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    后又镇定下来。 He answered, with simple demeanor and without embarrassment. 她用天真的态度毫不慌张地回答。 This pun which has fallen from the skies must not be received with too much stupor 见了这种天上落下来的玩笑也不必太慌张。 The child showed great presence of mind by grabbing the falling baby. 那孩子毫不慌张一把抓住了摔下的婴儿.flustered是什么意思: a. 激动不安的;慌张的 同义参见: feverish distracted confused nervous disturbed Memorizing an entire speech is not recommended because you may forget lines or become flustered. 背诵整篇演讲并不可取,因为你可能会忘词或慌乱不安。 The shouts of the crowd flustered the spokesman and he did not know how to deal with the situation. 人群的叫声使演讲者感到紧张,不知道怎样来处理这种局面。 Jane was flustered up when she heard that the dentist was going to pull the tooth out 简听说医生要将那颗牙齿拔掉,紧张极了。 flustered, Liu countered, "Miss Fall graduated from a coeducational school.Why hasn't she been married off?" 刘东方逼得急了,说:“范小姐是男女同学的学校毕业的,为什么也没有嫁掉?” 到沪江小D查看慌张的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 慌乱用英语怎么说>> 慌里慌张用英文怎么说>> 慌慌张张的英文怎么说>> 荒原用英文怎么说>> 荒淫的英文怎么说>>

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    非常慌张的英文: covered with confusioncovered是什么意思: v. 遮盖;掩饰;包含;采访;给...保险;顶替 n.. 遮盖物;封面;掩护;保险;借口;餐具 Cover as if with a shroud. 仿佛用覆盖物掩饰着。 To be covered with or as if with fog. 为雾笼罩被或好象被烟雾掩盖 Covering: The fixing of a book cover to the spine and end papers . 上书皮:把书皮粘贴于书和纸上。 Snow covered the mountain. = The mountain was covered with snow. 白雪漫山 A light, padded bed covering. 羽毛被一种轻质且柔软的床罩 confusion是什么意思: n. 困惑;混乱 To baffle or confuse. 使困惑或迷惑 To throw into a state of confusion. 扰乱,使困惑陷入混乱的状态 To cause confusion in;muddle. 使困惑在…方面引起混乱;使混乱 We tried to confuse the enemy. 我们试图迷惑敌人。 A state of perplexity,confusion,or bewilderment. 迷惑困惑、迷惑或糊涂的状态 到沪江小D查看非常慌张的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 非常好的英文怎么说>> 非常关注的英文>> 非常感谢的英文怎么说>> 非常成功的电影或音乐用英文怎么说>> 非常用英语怎么说>>

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    manner. 以精神极度兴奋的方式。 There was an ease in his manner——a gay and light manner it was. 他的态度从容大方――那是一种轻松、愉快的态度。 free and relaxed in manner. 自由的且行为上不拘束的。 到沪江小D查看慌里慌张的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 慌慌张张的英文怎么说>> 荒原用英文怎么说>> 荒淫的英文怎么说>> 荒野的英文怎么说>> 荒芜用英文怎么说>>

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    of wind, and snow flurries, accompanied the pilots. 阵朔风和雪片随着驾驶员一涌而进。 I'm always in a flurry(ie confused and disorganized)as deadlines get nearer. 一接近最后期限我就忙乱不堪. 到沪江小D查看慌慌张张的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 荒原用英文怎么说>> 荒淫的英文怎么说>> 荒野的英文怎么说>> 荒芜用英文怎么说>> 荒无人烟的英文怎么说>>

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    慌张冲撞的英文: blunder againstblunder是什么漏了秘密。 Be guilty of(a blunder,an error,etc) 做(错事);犯(过失) blunder away one's chance 不慎错失好机会 It was a blunder for them to try to appease the aggressor. I fear lest we commit an inexcusable blunder. 我为我们会犯不可原谅的错误而担忧。against是什么意思: prep. 与...相反;对...不利;倚靠;以防;以...为背景;和...相比 It is against federal law to discriminate against blacks. 歧视黑人是违反联邦法律的。 She was drugged against the pain. 她服麻醉药止痛。 He informed against the drugpusher. 他告发了那个毒品贩。 Rain pattered against the window. 雨点吧嗒吧嗒拍打着窗户。 Array the army against the enemy. 列阵对敌。 到沪江小D查看慌张冲撞的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 慌张的英文怎么说>> 慌乱用英语怎么说>> 慌里慌张用英文怎么说>> 慌慌张张的英文怎么说>> 荒原用英文怎么说>>

