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    曾经克服过什么困难吗?又是怎么克服的呢? I had to be really persistent and it was very hard work. 我必须努力坚持下去,因为这个工作是相当艰苦的。 After three years of working in a petrol station and doing unpaid work I still hadn't managed to get an entry level job. 我在加油站干了三年的无偿工作之后,仍然没有找到一份入门级的工作。 I was lucky that my last desperate attempt led to a job. 我很幸运,在最后一次绝望的尝试中找到了一份工作。 I told myself that all experiences make you a better journalist in the long run and luckily, I was right. 我告诉自己,从长远来看所2020年7月英语四六级有的经历都会让你成为一名更优秀的记者。幸运的是,我是对的。 1. What is the woman's profession? 1. 这位女士的职业是什么? 2. What is one of the woman's main responsibilities? 2. 这位女士的主要职责是什么? 3. What do many people think about the woman's job? 3. 很多人对这位女士的工作是怎么看的? 4. What helped the woman to get her current position? 4. 是什么帮助这位女士取得了如今的成就? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    成了四项特2020年7月英语四六级别的“使用任务”,每项任务要求他们尽可能多地列出日常用品的用法。 After the first pair of tasks was completed, one group of participants was assigned an undemanding activity intended to cause their minds to wander. 在第一组任务完成之后,一组参与者被分配了一项简单的活动,目的是让他们走神。 When all the participants proceeded to the second pair of tasks, the daydreamers performed 40% better than the others. 当所有参与者继续进行第二组任务时,“白日梦者”的表现比其他人要优秀40%。 12. What does the passage say about people's mind? 12. 关于人们的思维,该文章讲了什么? 13. For what purpose did the researchers develop the new app? 13. 研究人员开发新的应用的目的是什么? 14: How does daydreaming benefit people according to some researchers? 14. 根据一些研究人员的说法,白日梦对人们有什么好处? 15. What was the finding of the experiment with 145 undergraduates? 15. 对145名大学生进行的实验有什么发现? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    2020年7月英语四六级考试即将进行,各位小伙伴准备好了么?大家在备考时一定要多做真题,这样才能更好地把握题目难度和重点词汇等等。今天小编为大家带来2019年12月英语六级听力原文:试卷一讲座听力2,希望对你有所帮助~ Recording 2 录音2 In last week's lecture, we discussed the characteristics of the newly born offspring of several mammals. 在上周的讲座中,我们讨论了几种哺乳动物新生后代的特征。 You probably remember that human infants are less developed physically than other mammals of the same age. 大家可能还记得,与其他的同龄哺乳动物相比,人类婴儿的身体发育较差。 But in today's lecture, we'll look at three very interesting studies that hint at surprising abilities of human babies. 不过在今天的讲座中,我们将看到三个非常有趣的研究,暗示了人类婴儿惊人的能力。 In the first study, three-year-olds watch two videos shown side by side. 在第一项研究中,三岁的孩子并排观看两段视频。 Each featuring a different researcher, one of whom they'd met once two years earlier. 每一个视频里都有一个不同的研究人员,其中的一个他们在两年前曾经见过一次。 The children spend longer watching the video showing the researcher they hadn't met. 而孩子们会花更长的时间来看播放着他们没有见过的那名研究人员的视频。 This is consistent with young children's usual tendency to look longer at things that aren't familiar. And really this is amazing. 这与小孩儿通常更倾向于花更长的时间看不熟悉的东西是一致的。真的很神奇。 It suggests the children remember the researcher they've met just one time when they were only one-year-olds. 这表明那些孩子们记得他们在一岁时只2020年7月英语四六级见过一次的研究人员。 Of course, as most of us forget memories from our first few years as we grow older, this early long-turn memories will likely be lost in subsequent years. 当然,随着年龄的增长,大多数人会忘记最初几年的记忆,那些早年的长期记忆很可能会在接下来的几年里消失。 Our second study is about music, for this study researchers play music to babies through speakers located on either side of a human face. 我们的第二个研究是关于音乐的,在这项研究中,研究人员通过放置于人脸两侧的扬声器来给婴儿播放音乐。 They waited until the babies got bored and inverted their gaze from the face. 他们一直等到宝宝变得厌烦并把目光从(播放音乐的)脸上移开, And then they change the mood in the music either from sad to happy or the other way around. 之后他们开始改变音乐的情绪,从悲伤到快乐或者从快乐到悲伤。 This mood switch made no difference to the three-month-olds; 这种情绪转变对三个月大的婴儿没有影响, but for the nine-month-olds, it was enough to renew their interest and they started looking again in the direction of the face. 但对于9个月大的婴儿来说足以重新激起他们的兴趣,他们开始重新看向脸的方向。 This suggests that babies of that age can tell the difference between a happy melody and a sad tune. 这表明那个年龄的婴儿能够区分快乐的音乐和悲伤的音乐。 Our final study is from 1980, but it's still relevant today. 最后一项研究来自1980年,不过至今仍有意义。 In fact, it's one of the most famous pieces of research about infant emotion ever published. 事实上,这是迄今为止发表过的关于婴儿情感最著名的研究之一。 The study involved ordinary adults watching video clips of babies nine months or younger. 这项研究的内容是让普通成年人观看九个月或者更小的婴儿的视频片段。 In the video clips, the babies made various facial expressions in response to real life events including playful interactions and painful ones. 在视频片段中,婴儿们对现实生活中的事件做出各种各样的面部表情,而那些事件包括有趣的互动和不愉快的互动。 The adult observers were able to reliably discern an assortment of emotions on the babies faces. 成年观察者能够准确辨别出婴儿脸上的各种情绪。 These emotions included interest, joy, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, contempt, and fear. 这些情绪包括:感兴趣、喜悦、惊讶、悲伤、愤怒、厌恶、蔑视和恐惧。 Next week, we'll be looking at this last study more closely. 下周,我们将深入探讨最后一项研究。 In fact, we will be viewing some of the video clips from that study. And together, see how well we do in discerning the babies' emotions. 实际上,我们会观看一些来自那个研究里的视频片段。之后,看看我们在辨别婴儿情绪方面能够做到多好。 19. What are the three interesting studies about? 19. 这三个有趣的研究是关于什么的? 20. What does the second study find about nine-month-old babies? 20. 第二个研究发现了关于九个月大婴儿的什么? 21. What is the 1980 study about? 21. 1980年的研究是关于什么的? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    attempt led to a job. I told myself that all experiences make you a better journalist in the long run and luckily, I was right.   Questions one to four based on the conversation you have just heard.   Question1: What is the woman's profession? Question2: What is one of the woman's main responsibilities? Question3: What do many people think about the woman's job? Question4: What helped the woman to get her current position?    

