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    英语四六级考试必考项目,要想提高考试得分率,备考过程中掌握一些万能模板涉及主题为当时社会热点; 2、通常模

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    议和请求),preferably_______(进一步的要求),and I would like to have thismatter settled by ______(设定解决事情最后期限)Thank you for yourconsideration and I will be looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 咨询信 Dear ______, I am _________(自我介绍)I am writing to see if it ispossible for you to provide me with informationregarding_______.(要询问的内容) First of all,what are _______?(第一个问题)Secondly,when will____________?(第二个问题)Thirdly,is ____________?(第三个问题) I would also like to inquire____(将最英语类的考试中,写作都是不可避免的一个题型,而写作的种类有很多,最常见的就是信件。今天我们为大家整理了英语四级作文信件万能重要的.问题单独成段)Could you be so kind as tosend me some relevant booklets on the above-mentioned aspects? Thank you for you kindness,and your prompt attention tothis letter will be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 请求信 Dear___________, I am writing to formallyrequest to______(请求的内容) The reason for__________is that___________(给出原因)I________,so I’d like to___________(给出细节) I would also like to request______________(提出进一步的要求)I am sorry for anyinconvenience I have caused. Thank you for your attention to theserequests. If you have any questions,do not hesitate to contact meat________(电话号码)I look forward to a favorablereply. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 道歉信 Dear ___________, I am truly sorrythat_____________________(道歉的原因)Thereason is that ______________(介绍原因)Once again,I am sorry for anyinconvenience caused. Hope you can accept my apologies andunderstand my situation. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 建议信 Dear ___________, You have asked me for myadvice with regard to ______(问题),and I will try to make someconductive suggestions here. In my humble opinion,you would be wise to take thefollowing actions:_______(建议的内容)Ihope you will find these proposals useful,and I would be ready todiscuss this matter with you to further details. Good Luck withyour_______(祝愿) Yours sincerely, Li Ming 求职信 Dear Sir or Madam, I write this letter to applyfor the position that you have advertisedin__________(报纸名称)of________(广告发布时间).Notonly do I have the qualifications for this job,but I also have the rightpersonality for a _________(工作名称).In the one hand,________(第一个原因).Onthe other hand,______(另一个原因).Should you grant me a personal interview,I would be most grateful. Ifyou need to know more about me,please feel free to contactme at any time at ___________(电话号码) Thank you for considering myapplication,and I am looking forward tomeeting you. Yours sincerely, Li Ming 邀请信 Dear________, There will a_____________(内容)at/in__________(地点)on___________(时间)We would be honored to haveyou there with us. The occasion will start at ___________(具体时间)。This will be followed by a_______(进一步的安排)Ataround______(时间),___________________(另一个安排) I really hope you can makeit. RSVP before ____________(通知你的最后期限) Yours sincerely, Li Ming 以上就是为大家整理的英语四级作文信件万能模板的相关内容,希望能够对大家有所帮助。掌握信件的写作模板,不仅可以帮助大家在四级写作中取得好的成绩,对于以后的工作也是很有帮助的。

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    英语四级作文的备考没有捷径,练习是必要的。 @沪江英语四六级微信公众号整理了英语四级写作万能

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    _____   9、___________ is a common occurrence in our daily life. Whatever we do, ______________ can't be avoided.   _______出现在我们日常生活中是很平常的,无论我们做什么,_______都是不可避免的   10、___________ has become a hot topic among people, especially among the young, and heated debates are right on their way.   _____在人群中已经成为热门话,特别是在年轻人中,激烈的争论无休止   关于雅思小作文万能模板就为大家分享到这里,包括了汉语释,非常容易理。大家在备考雅思小作文写作的时候,准备好有自己特点的雅思小作文写作模板会加分很多。

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    会去…… 6、A book without a book is a piece of wood. 有书闭卷不阅读,无异是一块木头。 The best way to ensure that..... 确保……的最好办法是…… 7、I can't quite agree with that point. 我无法完全同意这一观点。 8、We must do our utmost to do it... 我们必须竭尽全力做…… 9、Nothing is more important than... 没英语的学习在于长期的积累和掌握,学习过程中掌握方法很重要,方法用对,学习才能提高效率。下面是四级作文有比……更重要的了。 10、Finally, to be frank

