提高,相信在口语考试中可以取得好的成绩。

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    很多中国学生的英语口语能力都不是很好,而想要提升口语能力,更好的面对口语考试,必须要多掌握一些常见的话题。今天我们为大家整英语口语能力都不是很好,而想要提升口语能力,更好的面对口语考试,必须要多掌握一些常见的话题理了英语口语考试最常见的话题总结,欢迎阅读。 1. What’s your name? 2. Does your name have any special meaning? 3. Where do you come from? 4. What kind of landscape surrounds your hometown? 5. What is the main crop in your hometown? 6. What is the difference

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    要是停了1小时10分钟呢? 保安 Twenty yuan, sir. Because we charge by the number of hours. 20块钱,先生。因为我们是按小时整点收费的。 丹尼尔 I see. Thanks. 明白了。谢谢。 车位 李强 Excuse me, I'm afraid you' ve parked in the wrong spot. 对不起,恐怕您停错位置了。 查理 Oh, really? Isn't this spot D406? 哦,真的'吗?这不是D406号停车位吗? 李强 No, it's D407, which is my parking space. 不是,D407号,是我的停车位。 查理 I'm sorry, I must have been confused. I'll move my car right away. 对不起,我一定是弄混了。我马上把车开走。 李强 It's no big deal. Thanks. 健身中心--- 健身器材 教练 If you want to tone up your legs, I recommend using the treadmill. 如果想锻炼腿部,我推荐你使用跑步机。 简 Thanks. Is there anything that I should pay attention to? 谢谢。应该注意些什么? 教练 Yeah, there are several things. First of all, you'd better start with a low speed. 嗯,有几件事情需要注意。首先,最好从慢速开始。 简 Yeah, I see. 嗯,我明白。 教练 Drink some water every 15 minutes and don't use the treadmill more than four times a week. 每十五分钟就喝一次水,还有每周使用跑步机的次数不要超过四次。 简 Ok, thanks. 情景会话:健身中心--- 健身操 琳达 How long do you do aerobics for every time you go? 健身操一次要跳多久啊? 张婷 One hour. 一个小时。 琳达 That's too long. Aren't you really tired afterwards? 时间太英语在掌握理论知识的同时,也应该要找到自己的不足,并进行提高,尤其是实用性比较强的口语,今天我们为大家整理了英语口语话题长了。跳完了不累吗? 张婷 Of course. But it helps you lose weight in all areas of your body. 当然累了。但是能帮助你全身减肥。 琳达 Really? I'll go with you to do aerobics then. 以上就是为大家整理的英语口语话题练习材料的相关内容,希望能够对大家有所帮助。想要口语得到提升,各种各样的话题练习是必须的。

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    不少的英语学习者常为找不到合适的英语口语练习材料而烦恼,下面,就为大家送上一些英语口语练习话题,希望对大家有帮助。 一、HOMETOWN Where are you from? What do people in your hometown usually do at weekends? What is your impression of your hometown? Are there any historic buildings in your hometown? 二、NAMES Does your Chinese name have any special meaning? What

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    英语口语的提高要依靠日常的经常练习,但是具体练习什么样的`话题就看个人的意愿了。下面是整理的一些英语口语考试试题,希望对大家有所帮助。 一、HOMEWORK Did you do homework when you were a child or kid ? Is it important for the children to do some homework? 二、READING what’s your favorite reading? what’s your relaxing method? Do you like reading books? Why? What kind

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    在口语变的越来越重要的今天,很多中国学生在面对口语的时候都觉得有些难,其实口语考试就是由各种各样的话题来组成的。今天我们为大家整理了英语口语考试话题,欢迎大家阅读。 英语口语考试话题 1 兴趣与爱好:Interests and hobbies 1、Do you like sports? 2、Are you interested in watching TV? 3、What is the most popular sport in China? 4、How do you spend your free time? 5、Do you have much time on sports? 6

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    现在英语口语受到了很大的重视,而想要提升口语能力,练习必不可少,可是常见的话题也是必须要掌握的。今天我们为大家整英语口语受到了很大的重视,而想要提升口语能力,练习必不可少,可是常见的话题也是必须要掌握的。今天我们为大家整理了英语口语考试常见话题,一起来看一下吧。 Talk about jobs There are more and more jobs today. Most people have jobs. They go to work nearly every day. Some people are lucky. Either they have interesting jobs or they earn a lot of money. Most people are not so lucky. Either their jobs are not very interesting or they don’t earn a lot of money. The most interesting jobs are often the most difficult. People spend a lot of time learning how to do them. For example, doctors study for at least six years after finishing school. Airline pilots study longer. Some young people have interesting and well-paid jobs. Many successful athletes are young .But most people work until they are 60 or 65 years old. Then they retire and have a lot of spare time. Some people never retire though. These people usually have interesting jobs. Writers, artists, musicians and actors usually work until they die. Their work is their life. Everyday study Now, I’m in Grade 9.I will graduate soon. So I’m really busy these days. I have to go to school before 7 o’clock. And we have many subjects to study at school. For example Chinese, math, English, physics, chemistry and politics… at the Chinese class, the teacher read many nice articles for us to improve our Chinese. In the math class, the teacher tells us how to solve the problems. In the English class, the teacher ask us to talk about the topic to improve our spoken English .when we get tired, we will have a P.E. class. We can relax ourselves at the P.E class. These days, we are busy but happy. PAST EVENTS (HOLIDAYS, VACATIONS) Everyone maybe had a great time about something or having a great time in places where we have been to .A good vacation made us happy and relaxed .Also it was good for our health. I had a comfortable vacation last summer. I went to the countryside that was not far from our city with a river .To be honest ,I prefer to go to the countryside rather than go to somewhere of interest. On the one hand the air was so fresh there and the people there were so friendly. On the other hand they were uncrowded , quiet and I could swim, fish and so on. I really enjoyed it. Likes and Dislikes Everyone has different likes and dislikes. For example ,a friend of mine likes playing basketball and dislikes playing football.But another friend of mine likes skating and playing computer games. I like music, extremely the pop music ,because it makes me excited energetic and confident And I dislike gentle music because it is too quiet. I also like sports, extremely football. Because I can run and run and it makes me excited and healthy .This is my likes and dislikes. Eat In Class We have our own class’ rules . At present . we could eat snacks after the eighth class . Because we might feel hungry at that time . But some students also eat in class . I don’t think it’s ringt . Maybe they feel so hungry so they eat in class .But I think it will bother other students to listen to class carefully . And it will also make teachers angry . So let’s obey the class rules , don’t eat in class ,shall we ? Talk About Rules As a teenager . we have many rules whatever at school or at home . For example . six-year-olds are not allowed to drive . I don’t think so . I think teenagers also could have their driver’s licenses if they drive as well as adult drivers . And teenagers aren’t allowed to have their ears pierced . I agree with it very much . Because I think the people who wear earrings look pretty silly and ugly . So we should obey the rules that are good for us . And we also should try our best to be good students 以上就是为大家整理的英语口语考试常见话题,希望能够对大家有所帮助。英语口语的提升是一个积累的过程,只有这些话题掌握了,积累到一定程度了,口语才能够得到真正的提升。

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    英语口语已经被重视起来了,在初中阶段,就会有相关的口语考试,而对于大部分的学生来说,提升口语求和每个题目的问题与选项,绝对不能放过任何一个细节。在浏览问题和选项时,要尽可能对文章内容和试题答案进行预测,听录音时只要验证自己的预测就可以了。 合理分配,不要抢答 在做听力时,要充分利用两题之间的停顿时间,快速有效地阅读