• 我也是英文怎么说

    Me too ; so am I ; So do I;also。例句:That's certainly my trademark; that's how I do my research also.这就是我的准则,也是我做研究的方法。 例句: 1. 有时候,和她一样,我也是。 And with her, sometimes, I do too.  2. 如果我死了,那么我也是死在对基督的信仰之下,对于在我身上降临的一切都毫不畏惧。 If I die, I die in the faith of Christ, and have no fears as to what awaits me.  3. 大学的时候,我也是那些坐在教室最后面,在笔记本上乱写乱画的学生之一。 In college, I was one of those guys who sat in the back and doodled in my notebook.  4. 另外一位说:“是啊,我也是。” Another said, "Yes, me too."  5. That's certainly my trademark; that's how I do my research also. 这就是我的准则,也是我做研究的方法。



  • big cheese可不是大奶酪,用错了很尴尬的

    想在大联盟踢球的话,你必须努力工作。[/cn] [en]Big break[/en][cn]重大突破[/cn] [en]An opportunity or turn of events that leads to success. A big break is often used for people involved in the arts (artists, actors etc.), to talk about one specific opportunity that led to their work being recognised and to them being successful.[/en][cn]成功的机会或转折。对于从事艺术(艺术家、演员等)的人来说,经常会有一个大的休息时间,来谈论一个特定的机会,这个机

  • 让我看看用英语怎么说

    我看看…烧点水,然后再打两个鸡蛋。Sophie: Hmm, let me see... Boil some water and then whisk two eggs.  例句: 1. 转过来,让我看你的地图。 Let me see your map.  5. 让我看看你的翅膀。 Let me see your wing.  6. 阿美:呃,让我看看。哦,看,你恰好在这里。离奥运公园很近。 May: er, let me see. Oh, look, you're right here. Pretty close to the Olympic Park.     



  • 烤鸡胸酿奶酪蘑菇馅的英文怎么说

    烤鸡胸酿奶酪蘑菇馅的英文: Baked Chicken Breast Stuffed with Mushroom and Cheesebaked是什么意思: v. [bake] 的过去式和过去分词;烘焙,烧制 Her baking was a complete botch. 她烤的饼糟糕透了。 three coat,three bake “三涂三烘” 工艺(反复涂三道漆,烘干三次的施工方法) He baked pottery in a kiln. 他在窑里烧制陶器。breast是什么意思: n. 乳房;胸部;心情;胸怀 v. 以胸对着;坚毅地面对,与…搏斗;攀登 to breast

  • 双语美文:现在我拥有的,过去做梦都想不到

    到她之后[/cn] [en]I started finding other reasons to be happy[/en][cn]我有了更多的理由去让自己快乐[/cn] [en]and the happier I became[/en][cn]我越是快乐[/cn] [en]the more confident I grew.[/en][cn]就变得越发自信[/cn] [en]I now have an amazing partner[/en][cn]现在,我有一个非常好的妻子[/cn] [en]who was able to see past all my issues,[/en][cn]她能包容我所我想[/cn] [en]It would be fair to say that[/en][cn]自己可以以中肯的态度说[/cn] [en]my upbringing has not been the most typical.[/en][cn]小时我有的问题,看到我的闪光点[/cn] [en]two amazing kids whom I love,[/en][cn]两个很棒的孩子,我爱他们[/cn] [en]Quite simply

  • 双语美文:昨天,我的父亲走了

    我父亲昨天去世了[/cn]   [en]and I am [w]processing[/w] everything.[/en][cn]我

  • 就我而言英语

    就我而言的英语:As for me。例句:As for me, I'm not in favor of the opinion that money is everything.就我而言,我不认为金钱就是一切。 其他: As for me for my part in terms of me personally personally speaking on my part. 例句: 1. 就我而言我坚定地认为校园生活将变得有好处和丰富多彩如果我们充分和我而言的英语:As for me。例句:As for me, I'm not in favor of the opinion that money is everything.就我而言,我不认为金钱就是一切。 其他: As for me for my part in terms of me personally personally speaking on my part. 例句: 1. 就我合理的处理它。 As far as I am concernedI firmly believe that campus life will become meaningful and colourful if we fully and reasonably deal with it. 2.就我而言,我不认为金钱就是一切。 As for me, I'm not in favor of the opinion that money is everything. 3. 就我而言,我希望我们永远不要找到那个终极理论。 I, for one, hope that we never find that final theory. 4. 就我而言,生命是短暂的,我们必须在我们的有生之时实现某样东西。 As far as I am concerned, life is short, and we must achieve something during our life.



  • 我喜欢读书用英语怎么说

    I like to read books ; I love reading ; 例句:I like reading。我喜欢读书,滑冰,画画和英语。I like reading, skating, drawing and English.  例句: 1. 我喜欢读书,滑冰,画画和英语。 I like reading, skating, drawing and English.  2. 我喜欢读书、写作和诗歌,所以我当了一名英语教师。 I love reading, writing and poetry, so I became an English teacher.  3. 一名文学专业



  • 我是谁英语怎么说

    Who am I?例句:有常想如果我们以不同的方式解读:,我是谁?So I've often wondered if we're to read this differently: Who am I? 例句: 1. 我是谁?让我们就皇帝这个问题来谈谈各自的见解吧。 Who am I? Let us come to an explanation about the Emperor.  2. 在《我父亲的梦想》一书中,小奥巴马一直在苦苦思索“我是谁?” In Dreams, you feel Obama Jr. struggling with [questions like] 'Who am I



  • 双语美文:朋友们的小小心意 让我泪流满面

    [en]So, a couple of weeks ago[/en][cn]就在几个星期之前[/cn] [en]my family found out that my Uncle has stage four brain cancer.[/en][cn]一家人突然得知,我的叔叔患有脑癌,已经是第四阶段了 [/cn] [en]I was very upset with the news[/en][cn]这个消息让我十分震惊[/cn]   [en]as I have lived with him for the past nine years.[/en][cn]过去9年以来,我一直和他生活在一起[/cn]   [en]About a week later, was my B-DAY[/en][cn]就在一个星期之后就是我的生日,[/cn]   [en]and I really didn't want to [w]celebrate[/w] it with all that was going on.[/en][cn]得知这个消息之后一连串的事情,让我根本无心庆祝生日[/cn] [en]I just got me some cupcakes[/en][cn]我只是买了几只纸杯蛋糕[/cn]   [en]and went to my friends house to watch TV.[/en][cn]到朋友家去我看了会儿电视[/cn] [en]At some point [w]during[/w] the evening,[/en][cn]这天夜里某个时刻 [/cn] [en]it slipped out that it was my B-DAY,[/en][cn]家人偶然得知,这天是我的生日[/cn] [en]but I told them not to worry about it.[/en][cn]但我告诉他们,不用在意,[/cn] [en]The next week, I arrived at my friends house to watch TV,[/en][cn]一个星期之后,我到朋友家去看电视[/cn] [en]and found a surprise birthday party waiting for me.[/en][cn]发现他们居然为我准备了一个惊喜派对[/cn] [en]All of my friends were there,[/en][cn]我的朋友全都在场[/cn] [en]some driving three hours, to be there.[/en][cn]其中一些人开了足足三个小时的车,就为了参加我的惊喜派对[/cn] [en]And I nearly cried because of it.[/en][cn]为此我差点痛哭流涕[/cn]