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    11题,用答案提示词but来定位。 Passage 2: 本篇短文的题材是教育,主要讲的是意志力对于成功的重要性,不同人群意志力的差异,以及想要成功需要转换对于意志力的观念。做本篇短文,首题需要关注听力的开头,中间2题需要关注研究发现的结果,最后一题可以用答案提示词but进行定位。   Recording 1: 本篇录音的题材是科技,主要讲的是人工智能的学习能力越来越强,将来几乎一半的工作将被它们取代,在某些领域表现甚至超过人类,但仍存在一些缺陷与不足。做本篇听力,主要得去关注研究成果、关注论述举例以及答案提示词but之后所接的关键内容。 Recording 2: 本篇录音的题材是环保,主要讲的是可持续能源的话题,一位工程师Tim Councilman用太阳能开火车所做出的尝试,以及日本研究团队对环保材料做出的研究。做本篇听力主要需要去关注听力的开头,用定语从句以及for example来进行定位。 Recording 3: 本篇录音是社会题材,主要讲的是英国养老问题的两大成因,提到了历史上政府的财政危机以及长久以来对老年人的歧视问题。做本篇听力,主要需要去关注听力的开头部分,用however、meanwhile以及设问句来进行定位,利用同义替换,找到答案。

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    6.C) It is too broad.  7.D) Nature. 8.B) Stick to the topic assigned. Passage 1: 9. A) The unprecedented high temperature in Greenland. 10. B) It typically appears about once every ten years. 11. C) Iceless summers in the Arctic. Passage 2: 12. D) A strong determination. 13. B) It is vital to take

