• 《吸血鬼日记》Jeremy演员女友曝光

    吸血鬼经传了一段时间了,不过1月11日,他们在Sean Penn的慈善派对上被人看到在公共场所大胆亲吻。[/cn] [en]The two posed for photographs at the event together. Later, an onlooker overheard Dylan tell Steven that her feet hurt.[/en][cn]他们甚至还公开站在一起拍照,之后又有人听到Dylan跟Steven说自己脚受伤了。[/cn] [en]"Oh, really?" Steven asked her as he picked her up in his arms and then kissed her on the lips.[/en][cn]“是吗?”说完这句话后Steven搂着她的肩膀,然后亲了她的嘴唇。[/cn]

  • 《吸血鬼日记》:KC浪漫之约?

    到处声张。[/cn] [en]"It's going to let us see maybe the lighter side, the softer side of Klaus," Candice Accola tells us of the "Klaroline" [w]dynamic[/w] in this episode. "What's so appealing to the viewer and so fun for us is that it's sexy, because every scene that they're in, there's really a push and pull. It feels like a big game, and as frustrating as games are, they're really fun to watch on TV. That's what the [w]appeal[/w] is with these two characters. The games, though, can also lead to revealing different perspectives and higher truths, letting you see a little deeper into both of these people."[/en][cn] “这可能会让我们看到克劳斯身上的更为光明和温柔的一面。”坎迪斯• 阿克拉(Candice Accola, Caroline 的扮演者)对于本集中KC的发展如此说道。“吸引观众以及让我们觉得很有意思的原因是这很诱人。因为每次他们拍对手戏的时候,都是你来我往的。这感觉像一场游戏,偶尔会让人沮丧,他们看起来太有意思了。这就是这两个角色的魅力。然而这些游戏,同样可以让我们看到不同的观点以及更深层的真相,让你更深入了解他们。”[/cn]



  • 《吸血鬼日记》迎来新老师 对吸血鬼研究颇为深刻

    [en]"The Vampire Diaries" continues to add to its cast of characters for Season 4. David Alpay, who is best known for his work on "The Borgais" and "The Tudors," is set to play a college professor who has a particular interest in the [w]supernatural[/w].[/en][cn]《吸血鬼日记

  • 《吸血鬼日记》第4季第5集:重点讲吸血鬼猎人的故事

    就是这一集的作用,解释Connor现在的所作所为背后的故事。我们得到绝对不是“我就是要杀了吸血鬼”这么非黑即白的答案,他肯定是背后有故事的人。这一集讲述的他的故事会让这个角色更加立体,也会让我们看吸血鬼日记》第四季一开始,我们就看到了让Klaus都对其有所避忌的吸血鬼到他的人性。当然观众们还会发现他和Shane教授的关系,以及他们联手猎杀吸血鬼的原因。[/cn] [en]Connor loves his explosions. Judging from the promo, we’ll be seeing more of that, too.[/en][cn]Connor真心喜欢搞爆炸神马的。从这一集的预告片来看,相信爆炸的场景肯定不会少吧。[/cn] [en]Look, Connor’s gonna do what Connor does best. He’s a man who has a lot of questions that he needs answers to, and the hostage situation is a scenario created to get those answers.[/en][cn]那是肯定的。这个角色充满了疑问,他需要慢慢解答身上的疑问,而下一集中的绑架情节也就给了他机会来答疑。[/cn]

  • Nina Dobrev有望回归《吸血鬼日记》

    可以回来,她的回来对CW绝对是有益处的。只有她回来《吸血鬼日记》才是完整的,不过现在还有一些细节商议正在进行中。希望她会回归。[/cn]” [en]If Dobrev, who left at the end of Season 6, does not return, Pedowitz said executive producer Julie Plec has "planned a great series finale" regardless.[/en][cn]不过Pedwoitz也透露,就算在第六季离开的Dobrev万一无法回归,制片人Julie Plec也已经有了一个完美的计划给大家一个完美的结局。[/cn]

  • 《吸血鬼日记》Nina演艺路回顾

    [en]Before she was capturing the hearts of the Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev was a young Canadian actress getting her first taste of fame on long-running teen soap, Degrassi: The Next Generation, back in 2006.[/en][cn]在出演《吸血鬼日记》俘获Salvatore两兄弟的爱情之前,2006年的时候,Nina Dobrev曾经作为年轻