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    十秒还站不起来|被判失败|打输|被打败 Out of the Blue 从天上掉下来 Out of power, he is out of favour. 当他失去权力之后,他也就不再受人欢迎。countenance是什么意思: v. 赞同;支持 n. 面容;赞同;鼓励 so grave and unfired a countenance 十分严肃冷静的面容 The candle illuminated her countenance. 那支烛正照着她的面孔。 They would never countenance lying. 他们对说谎的行为决不姑息。 到沪江小D查看慌张起来的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 慌张冲撞的英文怎么说>> 慌张的英文怎么说>> 慌乱用英语怎么说>> 慌里慌张用英文怎么说>> 慌慌张张的英文怎么说>>

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    , Taipei, one way. 台北单程票一张。 This one is not a spoof. 这个就不是开玩笑了。 One and one make(s) two. 一加一等于二。 head是什么意思: n. 头,头部;头痛;理解力;首脑,首长 v. 作为…的首领;站在…的前头;给…加标题;出发;前进;驶往;用头顶 adj. 头的;在前头的;在顶端的;主要的;首要的 Heads will roll a head of a gang; a ringleader; a chieftain; the head of a group; a cock 头目 They hit their heads together when heading the ball. 争顶头球时,二人的头撞在了一起。 到沪江小D查看慌张失措的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 慌张起来的英文怎么说>> 慌张冲撞的英文怎么说>> 慌张的英文怎么说>> 慌乱用英语怎么说>> 慌里慌张用英文怎么说>>

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    of their car in dismay. 他们沮丧地察看他们的汽车残骸。 The teacher was dismayed at the students' lack of response. 老师对学生的毫无反应感到沮丧。 She let out a groan of dismay. 她发出沮丧的叹息声。 This appointment was greeted with relief,dismay,etc. 这一委任使人欣慰、怅惘等. 到沪江小D查看心慌的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 心花怒放的英文怎么说>> 心狠手辣的英文怎么说>> 心狠的英文>> 心肝的英文怎么说>> 心甘情愿的英文怎么说>>

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    慌的英文: nervous参考例句: Keep calm! Don't get flurried. 镇静! 不要慌. The policeman suspected the thief of lying 警察怀疑窃贼在说慌。 I'm really in a flap about the interview. 这面试真叫我慌西都落在地下。 prissy had recovered her breath and a small measure of control but her eyes still rolled 这时百利子喘息定些了,也不那么慌张了,只是一双眼珠子还是不住地打转。 I know my words can seem to him nothing but utter humbug 我知道,我说的话在他看来不过是彻头彻尾的慌言。 The old man, losing his head, breathless, gasping, dislocated his stiff joints in his efforts 这老头儿着了慌,气也透不过来,呼呼地直喘,因为用了力,僵硬的关节差一点脱臼。 nervous是什么意思: adj. 神经的;紧张不安的;神经过敏的 Anatomically, the nervous system

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    流感恐慌的英文: flu jittersflu是什么意思: n. 流感 Flu raged throughout the city. 流行性感冒风行全市。 The risk of a swine flu pandemic? 有猪流感疫情风险? There is a lot of flu about. 这一带流感肆虐。 He was stuck at home with flu. 感冒把他困在了家中。 A flu epidemic is sweeping through the continent. 流感正在这个大陆上迅速蔓延。jitters是什么意思: v. 抖动,战战兢兢;紧张不安 I am an exam jitter. 我一考试就紧张。 That mad look in his eyes gives me the jitters. 他眼里恼火的眼神使我胆颤心惊。 Nasdaq tumbles further as Wall Street jitters intensify. 美国股市重挫。 To calm a case of the jitters . . . the Bride popped Valium 为了使恐慌的心情平静下来,新娘吞慌的英文: flu jittersflu是什么服了几粒安定 The pictures on the wall jitter whenever a truck drives by. 上的照片每当卡车开过时就会振动。 到沪江小D查看流感恐慌的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 流感的亚型的英文怎么说>> 流感病毒株的英文>> 流感病毒属的英文怎么说>> 流感的英文怎么说>> 流放地用英文怎么说>>