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    留了下来。现在,马哈鱼可以在全球达成定购与收购)。   In conclusion, without suggesting that all technology is necessarily good, I think it is by no means "pointless", in any way, to try to keep traditions alive with technology. We should not ignore technology, because it can be our friend and support our way of life.   (收尾段,考官写的很平易,比较厚道,但是也有锋芒藏在其中。他先是使用了一个介词结构without suggesting,表明他并不认为所有的科技都 是好的,然后又说,他认为也不可以说使用现代科技保护传统是没有意义的。比较后的一句话有点作报告结束时候的感觉,我们不应该忽略科技,因为它可以成为我 们的朋友也可以对我们的生活方式起到支持作用。他传统文化也范文,下面为大家收集整理了一篇雅思写作高分范文要了,技术也没扔,总之是完美结局。Star well, end well.)   以上就是为大家整理的雅思写作范文点评,可供大家参考学习。如果大家还有关于雅思写作的疑问,可在线咨询沪江老师。

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    理了几篇关于BEC海线 报的作文范文,供大家参考与学习。 范文一:有关球赛的海报 POSTER Football Match All Are Warmly Welcome Under the auspices of the Student Union of our university, a friendly football match will be held between our team and the team of Chemical Engineering College on our football field on Saturday, May. 27th, 2000 at 5:00 p. m. The Student Union Thursday, May. 25. 译文一: 足球赛 由本校学生会主办的足球友谊赛将于2000年5月27日(星期六)下午5时在足球场举行,参赛队为我校队与化工学院校队。欢迎届时观战。 校学生会 5月25日(星期四) 范文二:商品大拍卖海报 GOOD NEWS Summer Clearance Sales All the goods on show are sold at twenty



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    有用的人才   自己观点:我认为教育的根本目的在于实现个人的价值以及改变个人的命运   Education can determine the direction of one’s life and help people decide their position in the society. Some individuals argue that education enables people to become talents for our society. After thoughtful consideration, I am convinced that the primary aim of education is to accomplish personal values and to alter personal destiny.   第二段:论点+论据+例证+结论   论点: 教育的意义在于——有利于——人们更好的发挥个人的才能   论据: 没有良好的教育作为桥梁, 人们的自身的才华与优势就无法实现。   例证: 很多人通过接受教育的方式,了解自己的性格,喜好,从而更好的发挥自身的特长,选择所适合的专业   ,发挥自身潜能,成为自己想要成为的人, 拥有一个丰富多彩,快乐幸福的人生。   结论:实现自身价值体现了教育的根本目的。   First and foremost, education develops individual aptitudes. In other words, without good education, people’s brilliance and potentials would fail to be realized. For instance, education makes people become aware of and apprehend personal characters and preferences so that the educated ones are more capable of developing their specialty, choosing befitting professions and giving full play to their potentials to eventually become the kind of people with a desirable, rich and joyful life. From this point, realizing personal values becomes a fundamental objective of education.   第三段:论点+论据+例证 生活条件   论点: 教育的另一重要目的在于——有助于— 改变人生的道路。   论据: 接受教育意味着能够有效地改变一个人的人生轨迹.   例证: 很多没有强大的人际关系,没有优越的家庭背景的人,往往通过接受良好的教育,学习实用的理论知识,改变原本贫穷的命运,改善生活的状况,获得财富自由。   结论: 教育对于个人的命运的改变是显而易见的。   Furthermore, another crucial goal of education rests in altering one’s road of life. Undeniably, receiving education signifies a change in a personal course of life. For example, numerous people without powerful relationships and superior families tend to receive favorable education to change their starveling fate and to improve their living and financial conditions, finally obtaining financial independence. Thus, the role of education in fatal changes is noticeable.   第四段:让步段:一种观点合理性+however+对此观点反驳   另一种观点:   论点:必须承认地,教育的目的也有帮助人们成为有用的社会人才   例证: 作为社会的成员,教育引导人们的树立正确的社会观念,规范人们的行为,从而使得人们的   社会活动,社会生活,促进社会的经济发展和进步。   对此观点反驳:   论点:教育的根本目的,教导每个相对独立的个体增强知识以及培养实际分析问题,解决问题的能力   原因: 每个人的自身发展的实际需求以及每个人的素质观念及行为是整个社会发展的源动力。   Admittedly, education does turn people into useful talents to the society. As a matter of fact, people who receive education can better establish acceptable social values and regulate their behaviors. Therefore, people, who are an indispensible part of the society, will act in a way which promotes economical and social progresses. However, the fundamental purpose of education is to instruct independent individuals to enhance knowledge and to cultivate analytical and problem-solving skills in view of the actual demands of personal development and because personal values, conception and behavior are the driving force of entire society.   第五段:总结段: 概括总的观   观点: 实现个人潜能以及改变人生轨迹 体现 教育的根本目的。   On balance, realizing one’s potentials and changing one’s life track are fundamental goals of education.   以上就是为大家整理的雅思大作文范文的相关内容,希望能够对大家有所帮助。范文在很大程度上体现了雅思写作的标准,按照这个标准来进行备考,相信通过努力都能够在雅思考试中取得好的成绩。

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      备考英语六级作文离不开范文的记忆,也离不开范文的总结。今天我们就为大家整理了英语六级必背作文4篇,一起来了解一下吧。   英语六级作文必背范文1   Dear Sir or Madam,   I am senior from the Department of Business Administration of Bejing University.Iamwriting theletter in purpose of applying for admission into your esteemed institution/your recently advertised

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