  • 吸血鬼日记剧透:Stefan前女友杀到

    [en]Oh, boy. Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) ex-girlfriend is not a happy [w=camper]camper[/w]. No, not Elena (Nina Dobrev)! According to a new spoiler for The Vampire Diaries Season 5, we’re about to meet yet another of Stefan’s lady loves — and this one is [w=cranky]cranky[/w]! [/en][cn]好家伙,斯特凡的前女友可是满腹怨气啊。不,不是说埃琳娜!据吸血鬼日记第五季最新剧透,我们要看到斯特凡的另一位前女友了——而且这位会是个暴躁的人![/cn] [en]Vampire Tessa has spent the centuries looking for the brothers Salvatore. [w=evidently]Evidently[/w] Tessa doesn’t have fond memories of the boys. Still, she seems to be able to hold her own when she [w=tangle]tangles[/w] with Damon (Ian Somerhalder). In fact, she gets the upper hand when she steals his daylight ring.[/en][cn]女吸血鬼泰莎花了几个世纪寻找萨尔瓦托兄弟的下落。而且很显然,她和这兄弟两个并没有什么美好的回忆。和达蒙纠缠的时候她依然能招架住,事实上她还占了上风,她偷

  • 吸血鬼日记剧透:Rebekah的未来走向

    [en]The last time we saw Rebekah (Claire Holt), New Orleans was not a scheduled stop on her world tour with Matt (Zach Roerig). But the Original sis can’t stay on The Vampire Diaries forever. At some point, she’ll [w]transition[/w] to the CW’s new show The Originals. Julie Plec tells TV Guide what the blond vamp will do when she gets there.[/en][cn]在上一次看到Rebekah出现在《吸血鬼日记》时,她和Matt的旅行计划里并没有奥尔良这个城市。不过她不会永远待在《吸血鬼日记》里。也就是说,Rebekah这个角色将会串接到CW新剧《The Originals》里。制片人Julie Plec向《电视指南》杂志透露了这位金发吸血鬼在新剧中的定位。[/cn] [en]“Rebekah wants to start over in New Orleans, go to college, and meet boys,” says Julie. Unfortunately for her, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) have different plans. “[H]er brothers are there to look over her shoulder and make her life [w]miserable[/w],” Julie adds. Vampire brothers! They’re just like human ones.[/en][cn]“Rebekah在新奥尔良想重新开始,去上大学,和帅哥谈恋爱,”Julie说。不过不幸的是,Klaus和Elijah的计划和她截然相反。“她的哥哥们会监视她,把她的生活弄得乱七八糟,”Julie补充说。吸血鬼兄弟和人类兄弟其实是一样的。[/cn] [en]What could drive Rebekah from Mystic Falls to New Orleans? A mysterious woman — and possible vampire — named Nadia joins the travelers in Mystic Falls after meeting them in [w]Prague[/w].[/en][cn]那么是什么让Rebekah选择离开神秘瀑布镇去新奥尔良呢?是一个名叫Nadia的可能是吸血鬼的神秘女人,她在布拉格遇见了这对旅人之后加入了他们的旅行。[/cn]

  • 《吸血鬼日记》第三季:又一位吸血鬼祖先即将登场!

    [en]We still have far too long to wait until The Vampire Diaries returns on January 5 - but at least we now have a juicy [w]nugget[/w] to contemplate during this [w]hiatus[/w].[/en][cn]现在离《吸血鬼日记》1月5日的回归日期还有很久——但是停播期间的剧透永远是最劲爆的。[/cn] [en]As first reported by Michael Ausiello, the series

  • 《吸血鬼日记》第五季:Caroline的新情人长这样

    [en]He wasn’t on our dream casting list, but he’ll definitely do! Kendrick Sampson (Greek) has been cast as Jesse in The Vampire Diaries Season 5, TV Guide reports.[/en][cn]他和我们想象的不一样,不过他千真万确是《吸血鬼日记》第五季的新演员!《电视指南》杂志报道,Kendrick Sampson将会在《吸血鬼日记》第五季中扮演Jesse这个角色。[/cn] [en]Described as smart, very