• 豆干的英文怎么说

    豆干的英文: Dried tofudried是什么意思: adj. 干燥的,脱水的 v. dry的过去式和过去分词;(使)变干 Woods are air-dried and kiln dried. 木材有的是天然风干的,也有人为烘干的。 The cloghes dried in the sun. 这些衣服在太阳光下变干了。 These dried fruits are sulphured. 这些干果用硫处理过了。 If scallop is not available, then use dried large shrimp or dried meat of the mussel. 如买不到干贝时,可改用大尾虾干或淡菜。 Nothing dries sooner than a tear. 眼泪干得最快。tofu是什么意思: n. 豆腐 This dish of tofu is delicious, but a little too hot. 这个豆腐也好吃,但有点过辣了。 He can make many dishes with tofu. 他会用豆腐做很多菜。 This year, we used the purplish tuber in taro and pumpkin tofu puffs. 这年,我们用紫色块茎中的芋头,南瓜豆腐泡。 By the way, do all the stinky tofu vendors come from Hunan? 对了,那些卖臭豆腐的商贩都是从湖南来的吗? Try a scoop of their homemade ice cream ($12) with classic cha chaan teng flavors like milk tea, tofu or Ovaltine. 不妨再来上一勺自制冰激(售价12港元),其中融合了奶茶、豆腐或阿华田这些经典的茶餐厅味道。 到沪江小D查看豆干的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 豆腐账的英语怎么说>> 豆腐帐的英文怎么说>> 豆腐渣工程的英文怎么说>> 豆腐烧鱼的英文怎么说>> 豆腐乳炒通菜的英文怎么说>>

  • 蚕豆的英文怎么说

    蚕豆的英文: bean broad bean horsebean fava bean参考例句: Does she like bean or pea? 她喜欢吃蚕豆还是豌豆? They picked some broad beans to stay their hunger. 他们捡了一些蚕豆充饥。 Every bean hath its Black. 每粒蚕豆都长黑嘴/人都有缺点。 A pod, such as that of a pea or bean, that splits into two valves with the seeds attached to one edge of the valves. 豆荚豆荚,如豌豆或蚕豆之类的,分成两个裂片,其果实附着在其中一片裂片之上。 Pulse/pQls;pQls/(s)of various plants(eg beans,lentils,peas),that grow in pods and are dried and used as food 豆类植物的种子;(用作食物的)豆子(如蚕豆、扁豆、豌豆) The tin of ban has a calorific value of 250 calories or has 250 calories . 这听蚕豆含250卡的热值或250个卡里路。 Any of several related plants or their seeds or pods,such as the adzuki bean,broad bean,or soybean. 豆类一种相关植物或其种子或豆荚,如赤豆、蚕豆或黄豆bean是什么意思: n. 豆,菜豆,蚕豆,豆荚 You are such a bean brain. 你真是个大傻瓜。 Kidney bean include common bean and scarlet runner bean. 多花菜豆、普通菜豆习惯上称为芸豆。 The bean is difficult to plant. 种豆子很难。 broad是什么意思: adj. 宽阔的,广泛的,概括的,口音重的,明确的 n. 婆娘 A broad, flexible part, such as a flipper. 拍击物象鸭脚板似的宽而有弹性的物体 He spoke broad Scots. 他说话带有很重的苏格兰口音。 She spoke broad Scots. 她讲话带着明显的苏格兰口音。 horsebean是什么意思: n. 蚕豆 This article dealed with the internal distribution patterns of horsebean field dominant spiders under different weather condition by means of several indexes of aggregation, the result showed that their internal distribution patterns varied with the weather condition. 通过采用聚集度指标的方法,在不同天气下对蚕豆地蜘蛛的内分布型进行了系统研究,测定结果表明其内分布型随天气的变更而变化。 到沪江小D查看蚕豆的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 残障儿童的英文怎么说>> 残渣的英文怎么说>> 残余的英文>> 残损的英文怎么说>> 残生的英文怎么说>>

  • 白豆的英文怎么说

    Peas shoot frozen peas that damage and slow the enemy. 雪花豌豆发射的冰冻豌豆不仅能够伤害僵尸,还能够放慢他们的步伐。 到沪江小D查看白豆的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 白堤的英文怎么说>> 白大褂效应的英文怎么说>> 白大褂的英文怎么说>> 白搭的英文怎么说>> 白痴的英文怎么说>>

