• 《生活大爆炸》将要完结了?

    在那之后会发生些别的什么事。”[/cn] [en]Molaro told us they do talk about how the show may end, but there is no set ending in mind.[/en][cn]Molaro告诉记者他们确实谈生活大爆炸》将要完结了?[/cn] [en]The Big Bang Theory won't go on forever.[/en] [cn]《生活大爆炸论过这部剧应该如何结束的问题,但是现在还没有一个定数。[/cn] [en]"My concern is that we do it right and we end this show in a way that is as befitting of these characters that we respect and love," he said. [/en][cn]他说,“我认为我们应该好好想想,以一个合适这些我们都喜爱并尊敬的角色们的方式来结束这部剧。”[/cn] [en]"As long as we can have the opportunity to end it in a way that serves them all properly, that's my concern—more than the number of seasons."[/en][cn]“我认为重要的是以一种能够适合所有角色的方式来结束这部剧,这对我来说比一共可以拍几季更加重要。”[/cn] [en]CBS recently became the home of Thursday night football games, putting The Big Bang Theory, which airs at 8 p.m., in a sort of [w]limbo[/w].[/en][cn]CBS最近经常播周四晚的足球赛,因此使晚上八点播出的《生活大爆炸》处于尴尬的境地。[/cn] [en]But CBS likely won't [w]sideline[/w] the highest-rated comedy on TV until November.[/en][cn]但是CBS应该不会在11月之前停播这部排名最靠前的喜剧。[/cn] [en]Look for The Big Bang Theory to probably premiere on a different night before moving back to its regular Thursday home.[/en][cn]所以他们想要在周四晚间时段空出来之前换一天播出《生活大爆炸》这部剧。[/cn]  

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  • 【生活大爆炸】S03E11(4)圣诞怪杰

    The Big New 每天一句【生活大爆炸】 每天参与听写酷的童鞋可额外抽取获得50沪元 全周的【生活大爆炸】都参与了的童鞋可额外抽取获得300沪元 生活中柴米油盐这些看似简单的事情,却让他们有迷失在太空里一样的感觉,他们所掌握的那些科学原理在这里根本没有用武之地...让我们一起来TBBT... Sheldon&Leonard&Penny在看The Grinch(圣诞怪杰) What a buzz kill that was. 多让人扫兴啊。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 《生活大爆炸》Howard妈妈何时才能出镜

    重要的问题:我们什么时候才能看见你(扮演的Mrs. Wolowitz)出现在荧屏上?[/cn] [en]Susi: I'm told never. In the second season, [creator] Chuck Lorre came up to me and said, "Do you mind if we never see you for the next 10 years? Because that voice is the voice of Carlton the Doorman." But I've always been an on-camera actress, so to suddenly be doing voice-over [wv]stuff[/wv] is [wv]fabulous[/wv]. [/en][cn]Susi:他们告诉我永远都不会(有这一天)。在第二季的时候,(制作人)Chuck Lorre找生活大爆炸》的观众们对Howard妈妈那个粗犷而又声嘶力竭的叫喊声一定是印象深刻吧。该剧播出4到我说:“你介不介意接下来10年都不会登上电视屏幕?因为这个声音是门卫Carlton的嗓音。”但是我之前扮演的都是会出现在镜头中的角色,所以突然让我扮演这个旁白的工作让我感觉很不错。[/cn] [en]TV Guide Magazine: With all the yelling you do, you must need a lot of [w]lozenge[/w]s... [/en][cn]《电视指南杂志》:在剧中你经常要扯着嗓门喊,那你肯定要吃不少润喉糖吧...[/cn] [en]Susi: Yes! And a lot of water. I've now taken to singing every morning. It warms up the voice. [/en][cn]Susi:是的!还要喝很多水。我现在每天早上起来都会唱歌。这会让我开开嗓子。[/cn] [en]TV Guide Magazine: So do you ever get [w]recognized[/w] in public by your voice? [/en][cn]《电视指南杂志》:那么又没有谁曾经通过你的声音而认出你呢?[/cn] [en]Susi: Sometimes, yes. I once got outed by a waitress while having dinner. She started screaming, "Oh, my God! How-ard!" And I've even been outed by a bus driver. I don't drive. I live in L.A., but I take the bus. I know, I'm [w]weird[/w]! [/en][cn]Susi:是的,有几次。有一次在外面吃饭的时候就被一位女服务生认出来过。她大喊着,“天哪!How-ard!(《生活大爆炸》里Mrs. Wolowitz就是这样叫Howard )”然后我还被公交车司机认出来过。我自己不开车。我住在洛杉矶,但是坐公共汽车,我这人很奇怪![/cn]