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    人和同行的伙伴为何半路返回?) 2. 主旨概括。比如,长对话1,Question 1:What do we learn about the man from the conversation?(关于这个难人,我们可以了解到什么?)再如,演讲1后面的Question 18:What do we learn about the study on job dissatisfaction? (关于职场工作不满意的研究,我们了解到什么?)   3. 原因考察。比如,长对话2,Question 6:Why does the woman describe her experience as far from glamorous?(为什么这位女士将她的经历描述为远非光彩夺目?),再如长对话1的Q3:Why does the man want to rethink what he will say in the coming exit interview? (为什么这个人要重新考虑他在即将到来的离职面试中会说什么?) 4. 信息推测。比如演讲3的Q24What is said about middle income countries? (关于中等收入国家介绍了些什么?)对应的答案出处:According to researchers in China and South Africa, traffic deaths have been falling since 2000. and in India since 2012, and the Philippines reached its peak four years ago.(据中国和南非的研究人员称,自2000年以来,交通死亡人数一直在下降。而印度自2012年以来,菲律宾在四年前达2021年6月六级听力解析 本次六级听力话题较四级听力到了高峰。)这些国家在四年前达到了交通死亡人数的顶峰,最近几年都在下降,就可以推测出C选项。 更多答案扫码六级听力解析 本次六级听力话题较四级听力复杂得多,涉及职场,生物学,文献中术语的使用,石油经济,职场人满意度,采矿业自动化和发展中国家的道路安全这几个话题。男子英音,女子美音。语速适中,题目难度较大,出现较多难听懂的高难度词汇,如,Botany(植物学),manipulative(操控性的),ejected(喷射出的),autonomous(自主的,自动的),repetitive(重复生产,反复性的),digitization(数字化),imperatives(指令,规则),jargon(黑话,术语),concede(勉强承认),static(静止的,静态的),tenure(终身职位)   本次六级可见:

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    便宜。 The area's ship building tradition, partly established by the Vikings, also meant that sophisticated carpentry was a major aspect of the local culture. 该2020年7月英语四六级地区的造船传统从某种程度上来说是由维京人创立的,这也意味着复杂的木工是当地文化的主要方面。 The complex style of the medieval wooden church carvings and the skills used to make them almost certainly to derive from the ancient Viking tradition. 中世纪木制教堂雕刻的复杂风格和制作技巧几乎可以肯定源于古代维京人的传统。 16. What does the speaker say about the Viking wooden churches? 16. 关于维京木制教堂,叙述者讲了什么? 17. What is special about most of the Viking wooden churches? 17. 大多的维京的木制教堂有什么特别之处? 18. Why were the Viking churches constructed from wood? 18. 为什么维京人的教堂是用木头建造的? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!

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    Long Conversation 2: Woman: Are you watching any good shows these days? Man: Actually, yes. I'm watching a great satire called Frankie. I think you'd like it. Woman: Really? What's it about? Man: It's about a real guy named Frankie. He is a famous comedian in New York and shows a mixture of comedy

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    重要的是要保持运动、伸展和学习。 Ships last a lot longer when they go to sea than when they stay in the harbor. The same is true for the airplanes. 船在海上航行的时间比在港口停留的时间要长得多,飞机也是如此。 You don't preserve an airplane by keeping it on the ground, you preserve it by keeping it in service. 保养一架飞机并不是让它一直停在地面上,而是要一直使用它。 We also get to live a long healthy life by staying in service. 如果我们一直处于工作状态,那么我们也能够健康长寿。 Longevity statistics reveal that the average person doesn't last very long after retirement. The more we'll hear is don't retire. 寿命统计数据显示,正常人在退休后寿命不会很长,我们听到的更多的是不愿退休。 If a fellow says "I'm 94 years old and I worked all my life", we need to realize, that is how he got to be 94, by staying involved. 如果一个人说:“我94岁了,我工作了一辈子”,那么我们需要清楚的是他是如何通过参与的方式而活到94岁的。 George Bernard Shaw won a Nobel Prize when he was nearly 70. 萧伯纳在将近70岁的时候获得了诺贝尔奖。 Benjamin Franklin produced some of his best writings at the age of 84, and Pablo Picasso put brush to canvas right through his eighties. 本杰明·富兰克林在84岁时出世了他的一些最优秀的作品,而巴勃罗·毕加索在自己80多岁时才开始在画布上作画。 Isn't the issue how old we think we are? 问题不在于“我们认为自己多大了”? A bonus with the 'keep-moving principle' is that while we keep moving, we don't have a chance to worry. “永不止步法则”的好处是,我们在一直前进的时候是没有机会去担心的。 Hence we avoid the dreaded paralyses by analysis. 因此,我们通过去分析避免了可怕的瘫痪。 9. What does the speaker say about players of contact sports? 9. 关于从事接触性运动的运动员,叙述者讲了什么? 10. What do longevity statistics reveal about the average person? 10. 长寿统计数据揭示了有关正常人的什么? 11. What bonus does the keep moving principle bring us according to the speaker? 11. 根据叙述者所说,“永不止步法则”给我们带2020年7月英语四六级来了什么好处? 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴利用好最后的时间认真备考。小编祝大家六级旗开得胜!