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    为什么英语四级作文拿分那么难,那是因为大家在写作的时候没有掌握技巧,备考四级作文,适当的掌握写作模板很关键。下面是关于自我介绍的模板,大家可以作为学习的参考。 1. Hello, my name is... I am...years old and I come from... (城市), (the capital of... (省份) Province.) Now I’m studying... (专业) in... (大学). When it comes to occupation, I have a great passion for being a... (职业

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    一些人则认为__________。   (2)When it comes to …, most people believe that …, but other people regard …as … 提到_________问题,很多人认为_________,不过,一些人则认为______是____. When faced with…, quite a few people claim that …, but other people think as… 提到_________问题,仅少数人认为________,但另一些人则认为_________。   (3)A majority of 绝大多数 A large number of 很多人 Some people contend that … has proved to bring many advantages (disadvantages) 有些人认为________有很多有利之处(不利之处)。   Personally, I side with the latter (former) opinion… 就我个人而言,我支持后者(前者)___________。 Personally, I am in favor of the former point of view. 就我个人而言,我较同意前一种看法。   (4) To my point of view 我认为 To my mind, the advantages far overweigh the drawbacks(disadvantages, shortcomings) 我认为,优点胜过缺点。   (5)As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to be on the side of the latter view. 在我看来,我较同意后一种观点。 After a thorough consideration, for my part, I am in favor of the latter view that… 经过深思熟虑,我较支持后一种看法,亦即________________。   5.图表类   (1)Undoubtedly, the symbolic meaning conveyed in the picture is ___(揭示图片的深刻含义)。 First, _____(分析第一条含义)。More often_____(进一步阐述隐含的深刻含义)。 Therefore, when it comes to the key to success, the most important thing lies in   ____(总结深刻含义)。   (2)As is vividly depicted in the picture, ______(简单描述图片)。 Nevertheless, ______(描述现状)。   (3)Generally speaking, _______(分析这一现象产生的几点原因)factors have contributed to this phenomenon.For>③As far as I am concerned,______(发表个人看法)。 First,_______(其中一条解决办法)。 Second, _______(另外一条解决办法)。   (4)As is shown in the chart / graph / diagram / table above, __________ has changed drastically in the past _________. While ___________,now the percentage of__________ is __________. Meanwhile, the number of _________ has soared up to ________.   以上就是为大家整理的英语六级写作万能高分模板,希望能够对大家有所帮助。六级作文可以说是最难的,不考六级写作的时候,很多人都不知道如何构思一篇好的作文仅能考察考生的英语六级能力,还考察考生对于题目的观点,如果你不知道如何写,可以多记忆一些高分模板,相信会对大家写作提高有所帮助。

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    改时建议不要划掉一句或一段重新写。 考生也应该养成检查作文的好习惯。你可以在电脑上使用word文档进行书写,word具有拼写和语法检查功能,拼写错误将有红色下划线,语法错误将有绿色下划线。 1)语法:语法不好的学生补充一些语法知识即可。虽然语法在研究生入学考试中不考研英语作文时间分配技巧:小作文15分钟,大作文35分钟,共50分钟:审题(小作文2分钟,大作文再被视为单独的一门考试,但如果语法太薄弱,在写作部分很难取得理想的成绩。 为了获得及格的写作分数,文章不应该有太多严重的语法、拼写和标点错误。建议浏览常用语法参考书的动词和子句部分。 2)拼写:考研的词汇量为5500个,但常见的写作词汇只有1000~2000个。如果你拼写正确,使用正确,你可以得到高分。 3)标点:基础一般的学生建议只使用逗号和句号两种标点,以免出现标点错误,但不要一直这么做。独立的句子应该用句号分开。基础较好的学生可以使用较复杂的标点符号,例如: ① 分号表示并列,可以连接两个同义或反义的句子;② 冒号表示解释,冒号后面

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    写作是英语四级考试必考项目,在备考英语四级作文的时候,可以积累掌握一些万能作文句子。下面是小编给大家整理的相关内容,大家可以作为学习的参考。 1.Some people think that….有些人认为…To be frank,I can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below.坦率地说,我不能同意他们的意见,理由如下。 2.For years,…has been seen as…,but things are quite different now.多年来,……一直被视为……,但今天的情况有很大的不同。 3.I believe