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  • 《生活大爆炸》The Big Bang Theory

    生活大爆炸斯基 编 剧:查克·洛尔,比尔·普拉迪 主 演:吉姆·帕森斯,约翰尼·盖尔克奇,凯莉·库柯,西蒙·黑尔贝格,昆瑙·纳亚尔 类 型:情景喜剧 预告片: 剧情简介: [en]The drama describes the story betwwen two 20-year-old's IQ of the California [wv]Institute[/wv] of Technology physics, Leonard(experimental physicist) and Sheldon([wv]theoretical[/wv] physicist) and their door—a beautiful girl Penny,a would be actor was working in a restaurant.[/en][cn]这部电视剧主要讲述了加州理工学院两个二十多岁的高智商物理学学生Leonard(实验物理学家)和Sheldon(理论物理学家)与他们的对门——一个想成为演员却在餐馆打工的漂亮女孩Penny之间发生的故事。[/cn] [en]The effect of the film's comedy is achieved

  • 《星球大战》演员客串《生活大爆炸》

    演过《星球大战》的演员将会客串这部CBS电视台的情景喜剧。[/cn] [en]"Big Bang" executive producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro tell TVLine that James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher will guest-star as themselves in an upcoming episode, where they will cross paths with Sheldon (Jim Parsons).[/en][cn]《生活大爆炸》执行制片人Bill Prady和Steve Molaro透露,James Earl和Carrie Fisher将生活大爆炸会在接下来的《生活大爆炸》中本色出演生活中的自己,并和Sheldon发生一段故事。[/cn] [en]Interestingly enough, Fisher is also making an appearance on another TV comedy in the not-so-distant future: FX'Xs "Legit." She'll play a powerful Hollywood executive who crosses paths with leading man Jim Jefferies.[/en][cn]有趣的是,Fisher还会在另外一部即将播出的情景喜剧《做个好人》中出演。她将会在剧中扮演一个很有权力的好莱坞制片人,并和剧中的男主演Jefferies上演一段故事。[/cn]

  • 《生活大爆炸》中的“Howard”要当爹啦!

    Bang Theory", is up for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the 18th Annual SAG Awards, which ceremony takes place at the [w]Shrine[/w] Exposition Center in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, January 29.  沪江娱乐快讯:《生活大爆炸》中Howard的扮演者西蒙·赫尔伯格(Simon Helberg)要当爸爸啦!西蒙和妻子乔思林·唐恩将在今年春天迎来他们的第一个宝宝!在剧中马上要抢先要成家的他现实生活中也是事业家庭两得意!

  • 《生活大爆炸》衍生剧:小Sheldon是他!

    [en]Sheldon, the in-development Big Bang Theory spin-off prequel about breakout character Sheldon Cooper's childhood in Texas, has found its young Sheldon as well as his mother Mary, according to The Hollywood Reporter.[/en][cn]据《好莱坞报道者》报道,《生活大爆炸》衍生剧中,扮演童年Sheldon Cooper的小演员和扮演Sheldon妈妈Marry的女演员都确定

  • 《生活大爆炸》被一次性预定3季(双语)

    [en]The Big Bang Theory has been [w=renew]renewed[/w] for an [w]additional[/w] three seasons, keeping the show on [w]air[/w] through its seventh season in 2013/14. [/en][cn]《生活大爆炸


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  • 《生活大爆炸》可能要出衍生剧了!

    [en]We're finally going to find out what happened before the Big Bang.[/en][cn]我们终于要知道《生活大爆炸》之前会发生什么事了。[/cn] [en]According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Big Bang Theory creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and executive producer Steve Molaro are developing a spin-off prequel series that would focus on young Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).[/en][cn]据《好莱坞报道者》报道,《生活大爆炸》制作人Chuck Lorre和Bill Prady和执行制片人Steve Molaro正在筹备《生活大爆炸》前传,讲述年轻Sheldon Cooper小时候的事。[/cn] [en]Lorre, Prady and Molaro told THR in 2013 that they couldn't imagine doing a spin-off, but apparently their minds have changed.[/en][cn]Lorre、Prady和Molaro在2013年接受《THR》采访时说,他们当时并没有做衍生剧的想法,不过看来他们现在已经换想法了。[/cn]