  • 沙律的英文怎么说

    沙律的英文: salad参考例句: What garlic is to salad, insanity be to art. 疯癫之对艺术,即等于蒜头之对色拉(沙律)。 salad是什么意思: n. 色拉 Would you like soup or salad? 你喜欢汤还是色拉? This salad tastes of garlic. 这色拉有大蒜味。 He had a steak and a green salad. 他要了一块牛排和一份生菜沙拉。 到沪江小D查看沙律的英文翻译>>

  • 小豆的英文怎么说

    小豆的英文: adzuki beans; red beansadzuki是什么意思: bean [植]赤豆,小豆 Any of several related plants or their seeds or pods,such as the adzuki bean,broad bean,or soybean. 豆类一种相关植物或其种子或豆荚,如赤豆、蚕豆或黄豆red是什么意思: adj. 红色的;褐红色的;深红的;布满血丝的;支持左翼政治观点的;社会党的 n. 赤字;亏空 Red got his nickname for his red hair. “红毛”的绰号源于他的红头发。 The sun will swell into a red giant. 太阳将膨胀为一颗红巨星。 red lake C pigment 色淀C颜料红 到沪江小D查看小豆的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 小弟的英文怎么说>> 小地图的英文怎么说>> 小的的英语怎么说>> 小島的英文>> 小弹丸的英文怎么说>>

  • 豆芽用英文怎么说

    ! 如果我们种红豆、绿豆,长得出西瓜吗! sprout是什么意思: n. 芽,萌芽 v. 长芽,抽条 The sprouts have pushed up the earth. 嫩芽把土顶起来了。 Brussels sprouts belongs to the cabbage family. 抱子甘蓝属于十字花科植物。 Peach trees sprouted their new leaves. 桃树长出新叶来了。 The farmers set out the young sprouts in the rice fields. 农民在稻田里插秧苗。 Greenery has sprouted out in the waste land behind the factory. 在工厂后面的荒地上突然长出了草木。 到沪江小D查看豆芽的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 豆牙用英文怎么说>> 豆酥鳕鱼的英文怎么说>> 豆酥雪鱼的英文怎么说>> 豆沙粽子的英文怎么说>> 豆沙派的英文怎么说>>

  • 豆酥鳕鱼的英文怎么说

    豆酥鳕鱼的英文: Steamed Codfish with Savory Crispy Beanssteamed是什么放了蒸汽。 The ship steamed into the harbor. 轮船驶抵港口。 codfish是什么意思: n. 鳕 savory是什么意思: n. 开胃菜;香薄荷 adj. 可口的 You can find it in plants such as oregano and savory. 你可以在牛至和香薄荷中等植物中发现它。 It lends vibrancy, dazzling color, and deep savoriness to foods. 它带来有活力感, 令人眼花缭乱的颜色, 和浓郁口味的食物。 They are used in savory foods instead of sweet cooking. 它们代替甜食作为开胃菜。 到沪江小D查看豆酥鳕鱼的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 豆酥雪鱼的英文怎么说>> 豆沙粽子的英文怎么说>> 豆沙派的英文怎么说>> 豆沙锅饼的英文怎么说>> 豆沙包的英文怎么说>>

  • 芸豆用英文怎么说

    is difficult to plant. 种豆子很难。 We should not have spilled the beans. 我们不该泄密的。 If we kind of red beans, mung bean, watermelon long drawn! 如果我们种红豆、绿豆,长得出西瓜吗! 到沪江小D查看芸豆的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 匀称的英文怎么说>> 云正辉长岩的英文怎么说>> 云霞的英文>> 云雾缭绕的英文怎么说>> 云雾的英文>>

  • 二十的英文怎么说

    理了二十的英文翻译,一起来了解吧。 二十:twenty,英 [twenti]、美 [twenti],二十、二十几、二十年代,中文意思通常表示:数字二十、人的二十岁,商品的金额、或者表示日期。 双语例句 搅好面糊以后,放上二十分钟。 Mix the batter and let it stand for twenty minutes. 他蹲了二十年监狱以后终于获得了自由。 He finally won his freedom after twenty years in jail. 在部门的合理化改革中,有二十名工人失业。 Twenty workers lost their jobs when the department was rationalized. 我们在同一座房子里住了二十年了。 We have lived in the same house for twenty years. 其余的二十名病人被转送到另一家医院去了。 The remaining twenty patients were transferred to another hospital. 特别提醒:如果您对英语语言学习感兴趣,想要深入学习,可以了解沪江网校精品课程,量身定制高效实用的个性化学习方案,专属督导全程伴学。扫一扫定制专属课程 以上是为大家介绍的二十的英文怎么说,希望可以切实帮助到大家。更多英语学习相关信息,可以关注沪江网查询。